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Mike Libecki climbing. (Photograph by Josh Helling)

Who’s Your Pick for Adventurer of the Year?

It’s up to you.

Each year, National Geographic combs the globe to find people who are exploring and adventuring in daring new ways. People like Mike Libecki, a veteran climber who kicked off 2012 by completing the first ascent of a 2,000-foot tower in Borneo’s West Kalimantan — a feat that involved wading through mud, leeches, and “machete mayhem” to get to the wall.

From a surfer riding giants to a BASE jumper falling from space, our honorees are all pushing the boundaries of adventure in unique ways all around the world. Find out more about this year’s honorees, then vote for the person you think best embodies the spirit of adventure today and every day until Wednesday, January 16th.

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