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waterfalls in Carmanah
Waterfalls trickle into the upper portion of the Carmanah Creek, as it flows through the heart of the lush Valley.
Photograph by Graham Osborne

Douglas Coupland’s Carmanah Valley

Douglas Coupland, author of seven novels, including the best selling Generation X, writes about Carmanah Valley—his personal place of a lifetime—in TRAVELER’s April issue. The British Columbia oasis is “a delirious green maw of ancient spruces, cedars, and firs, dripping with water and life. . . .that can make you feel more alive then you’ve ever felt,” says Coupland. Here, we invite you to listen to Coupland’s tale. (To hear Coupland, you’ll need the free RealPlayer plug-in.)

Listen to Coupland’s Tale (2:51)