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Take in the fall foliage along the Danube in Budapest, Hungary (Photograph by Daniel Kerek / Alamy Stock Photo)

I Heart My City (in the Fall)

Autumn is kicking into full swing (for the northern half of the world, at least), so we thought we’d celebrate the season with a special edition of I Heart My City.

Here are 20 fall must-dos from I Heart contributors in 20 cities around the world:

Laura’s Barcelona (Spain): Celebrate La Castanyada instead of Halloween. It’s a tradition in which we eat toasted chestnuts and panellets, small marzipan and nut cakes.

Lindsay’s Burlington (Vermont, USA): Leaf-peep like a pro, preferably via bicycle or on foot. To truly enjoy autumn’s colors, hike up Mount Philo for an incredible view of the Lake Champlain valley.

Sevcan’s Istanbul (Turkey): Discover the city’s rich (and safe) street culture on foot while the weather is cool. Must-visit neighborhoods include Cihangir, Tophane, Galatasaray, and Karaköy.

Daisann’s Hong Kong (China): Enjoy Hong Kong’s sweetest event, the Mid-Autumn Festival. Pass as a local by spreading out a blanket in one of the parks under the full moon.

Kelli’s Whitefish (Montana, USA): Sneak in one last camping trip and sleep under the stars at the Apgar Village Lodge & Cabins in Glacier National Park.

Lars’s Stockholm (Sweden): Take a boat out to the Stockholm archipelago and marvel at the amazing colors; there are almost no people on the islands at this time of year.

Peggy’s Virginia Beach (Virginia, USA): Go biking on the boardwalk, stopping for a bite and beverage at Mahi Mah’s.

Anne’s Aix-en-Provence (France): Enjoy the sunshine at one of Aix-en-Provence’s many cafés (my favorite is Unic). Afterward, go for a hike through the local vineyards to admire the autumn leaves.

Pamela’s Vancouver (Canada): Celebrate Halloween by riding the Ghost Train at Stanley Park or visiting the haunted houses at the Pacific National Exhibition during Fright Night.

Marco’s Turin (Italy): Try to resist the various temptations at the CioccolaTò chocolate fair.

Kristin & Allen’s Denver (Colorado, USA): Venture to one of Denver’s mountain parks to catch the aspen trees turning yellow.

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(Photograph by Gavin Hellier, JAI/Corbis)

Christina’s Beirut (Lebanon): Visit Baalbek, the most amazing ancient ruins in all of Lebanon.

Gabor’s Budapest (Hungary): Go to the Wine Festival at Buda Castle to taste wonderful wines and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

Jen’s Las Vegas (Nevada, USA): Gawk at all of the costumed revelers strolling the streets on Halloween.

Dimitri’s Athens (Greece): Check out the Athens International Film Festival and participate in the Athens Marathon.

Anna’s Yerevan (Armenia): Take part in the festivities leading up to Yerevan’s birthday in October.

Aileen’s Antwerp (Belgium): Discover Antwerp’s museums. In addition to the Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS), plan to see the Museum of Modern Art and the Rubens House, a fitting showcase for the city’s most famous painter.

Lynda’s Dubai (UAE): Visit Dubai’s vast, breathtaking desert either through an organized desert safari or by driving your own 4×4. Tip: If you opt for the latter, make sure to go with at least one other car.

Trevor’s Santiago de Compostela (Spain): Get some roasted chestnuts from street sellers in the Old Town.

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