March 2001

In TRAVELER’s March issue, James Morgan writes on renting a villa in the Umbrian countryside. Delving into Internet resources is one of the easiest ways to browse pictures and information on the types of rentals available today. So online we offer tips on how to find your dream villa in Umbria from Claire Packman, owner of At Home Abroad,, a company that specializes in rental properties throughout Europe, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Plus, we offer our 12 favorite Web sites that provide detailed information on renting in Italy.

Tourism Forum: Is it fair to ask people living near wilderness areas to rely on tourism for an income, rather than on mining or logging?

Online Extras:

  • Field Reports from writer Taras Grescoe on budget travel in Paris
  • A guide to ethnic neighborhoods and ordering ethnic products online
  • Ten excellent Japanese ryokans for sublime relaxation
  • How to avoid grizzly and black bear attacks in Taku, British Columbia
  • Dispatches—the Eyes and Ears of the Busy Traveler

    In the March print edition:
  • Essential Grand Canyon National Park
  • Showcase of the Shoguns: Nikko, Japan
  • Italian Pleasures: Umbria, Italy
  • Taku River Trip
  • New Ethnic Neighborhoods
  • Best Hotels in Paris for $100 or Less