The Challenge

Showcase Abu Dhabi’s unique history, culture, and attractions to multiple core markets, each with its own interest-driven audience subsets and different barriers to travel.

The Insight

Research identified growth opportunities for consideration, intent, and conversion. A global partner could efficiently target audiences at scale with market - relevant, funnel-targeted content.

The Solution

National Geographic identified three content themes to capture the full breadth of Abu Dhabi’s proposition—Nature & Action, Urban & Culture, and Craft & Relax. Three National Geographic Explorers brought the themes to life through song, mixed media art and creation of a 50-foot mural in Reem Central Park.

  • Six National Geographic-produced short form videos, each highlighting a particular theme, served as key traffic-drivers to a dedicated content hub on
  • Digital, print, and out-of-home channels were used to maximize reach to established audiences in Abu Dhabi’s key markets. Across Facebook and Instagram, organic content was amplified on @natgeotravel and by the explorers’ personal accounts, both on location and throughout the campaign.
  • Instagram Stories allowed audiences to select their preferred content theme.
  • A feature article in National Geographic Magazine extended the campaign to a readership of 27M+ worldwide.

The Results

Average dwell time was over 7 minutes, indicating a highly engaged and qualified audience.

Over 84M+ impressions (over-delivery of 126%) and more than 8.1M+ completed video views.

72% of 118,337 IG story poll participants selected nature as their primary interest.

Average dwell time
Impressions (over delivery of 126%)
Complete video views