Deepening awareness for New Zealand beyond adventure experiences and driving visitor consideration.
Photograph by Erika Larsen


Post Pandemic, travellers from the UK & US were looking for an escape after the hibernation period of lockdown. Although NZ was not open at the time there was an increase in demand for future planning and consumption of holiday marketing particularly across those 2 key markets where a new normal was settling in. TNZ recognised that these markets were being aggressively targeted and thus did not want to fall to substitute to another bucket list destination! New Zealand offers the calm, the space and the meaningful travel US & UK consumers were craving. The opportunity was there is to make New Zealand the MOST desirable, yet achievable, post pandemic bucket list trip by strengthening the emotional connection with our audience and inspiring them, beyond reason, so they hold out for New Zealand.
Photograph by Erika Larsen
New Zealand, Portraits


TNZ called out the historical relationship and the prevailing content with National Geographic as opportunity to leverage the existing assets of the Nat Geo 2.0 campaign, formally known as “New Zealand’s Welcome” centering around the themes of manaakitanga (extending love and compassion to others), culture, and people and place, strategically incorporating the key messaging of the variety of landscapes within NZ to re-inspire the audience to visit NZ in the future.
We recognised that post-pandemic, messaging needed to be very carefully handled with a particular lens on New Zealand as a beautiful and unique destination for your bucket list. The existing content was thus edited to ensure it is to be inspirational and escapist. Content selected had a focus on the outdoors and nature; in line with post-COVID travel trends.
Photograph by Erika Larsen
New Zealand, Rotorua and Bay of Plenty


Photograph by Erika Larsen


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Photograph by Erika Larsen