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Join Annie Fitzsimmons, @NatGeoTravel's Urban Insider, for a live Twitter chat about #CityTravel on Wednesday. (Photograph courtesy of Annie Fitzsimmons)

Wednesday: #CityTravel Twitter Chat

We have seen the great icons of cities—the Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House—so many times in movies or magazines that we often feel a familiarity before we get there. I love those icons; they make me realize I am here, actually here! I still get butterflies when I see the Empire State Building at home in New York City.

But most of all when I travel, I’m on the hunt for the everyday rituals that connect locals to their cities—authentic tapas in Barcelona, a great bike path in Boston, a hidden bar in Siem Reap—because they reveal a city’s soul not found in an airport postcard or a hastily snapped selfie.

When we travel to a new city, we’re gifted with the constant heartbeat of possibility—a greater license to take a leap of faith, have fun, and embrace irreverence in a place where the political, social, and cultural meet and often clash. But how do we make the most of our time there? And where should we go next?

Love exploring cities around the world? Join me and @NatGeoTravel for our next Twitter chat on Wednesday, November 5.

When: 2 to 3 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 5
Where: On Twitter via @NatGeoTravel and @Orbitz. Follow hashtag #CityTravel to join us!

In addition to hearing from me, Nat Geo Travel’s Urban Insider (on Twitter @anniefitz), we’ll also be welcoming Orbitz travel editor Sarah Gorenstein (on Twitter @spgorenstein).

During the live chat, we’ll both be answering ten questions that will be revealed periodically over the hour. But make no mistake: We want to hear from you, too. Sarah and I will be retweeting our favorite responses, so be sure to follow along and add your two cents by using the hashtag #CityTravel.