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Meet the photographers: Sisse Brimberg and Cotton Coulson (Photograph courtesy Cotton Coulson)

Viewfinders: Cotton Coulson + Sisse Brimberg

Traveler contributing photographers Cotton Coulson and Sisse Brimberg have been part of the National Geographic family for years. Most recently, the husband-and-wife duo photographed “Danish Modern,” which ran in the magazine’s November 2013 issue.

Here’s a brief look at the creative couple and their singular view of the world:

Q: Where do you call home these days? 

A: Glasgow, after a decade in Copenhagen. Scotland’s natural beauty helps ease the transition.

Q: Copenhagen must be a hard place to leave. What do you miss most?

A: When we lived in Copenhagen, our favorite way to wind down was to walk, run, and birdwatch around the moat and ramparts of Kastellet, the old bastion of the harbor.

Q: What makes the city so distinctive?

A: What makes Copenhagen unique is its design–how the new and old traditions coexist, how it manifests itself in people’s daily lives. Even the airport has world-class furniture to experience. Some of the chairs are worth $10,000.

Q: How is the city different than when you were growing up?

A: Copenhagen’s fashion scene has changed a lot. Back in the 1970s, everyone dressed the same, in blue jeans and olive green jackets. Strøget today is like a runway for all that’s hip and colorful.

Q: Where do you want to go next? 

A: We dream of March in Svalbard, Norway, when the light returns to the far north archipelago, and the sun hangs just above the horizon. The mountains glow pink, blue, and purple.

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