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Fusion Hotel offers an aesthetically superior alternative to hostels for budget travelers. (Photograph courtesy Fusion Hotel)

Seven Don’t-Miss Trends in Prague

Long among the must-visit destinations of Europe, Prague continues to evolve in surprising and alluring ways. Here are a few trends and tips to help you uncover the freshest ways to experience this fairy-tale Czech city.

Bike Routes: The best way to appreciate the winding Vltava River is on two wheels. Biko Adventures offers guided rides, including an all-day excursion to Karlštejn Castle.

Boutique Hostels: Fusion Hotel lodges budget travelers in design-minded rooms. Mosaic House adds an eco-friendly dimension, using 100 percent renewable energy.

Arts Hub: Artist David Černý founded “MeetFactory,” a center for contemporary art. Inside, find artists-in-residence and Prague’s hottest venue for alternative music.

Krymská Corso: Locals call this gentrifying strip of Krymská Street “Little Berlin.” That’s stretching it, but the cafés and shops here feel fresh.

Orchestral Maneuvers: Music lovers line up for the Prague Spring Festival in May, the Dvořák Prague Festival in September, and the Strings of Autumn a month later. String quartets, such as the Pavel Haas, are big.

Hemingway Bar: Hemingway himself would have loved Prague’s best cocktail bar. Old-school bartenders know their way around classic cocktails, but you can opt for something local like a quality Czech absinthe from La Grenouille or Toulouse-Lautrec.

New Czech Cuisine: The best places to eat keep it homegrown and draw on century-old recipes for inspiration. Restaurants like the Augustine Restaurant and La Degustation go the high road, giving traditional Czech mains such as chicken, veal, and rabbit the royal treatment.

This piece, reported by Mark Baker, first appeared in National Geographic Traveler magazine’s October 2014 issue.

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