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Young lions in South Africa (Photograph by Gerry van der Walt/Wild Eye)

Travel the World With Periscope

The Periscope app is like Google Street View come to life, with locals to show you around. The video stream is live, so hosts can answer questions you type in real time.

Here are our three favorite travel ’Scopers to follow:

If you love wild animals, follow @GerryVanDerWalt, who leads photo safaris in southern Africa. He’s always trying new techniques, like filming through binoculars so you can see a group of lions up close. Now and then his connection fails, but watching a family of elephants cross the road in real time is worth the wait.

Don’t be misled by her Kiwi accent: Tour guide and New Zealand transplant @ClaireWad has lived in Paris for 20 years. She cruises neighborhoods on foot and bicycle, exploring courtyards and cafés, letting her followers choose her adventure by asking questions like “Shall I go in this church?” or “Shall I hop on this riverboat?”

@PenguinSix, an American expat living in Hong Kong, films his hike on Victoria Peak almost every morning. Sometimes he takes public transit (subways, ferries) as he talks about life in the city. He’s even filmed from Hong Kong’s tallest building as a typhoon approached.

This piece, written by Marilyn Terrell, appeared in the December/January 2015-16 issue of National Geographic Traveler. Follow her on Twitter @Marilyn_Res.