Travel Inspiration: Great New Reads

Whether they’re exploring tensions between animals and humans or tradition and modernity, these authors take readers along for an epic ride in these new travel titles.

Here are four #TripLit reads that will transport you to a faraway place:

> Confession of the Lioness, by Mia Couto

Lionesses are preying on women in a remote Mozambican village, but in this compelling novel, the hunters and victims are not quite as they seem.

Flood of Fire, by Amitav Ghosh

You may be a bit foggy on the details of the first Opium War (1839-42) in India and China. The author brings life to the conflict’s—and the countries’—many layers with his multinational cast of merchants, soldiers, prostitutes, and a grieving drug addict.

> The Oregon Trail, by Rinker Buck

A man travels 2,000 miles by mule-pulled covered wagon on the Oregon Trail from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean, dodging thunderstorms, repairing broken wheels, and scouting trails. A legendary pioneer? No, just Rinker Buck, a 21st-century New Jersey native who recounts his passion for exploring America slowly.

> The Good Shufu, by Tracy Slater

Thirty-six-year-old “confirmed Bostonian” Tracy Slater ventures to Japan to teach English and falls in love with a 31-year-old Osaka salaryman. She weds him, becomes an ambivalent shufu, or housewife, and concocts this moving cross-cultural memoir.

Read anything transporting lately? Share your #TripLit recommendations with the Intelligent Travel community in the comments section below.

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