Boards at the ready atop his trusty '58 Chevy, Tim Bowler (left) reflects, "The surf here at Shelter Cove is kind of a secret." Photograph by Catherine Karnow

For nearly 120 years the National Geographic Society has explored the world. For 20 of those years, Traveler magazine has taken readers on thrilling journeys to the world's "must-see" destinations and offered practical advice to help them get there. Over time, we've come to realize that some of the most intrepid travelers are college students. So we decided to combine our own travel expertise with that of collegians around the nation to create a travel magazine for students by students.

In celebration of our debut issue, we offer various resources online: essays from our top three contest winners, links to volunteer vacation opportunities, resources on study-abroad programs, details on how to enter our next college essay contest, and a list of college campuses that are distributing Traveler On Campus.

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