‘Slow up in Scotland’ was designed to open new windows on the Scottish travel experience. Led by National Geographic photographer Michael George, the hero stories were designed to convey a sense of place and encourage high dwell time – both of the content and in the travel experience itself.
Photograph by Michael George


Following the easing of travel restrictions, VisitScotland wanted to leverage pent up demand for Scotland in the US and core European markets. They wanted to drive active travel consideration through inspirational content whilst broadening perceptions of the experiences that Scotland has to offer by focusing on lesser-visited regions. Core also to the brief was to position Scotland as a destination for responsible and ‘mindful’ travellers, through subtle rather than overt ‘how to’ messaging – to ultimately encourage a pace and style of travel that is sustainable for Scotland.
Photograph by Michael George


Our campaign focused on three interwoven themes; for slow travel Michael George headed to the Scottish Borders where he featured in a hero film for YouTube, as well as capturing stills and writing; for community tourism his photo essay explored rewilding efforts and community culture in the region of Badenoch; and for lesser-known places we curated an immersive gallery of images from across Scotland, showcasing little known views and perspectives. Content was distributed across our digital and social networks including YouTube pre-roll, organic Instagram stories and Facebook video.

Photograph by Michael George


Photograph by Michael George


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Photograph by Jim Richardson/National Geographic