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Carsten Bockermann’s patience paid off in this winning image that grabbed the attention of Traveler magazine photo editor Carol Enquist. (Photograph by Carsten Bockermann, National Geographic Your Shot)

Your Shot of the Month: Stars and Cars in Montana

While driving through Montana’s Fort Benton, German photographer Carsten Bockermann hoped to showcase the previously prosperous town’s Americana essence.

Thanks to a flag displayed in a window across the street and a well-timed passing pickup truck, he brought new life to an abandoned building.

“The photo conveys a bit of the atmosphere that is present in many small towns in America. And it does so in an almost romantic way,” says Bockermann, a member of National Geographic’s photo community, Your Shot. “My goal was to grab the viewer by showing the situation in a style that makes them stop and wonder how this came about.”

“Bockermann cleverly transformed a potentially bleak and unappealing spot into a colorful and celebratory look at the American West,” says Traveler’s senior photo editor, Carol Enquist.

“I love the combination of elements that just all fell into place—the low-angled, warm light bathing the building, the iconic pickup truck driving by, and, most important, the reflection of the stars from the American flag scattered perfectly over the whole scene.”

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