Amazing architecture you can see from your car window

From Pueblo cliff dwellings to a Milwaukee art museum, these American roadside sights offer an eyeful from afar.

A window seat is a traveler’s dream. During a pandemic, it’s also a traveler’s best choice. Although restrictions are lifting in many places, social distancing remains the best practice. So if you have to view the world from afar, where better than in a car?

There’s a lot to see. From temples to skyscrapers to ancient cliff dwellings, the United States has a front-seat spectacle for every type of traveler. Here are 13 architectural wonders that you can see from the safety of a car.

Just watch out for traffic: While normally crowded cities are catching a break from congestion and research by AAA projects that Americans will take fewer road trips this summer compared to 2019, that number is still expected to be nearly 700 million. So take the wheel—and take your time.

Cait Etherton is a Virginia-based farmer and writer. Follow her journey on Twitter.