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Africa TripMarks 
Text by Heather Morgan Shott

Algeria    Angola    Benin    Botswana    Burkina Faso    Burundi  

Cameroon    Cape Verde    Central African Republic    Chad         

Côte d'Ivoire    Democratic Republic of the Congo         

Djibouti    Equatorial Guinea    Eritrea    Ethiopia    Gabon     

The Gambia   
Ghana    Guinea    Guinea-Bissau    Kenya    

Lesotho    Liberia    Libya    Madagascar    Malawi    Mali    

Mauritania    Mauritius   
Morocco    Mozambique    Namibia     

Niger    Nigeria    Republic of the Congo    Rwanda    Senegal     

Seychelles    Sierra Leone    Somalia    South Africa    Sudan      

Tanzania    Togo    Tunisia    Uganda    Zambia     


Africa Travel Planner


Official Tourism Site

Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Algeria Algerian news, political issues, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Adventures of Algeria Guides to more than 40 places to visit in Algeria, including Algiers, Abu Saada, and Cap de Garde. Overview of Algerian culture and cuisine; travel guide.

Africa Guide Traditional music from Algeria, with links to order CDs.

Algerian Americans Overview of the history of Algeria, Algerian traditions, and Algerian-American connections. Algeria Information on Algeria's politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

Algeria Daily News and current events in Algeria from the World News Network.


Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of Angola Entry requirements for Angola, Angolan news, history, and more.

Other Sites We Like

World Travel Guide Information on places to visit in Angola, including Luanda, the Museum of Slavery, Kissama National Park, and Calandula Waterfalls. Also Angola-specific information on travel, passports/visas, holidays, and accommodations.

Country Studies Library of Congress Country Study on Angola.  Includes information on history, society, economy, government, and politics. Traditional music from Angola, with links to to purchase CDs.

Angola News News and current events in Angola and other African nations from the World News Network.


Official Tourism Sites

Benin Tourism Office Introduction to attractions, accommodations, art, culture, and more in Benin.

Embassy of Benin Entry requirements for Benin and information on Benin's geography, people, and government.

Other Sites We Like Information on musicians and bands from Benin, with links to to purchase CDs.

Abomey Historical Museum Information on this museum, housed in palaces once inhabited by rulers of  the ancient Dahomey kingdom and now on the World Heritage list, includes an overview of the museum's collections and architectural features.

Alexandre Senou Adandé Ethnographic Museum Information on and photographs of the Ethnographic Museum in Porto-Novo, Benin.

Benin Post News and current events in Benin.

Discover France Overview of Benin's people, resources, and history.

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Official Tourism Sites

Botswana Department of Tourism Information on Botswana's culture, attractions, accommodations, tour operators, and more.

Embassy of Botswana Entry requirements for Botswana and information on Botswana's attractions, government, and history.

Air Botswana Flight schedules, deals, and more from the national air carrier.

Other Sites We Like Overview of the various regions of Botswana, with maps showing the location of accommodations, nature reserves, and more.

Lodgings of Information on safari lodges throughout Botswana, with articles and photographs.

Wildlife Africa Overview of national parks and reserves in Botswana, including Chobe National Park, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, and the Okavango Delta. Botswana Information on Botswana's politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

Mmegi Online News, editorials, cartoons, arts reviews, and more from this daily newspaper in Botswana.

Sustainable Africa Environmental news and information on sustainability issues in Botswana.

Burkina Faso

Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of Burkina Faso Entry requirements for Burkina Faso, FAQs for travelers to Burkina Faso, local news, and more.

Air Burkina Flight schedules from Burkina Faso's national airline.

Other Sites We Like Videos of major events in Burkina Faso, and interviews with people who live there.

Art and Life in Africa Project Streaming video and photos of the music and art of Burkina Faso.

Burkina by Matt Photographs of Burkina Faso by a former Peace Corps volunteer to the country. Information on places to visit in Burkina Faso, including the Moro-Naba Palace, Ethnography Museum, and Kabore Tembi National Park.


