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15 Signature Sandwiches in Cities Around the World

Last week, our Food Fridays story was all about the Cuban sandwich and its roots in Tampa, Florida. Inspired by the idea of the “signature sandwich,” we started itching for more. We asked you to share the sandwich that makes your city sing, and you answered (and made us drool a little).

Without further ado, here are 15 signature sandwiches — recommended by locals from around the world:

Buffalo, New York (USA): @Marie8288 reports that Buffalo’s hometown pride is a beef on weck — thinly sliced rare roast beef on a kummelweck roll (the top half of which is sopped in au jus), served with horseradish and a dill pickle.

Barcelona, Spain: Enchanting Barcelona Tours swears the Spanish city’s signature hand-held meal is the Bikini (grilled ham and cheese), a sandwich that gets its name from the Bikini music venue. “I’ll have a bikini to go, please!”

Edmonton, Canada: According to local @carol_neuman, “Edmontonians love BLTs (Bison/Lichen/Turnip)!” We’re not sure if she’s kidding, but it sure sounds interesting!

Tucson, Arizona (USA): Anne Hernandez Urban says the Arizona city’s favorite sandwich is the Sonoran hot dog — a hot dog “with bacon, beans, and crema, in a delicious, fresh French roll.” Get it at El Guero Canelo, she says.

Santiago, Chile: Santiago Adventures (@StgoAdventures) says the Chilean capital is known for the Churrasco Italiano — “sliced beef on a bun smothered in avocado, tomato, and mayo.”

Tuscany, Italy: Nat Geo editor Korena di Roma recommends “a panino with wild boar salami and local cheese” in the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. When it comes to enjoying this regional specialty, “the simpler the better,” she says.

Boston, Massachusetts (USA): According to @Globaltravler, “Boston’s sandwich would have to be the lobster roll.”

Izmir, Turkey: @lizardOnTheRoad recommends trying a kumru, a sandwich that gets its name from its dove-shaped bread. The chickpea sourdough is stuffed with sucuk (spicy, garlic-flavored Turkish sausage), cheese, and pickled cucumbers and peppers.

Washington, D.C. (USA): Take it from us at Nat Geo headquarters, the District’s signature sandwich has got to be the half-smoke, a larger, spicier version of the hot dog. Ben’s Chili Bowl is the undisputed king of the half-smoke.

Baltimore, Maryland (USA): Two people (@amy_crojoamy and @SocialMarketGal) called out the crab-cake sandwich in D.C.’s sister city. Better make sure it’s made with jumbo lump crab meat. Nothing else cuts the mustard in this city by the bay.

Amman, Jordan: Zain Habboo (@zainyh), maven of digital travel content at National Geographic, suggests the shawarma (or shawirma) in her hometown of Amman. Get it at Cafeteria Reem.

Barbados: @salt5857 says the sandwich of choice for this Caribbean island nation is a “Bread & Two,” two fish cakes tucked into Bajan salt bread.

Louisville, Kentucky (USA): Sara Zeglin (@szeglin), a member of the Kids team here at National Geographic, points to the Hot Brown, a sandwich named after the hotel that made it famous. This open-faced sandwich, featuring turkey and bacon slathered with Mornay sauce, is baked until golden brown.

Cape Town, South Africa: @Jadestar361h says the thing to eat in Cape Town is the Gatsby, a deli sandwich that originated in the Cape Flats section of the city. A long bread roll is cut lengthwise and stuffed with whatever happens to be around, though hot chips (French fries) are a common ingredient.

Houston, Texas (USA): @VisitHoustonTX votes for the bánh mì. “We have a huge Vietnamese population and some of the best Vietnamese food anywhere.”

What’s your city’s signature sandwich? Tell us in the comment section below and we might just have to do another follow-up post.

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