Photograph by MICHAEL MELFORD, National Geographic Creative
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Colors explode around Heart Lake in New York's Adirondack mountains.

Photograph by MICHAEL MELFORD, National Geographic Creative

Brilliant places for fall foliage around the world

Our readers recommend the best destinations to experience this vibrant season.

Everything goes according to nature’s instruction manual: The days grow shorter, the nights grow cooler, and broadleaf trees take the cue to shed their leaves. Oaks, maples, and dogwoods each begin to transition from green to reveal shades of crimson and russet. Hickories and aspens show off brilliant golds and yellows.

While the timing can shift from year to year, one thing is always for sure: Leaves will make their way toward the earth, but not before a grand finale of spectacular color. Let our savvy, autumn-loving social community show you the way to the most colorful fall destinations, and don’t miss your moment to take in the view.

Coeur d'alene Park, Washington, United States

"Coeur d'alene Park, Spokane, Washington. Where I climbed and hid in all the wise and wondrous trees." – Radiah Vera

Wanaka, New Zealand

"Wanaka, New Zealand, last year. It was autumn in April though." – Florenz Fang

Northern Ontario and Quebec, Canada

"Northern Ontario and Quebec, the color variants from bright yellow to bright red seem so unrealistic that you may think it is hand-painted." – Michel Baecke

Alaska, United States

"Once you get up into the interior of Alaska, fall looks like it's literally painted on the mountainside." – John Elliott

Hunza Valley, Pakistan

"Best fall colors from my homeland Pakistan." – Zahra Sadaf [See more of Pakistan's wild and beautiful places.]

The Adirondack Mountains

"The Adirondack Mountains, Upstate N.Y.!" - Charlette F.

Piedmont, Italy

"I always fall in love with the rusty colors found in a vineyard!" – Max Eric Lucia [Discover the secret birthplace of wine.]

Michigan, United States

Upper Michigan, the birch look as if they are on fire during dusk traveling north. Magnificent! – Robert Snider

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