I Heart My City (And So Should You)

It’s a new year and, with it, new trips to plan. As you mull over which places you’d like to tick off your travel bucket list in 2014, consider these brief but compelling reasons why you should visit 20 of the world’s cities from the people who know and love them best:

Kieran’s Breckenridge (Colorado, USA): “Character is king. ‘Breck’ is friendly, authentic, open, and welcoming. You’ll arrive a visitor and leave a local.” @KieranCain

Elie’s Lima (Peru): “It has a rich past, delicious food, and an edgy entrepreneurial spirit that makes it one of the most interesting cities in Latin America.” @eliegardner 

Vishwa’s Nairobi (Kenya): “You can find an ancient human and animal world intermingled with a booming cosmopolis. Nairobi really is the ‘Green City in the Sun!'” @vishwa__shah 

Erik’s Brooklyn (New York, USA): “Manhattan may be the fast-paced face of New York City, but Brooklyn is its relaxed heart and soul.” @TheGlobalTrip

Simon’s Essaouira (Morocco): “It’s a charming fusion of past and present by the seaside. The medina itself is a living masterpiece on display for all to appreciate.”

Emilio’s Amsterdam (Netherlands): “Amsterdam is relatively small and  fragile, in need of constant care. Its very existence testifies to the ingenuity of the Dutch people.” @EmilioBrizzi 

Nicola’s Rome (Italy): “Rome is a Baroque maze of dames, domes, and Capuchin monks—and being able to get to a lake or beach in 30 minutes is bliss.” @Nicolascorner

Elizabeth’s Dallas (Texas, USA): “Continuing cultural evolutions, from parks and museums to renowned cuisine, inspire ambitious and compassionate people to call Dallas home!” @elizabeth2393 

Sarah’s Cape Town (South Africa): “It’s got natural beauty, architectural gems, fascinating history, unique cuisine, cosmopolitan culture, and a laid-back vibe.” @BySarahKhan

Audrey’s Seoul (South Korea): “Seoul has surprises around every corner and its quirks will put a smile on your face.” @thatbackpacker

Molly’s Galway (Ireland): “It’s got a thriving live music scene, fantastic restaurants, and is perfectly situated for exploring the west coast of Ireland.” @MollyEMcCluskey

Kate’s Christchurch (New Zealand): “Despite recent trials (a devastating earthquake, for one), Christchurch has stayed resilient and positive. The city has a bright, exciting future.” @30Traveler

Anya’s Istanbul (Turkey): “It’s vibrant and rich in culture, both East and West, and has many layers that become more and more evident the longer you’re there.”

Tim’s Havana (Cuba): “It’s glorious and simultaneously joyous and sad. It’s also one of the few world capitals I know where you can see the stars at night.” @weedlit

Ana’s Sofia (Bulgaria): “It’s small enough to make you feel cozy and surrounded by friends, yet big enough to surprise you. It finds a way to get under your skin.” @localssofia

Tranh Ha’s Hanoi (Vietnam): “It’s the center of Vietnamese charm, it’s incredibly welcoming, and tourists will be greeted by friendly service no matter where they go.”

Lizz’s Chicago (Illinois, USA): “There’s no city more dedicated to delicious food, running, sightseeing, and learning than Chicago! We’ve really got it all!” @Travel_Chicago

Alana’s Chiang Mai (Thailand): “Chiang Mai is Bangkok’s little, nicer, cleaner, smaller, calmer, prettier sister and has some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever see.” @alana_morgan

Eric’s Budapest (Hungary): “It has amazing layers, both human and architectural. It’s a city without a simple story full of people without simple stories.”

Keith’s Montreal (Quebec, Canada): “It’s the closest you’ll get to being in Europe without going there.” @KeithBellowsNG

Why should the world visit your city in 2014? Tell us in 140 characters or less for a chance to appear in a follow-up post: