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Visitors admire the courtyard in Florence's Museo Nazionale del Bargello. (Photograph by Christina Anzenberger-Fink & Toni Anzenberger/Anzenberger/Redux)

Around the World in Travel Books

Don’t have the time or funds to travel, or simply aspire to read more in the New Year? We’ve got you covered.

These new titles transport readers from Antiquity to the Amazon:

The Geography of Genius, by Eric Weiner

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Photograph by Rebecca Hale and Mark Thiessen/National Geographic Society

Following up on his best-selling The Geography of Bliss, Weiner travels to Athens, Hangzhou, Florence (above), Edinburgh, Calcutta, Vienna, and Silicon Valley to investigate why quantum leaps of intellect seem to occur in certain places at certain times.

Hunters in the Dark, by Lawrence Osborne

Osborne recalls Graham Greene and Somerset Maugham with this densely atmospheric novel of foreigners and locals navigating fortune and fate among the lush rice fields of Cambodia.

The son of an American anthropologist and of a woman from the Yanomami tribe, Good ventures from his New Jersey home into the heart of the Amazon to reconnect with his mother.

Life and Death in the Andes, by Kim MacQuarrie

The human history that has shaped South America is dramatically re-created in this rich account of iconic Andes characters, from Pablo Escobar and Hiram Bingham to Che Guevara and Butch Cassidy.

Don George is an editor at large at Traveler magazine and the author of The Way of Wanderlust and Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel WritingFollow Don on Twitter @don_george.

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