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Florence-based Your Shot photographer Giuseppe Cabras captured this quintessential beach scene in Sardinia. (Photograph by Giuseppe Cabras/National Geographic Your Shot)

Your Shot of the Month: Beachside Sardinia

For Italian photographer Giuseppe Cabras, a day at the beach isn’t really a day at the beach. “My camera is the only way I can survive a long, hot day by the sea.”

While strolling along Cala Banana beach, in Sardinia, he found his ideal subject in the form of a clothing vendor sporting some serious shades. “I saw that the man had a pretty large mirror for his customers, so I asked him to pose for me, holding the mirror in his hands,” says Cabras. ”The woman did the rest by continuing to look at the vibrant pants. Basically, this is a half-staged picture.”

“Although the photographer set up the scene, it feels spontaneous,” says senior photo editor Carol Enquist.

“As the photographer walked the beach, he recognized that he had come across the elements for a great photograph—the vendor wearing sunglasses, the large mirror, the colorful clothing, and the attractive woman browsing the items—and he worked with his subjects until the details came together perfectly.”

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