Highlighting Slovenia’s key differentiator to increase the share of international tourists.
Photograph by Juan Trujillo Andrades


While Slovenia benefits from a prime central European location and an abundance of attractions, a campaign highlighting its key differentiator was needed to increase their share of international tourists. Research showed wellness as an emerging core consumer expectation in travel, revealing an opportunity to expand upon an existing National Geographic/Slovenia partnership to showcase what sets the country apart.

Photograph by Tomo Jeseničnik, Slovenian Tourist Board


National Geographic sent a content team to capture Slovenia through its “Waters of Wellbeing”. A hero video featuring Slovenians with a connection to water—a marine biologist, an Olympic swimmer and a wellness therapist—as well as social videos, listicles, photo galleries and itineraries were all hosted on and translated to key market editions in Germany and France. Content was amplified via National Geographic’s travel, adventure, and hero brand social channels including a custom @natgeotravel Instagram story. A 60-second Slovenian “Travel Minute” video aired on National Geographic Channel television in key markets and also ran as Facebook Native Video on @natgeotravel.

Photograph by Juan Trujillo Andrades


Waters of Wellbeing video on National Geographic’s official YouTube channel gained 220K+ organic views as part of a campaign extension.

The @natgeotravel Instagram story garnered 4.5M+ total impressions.

Average dwell time on the video article “Slovenia’s Nourishing Waters” was 05:37.

Photograph by Juan Trujillo Andrades


Photograph by Juan Trujillo Andrades