The Challenge

Showcase Singapore’s entrepreneurial and innovative strengths to the world: - tourists, consumers, investors and businesses.

The Insight

Using the themes of 'passion' and 'possibilities' to reflect the Singapore spirit resonates with target audiences interested in Singapore as a destination.

The Solution

National Geographic delivered way beyond a digital campaign, dialing up innovation throughout the campaign execution.

  • City of Innovation exhibition with immersive projection mapping and 3D printing that unveiled the behind the scenes of Singapore’s innovation.
  • Documentary “A City of Innovation” filmed by and broadcast on National Geographic Channel.
  • Brochure using augmented reality to play the video telling the innovation story.
  • Special Singapore magazine edition including an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister.
  • A hub featured the augmented reality app, event information, documentary, custom vignettes and photography contest.
  • Singapore hosted the National Geographic Explorers Festival and Bootcamp.
  • Promotional campaign included digital media and social amplification.