Reader Recs: Romantic Destinations

Planning a trip with that special someone? We asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite romantic destinations, and they came through in a big way.

Whether you’re looking for a tried-and-true classic or something more off the grid, our travel community has got you covered:

Not surprisingly Venice, the quintessential capital of romance, topped the list for many of our readers. Ding M. singles out the Floating City for its ambiance, people, and fresh seafood, while Cristina S. feels Venice is “unique in the world, like your love should be.”

As Lali Fricke put it, Paris “just has that special charm.” From tête-à-tête dinners to a “boat tour along the bridges of the Seine,” Barbara Beatrice finds plenty that recommends the City of Light as the “perfect romantic getaway.”

If you’re wild about France but are looking for a more rustic locale, Faye Wilson suggests giving La Réole a try. Wilson recounts a trip she took with her husband, complete with starry nights, private beaches, and “a crackling fire.” Another must: Picking up a bottle of Bordeaux from a local vineyard or farmers markets.

Due north, in Belgium, Bruges received rave reviews from both Judy Wright and Vanessa Lascano Fierro. “You can wander and get lost in the cobblestone streets, watch ladies make lace, ride in a horse drawn carriage, enjoy a boat ride through the canals, eat the most amazing rich flemish stew, or simply indulge in chocolate all day,” writes Wright.

Dave Lucas rounds out the European suggestions with a trip to Cape Sounion, Greece, to see the Temple of Poseidon. “Sitting with a glass of champagne surrounded on three sides by the sea” is an amazing experience, he says. While the protected archeological site is no longer free to the public, Dave says it’s still “so worth it!”

If you’re looking to stay close to the ocean’s roar, Essaouira, Morocco, would be a good choice. Louisa Green boldly states that this windsurfer’s paradise is the “most beautiful, magical, and romantic seaside city” she’s ever seen.

Speaking of sheer beauty, Victoria Falls, on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border, makes the list thanks to Ashlee Torrance, who says “there’s nothing quite like the roar of the falls” or the beauty of the rainbows they create.

Next we head to Bali, Indonesia, where Roxanne Hawkins and her partner spent their honeymoon. “Think white sand, sparking blue sea, amazing food, fancy spas, sunsets over the ocean whilst in a jacuzzi,” she writes. While she already had us hooked, Roxanne continues raving about the island nation’s waterfalls, temples, and stunning ocean views.

Speaking of island bliss… Guarav Bhan Bhatnagar nominates Ko Tao, Thailand, listing “secret beaches” and beautiful “emerald blue waters” among the island’s charms, while Pau Lyn recommends another tropical oasis with “crystal clear water, white sand, and blue skies”–Capones Island, one of 7,107 islands that comprise the Philippines.

Udaipur, Rajasthan, gets Robert Carlson’s vote. “A stunning lake surrounded by mountains and old palaces that remind you of a royal era that is now gone forever,” he writes by way of describing this scenic gem in northwestern India. While you’re there, Robert suggests checking out the local artisans and exploring ancient temples to round out “an amazing, romantic destination.”

Another freshwater option–Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario–was submitted by Jeffry Doan. An avid traveler, Jeffrey promises Lake Superior’s sunset “will put to shame any sunset you’ve seen in almost any other part of the world.” Once the lights go down, he recommends cuddling up next to a bonfire while you gaze at the clear night sky.

Ian M. Dow shares Jeffrey’s love for sunsets, adding Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to the pile. Who wouldn’t want to experience “the full array of colors made by the sun dipping below the horizon, with the sound of sea ushering in a…peerless view of the stars at night” in this classic American beach destination?

Looking for an “off the grid” destination in Central America? Kayla Petramala recommends Caye Caulker, Belize, where the locals are charming and the limited cell service allows you to have some personal time with that precious person in your life.

Speaking of your “precious,” Tongariro National Park (“Mordor” in the The Lord of the Rings moviesThe Lord of the Rings movies) was highlighted by Marlies Helene von Gurudschistan as a must-see spot while visiting her romantic destination suggestion: New Zealand. Sunsets over Lake Taupo, stunning scenery, and the “Coromandel Peninsula, with its tropical landscape, flora, fauna, and quiet beaches,” all add to up to one perfect getaway.

And, last, but certainly not least, Antofagasta, Chile’s “warm breeze, fantastic vintage buildings, and amazing food” won Valeria Ursu over.

What’s your favorite romantic destination and why? Tell us in the comments section for a chance to appear on the Intelligent Travel blog:

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