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Luminous landscape: Scalloped ice shapes a glacier cave in southern Iceland. (Photograph by Romain Loubeyre, National Geographic Your Shot)

Your Shot Photo of the Month: Icelandic Ice Cave

Magical moonscape? Try earthbound Iceland.

“This shows a cave formed in an outlet glacier by the huge Vatnajökull ice cap,” says French photographer Romain Loubeyre, who lives in Dubai. “Exploring it felt like exploring another planet. The colors, the light, and the shapes are found nowhere else.”

Glacier caves are a challenge to photograph. “Water drips from the ceiling, winds rush through the passage, and the cold freezes the camera,” says Loubeyre. “I played hide-and-seek with the water to keep the lens dry.”

What has stayed with him: “These caves melt more each year, a sign that some of nature’s most spectacular artworks are in danger of disappearing,” he says.

What we liked: “Shooting photos in a glacier cave,” says Nat Geo Adventure editorial director Mary Anne Potts, “requires an adventurous spirit. The ribbon of ice draws the eye to the focal point—the hiker’s red jacket—setting off the remarkable blue and black tones of the ice.”

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