Using mixed media to drive audience consideration.
Photograph by Renan Ozturk
the traditional wooden dhow boat in the Arabian Gulf


Consumer research identified growth opportunities for consideration, intent, and conversion when marketing Abu Dhabi to potential visitors. It further indicated that there were multiple core markets, each with its own interest-driven audience subsets and different barriers to travel. National Geographic, a global media partner could efficiently target audiences at scale with market-relevant, funnel-targeted content based on their interests to showcase Abu Dhabi’s unique history, culture, and attractions.

Photograph by Renan Ozturk
the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi.


National Geographic Explorers were asked to bring three distinct themes to life through song, mixed media art and the creation of a 50-foot mural in Reem, Central Park. Short form videos captured these experiences and were included as Instagram stories on National Geographic Travel Instagram which allowed audience to select their preferred content theme. Digital, social, print and out-of-home channels were used to maximize reach and eyeballs to the video content. A dedicated content hub was also produced to feature travel articles on the destination and showcase the works created by the Nat Geo explorers inspired by their travels in Abu Dhabi.

Photograph by Renan Ozturk
a traditional dhow in Abu Dhabi Corniche


Average dwell time was over 7 minutes. Over 84M+ impressions and more than 8.1M+ completed video views.

Photograph by Renan Ozturk
Picture of dunes around Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort


Photograph by Renan Ozturk