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How do you stay sane on the go? Tell us and you could be featured in Traveler! (Photograph by Bernadette Gordon, My Shot)
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What Are Your Rules for Packing?

Our November issue hit newsstands last week, and features a super-handy Travel Intelligence manual, the ultimate in trip-planning tools from National Geographic’s experts — like Traveler‘s Digital Nomad.

Andrew Evans spends more than half the year in far off places (right now, he’s circling the globe with National Geographic Expeditions on their Around the World by Private Jet trip), and has learned a few rules to pack by along the way.

Here are his top five recommendations for how to travel smart in the digital age:

1. Buy it there: Your favorite hair gel isn’t worth the hassle at the airport.

2. Color code: Electrical tape matches up gadgets with cords and chargers.

3. Think beyond the roll-aboard: Go with a soft duffel bag on safari, a garment bag for formal dress, or one shared suitcase for a couple.

4. Take two (pairs of shoes): Wear the heavier ones on the plane.

5. Live recyclable: Donate old clothing and books after using them.

>> What are YOUR tried-and-true rules for packing when you travel? Send your stories and photos to or tell us about them in the comments section below, and your response just might make it into an upcoming issue of Traveler magazine.

Keep up with Andrew’s adventures on the Digital Nomad blog and on Twitter @WheresAndrew.