Resources for Study-Abroad Programs

In Traveler On Campus's debut issue recent college graduates, who once participated in study-abroad programs, offer tips for students who plan to follow in their footsteps. Here we offer resources to help you learn which programs are out there, find one that's right for you, and more.

Listings and Databases
Resources to help you learn about various programs:
Information on study-abroad programs, searchable by country and course subject—plus, resources for working and volunteering abroad, studying foreign languages overseas, and more.

Institute of International Education (IIE)
Independent study-abroad programs in more than 50 places from a provider associated with the institute that administers the Fullbright grant program for international studies.

Language Course Finder
Information on foreign-language programs that give students the opportunity to learn a specific language in a country where it's spoken.
Opportunities in various countries, searchable via an interactive map of the world.

World Wide Colleges and Universities
Listings of programs, which students can apply for directly through this site, offered by more than a hundred universities and colleges around the world.

Program Providers
Organizations that offer some of the most respected and extensive study-abroad programs available:

AHA International
Information on the University of Oregon's study-abroad program in 14 countries including Ghana, New Zealand, and Chile.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
Operating since 1947 in 29 countries including Senegal, Turkey, and Cuba, CIEE's programs offer academic credit that transfers to more than 200 American institutions.

Institute for the International Education of Students (IES)
With a track record of 54 years, this independent study-abroad organization offers programs in more than 27 cities, in such countries as New Zealand, Ireland, France, and Japan.

Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University
Butler University operates one of the most revered study-abroad programs in 11 countries, featuring high academic standards and proven relationships with the host country.

School for International Training (SIT)
SIT's study-abroad programs combine academic study with field training including learning to assimilate cultural differences while living in Mali and exploring the Mekong Delta's biodiversity while studying in Vietnam.

First-person accounts from students who have taken study-abroad programs:

Abroad View
Student travel experiences and cultural perspectives from the biannual study-abroad publication distributed on U.S. campuses.

This nonprofit organization focuses on improving awareness of global cultures by featuring creative nonfiction—travel memoirs, first-person accounts of living and studying abroad, and more.

Transitions Abroad
A comprehensive resource, this site provides nuts-and-bolts information and insider stories of studying, working, and living abroad.

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