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Why do you love where you live? Show us by entering the I Heart My City YourShot photo assignment. (Photograph by Victor Lacken, National Geographic Your Shot)

Show Your Love: I Heart My City Photo Assignment

“You’re going where? Don’t even think about leaving without seeing…”

In our favorite cities, we all have cherished corners, hidden gems, and secret standbys. Whether it’s your hometown or your home away from home, there’s a place in the world that comforts, challenges, and excites you.

But how do you capture the essence of your city—what makes it different from any other place in the world? How do you show those moments when the day slips away and, for a second, the soul of the city seems alive in the scene before you? The way the light falls on the buildings just so, the way locals greet each other in the street, the aromas carried on the breeze?

Here at National Geographic Travel, we like to celebrate and explore new destinations and rediscover the classics. And with hundreds of thousands of cities in the world, there’s always something new to learn. That’s why we started our popular I Heart My City series, where locals share insider intelligence about the places they know and love best.

Now we’re asking you to show us your city–the people, places, and moments that make it unique–through your own travel lens. 

Take us down that narrow alley, to the best restaurant in town. Remember the moment you fell in love with a seemingly mundane corner? Or when you discovered the heartbeat of the city at that local music festival? Show us. Be our inside guide; show us the well-worn path and the local haunts.

The deadline to participate in this YourShot assignment is approaching on Monday, February 17. *Enter your favorite photographs today* for a chance to be featured on the National Geographic Travel website.

Sarah Polger, senior photo producer for the digital Travel team at National Geographic, is constantly on the hunt for storytelling photographs and new travel experiences. Follow her story on Twitter and on Instagram @sarahpolger.

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