Official Tourism Site

Embassy of the Republic of Burundi Entry requirements for Burundi, Burundi FAQs for travelers, local news, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Burundi Online Information on Burundi hotels, restaurants, attractions, sports, and more (in French only).

Countries Quest Guide to music, dance, art, and literature in Burundi.

Africa Guide
Introduction to Burundi, including its climate, geography, and music. Burundi Information on Burundi's politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

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Official Tourism Site

Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon Entry requirements for Cameroon.

Other Sites We Like Cameroon Information on Cameroon's politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

All Africa News from more than 125 news outlets that cover Cameroon.

Elephants of Cameroon Report on Cameroon's elephant population.

Foto Search Photographs of Cameroon's landscapes and people.

Cape Verde

Official Tourism Sites

United States Embassy in Praia, Cape Verde Entry requirements for Cape Verde, travel suggestions, national holidays, and more.

TACV Flight schedules and deals from Cape Verde's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

Cape Verde Travel Guide An open content travel guide that provides information on Cape Verde's politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

Cape Verde Online Quick facts, climate information, useful tips, and more for Cape Verde.

Cape Verde
General information about Cape Verde's individual islands, including local foods and events.

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages One hiker's adventure on Cape Verde's Mount Pico.

Central African Republic

Official Tourism Site

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for the Central African Republic and information on local safety, health, and transportation issues.

Other Sites We Like

MBendi Travel Places to visit in the Central African Republic, including Andre Felix National Park, Basse-Lobaye Forest, the Centre Artisanal, and Chutes de Boali. Online music store selling music albums from the Central African Republic. 

Field Expeditions: Central African Republic Overview of a biological-inventory project in the Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve in the Central African Republic; fact sheets for the region, dispatches from field officers on the project, and more.

Afrol News News and current events in the Central African Republic. Central Africa Republic Information on Central African Republic's politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

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Official Tourism Site

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for Chad and information on local safety and health issues.

Other Sites We Like

Africa Guide Recommended books, maps, and atlases for Chad.

Basic information and Web links for travel in Chad.


Official Tourism Sites

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for the Comoros and local safety, health, and transportation considerations.

Air Comores
Flight schedules and an outline of the country from the Comoros's national air carrier (in French only).
Other Sites We Like

Culture of Comoros Overview of the architecture, geography, history, politics, and food in the Comoros.

Arab.Net Overview of the Comoro islands, including their history, climate, and flora and fauna. 

Mohéli L'Île Nature
Attractions, activities, lodging, and more for the "nature island of Comoros." Interactive map, photo gallery. Comoros Information on Comoros' politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

Côte d'Ivoire

Official Tourism Sites

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for Côte d'Ivoire and local safety, health, and transportation considerations.

Other Sites We Like Côte d'Ivoire Information on Côte d'Ivoire's politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

Africa Guide Overview of Côte d'Ivoire's people, foods, festivals, arts, and more. 

Côte d'Ivoire Travel Guide An open content travel guide that provides information on Côte d'Ivoire's history, economy, and health.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Official Tourism Site

Permanent Mission of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the United Nations Entry requirements for the DRC (formerly called Zaire), local news, history, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Rainforests Overview of the traditions and lifestyles of the Pygmy people who live in the DRC's Ituri rain forest.

Info Please Summary of the DRC's geography, language, religions, ethnicities, and history.

Congo Pages Interactive quiz about the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Wildlife Conservation Society Introduction to the conservation efforts of the WCS in the Congo.

Global Issues Report on the recent conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Digital Congo News and current events in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from a DRC-based news provider.


Official Tourism Site

Office National du Tourisme de Djibouti Guide to Djibouti's history, geography, transportation, accommodations, and more; in French only.

Other Sites We Like

iExplore Overview of attractions in Djibouti, including the Central Market, the Tropical Aquarium, and the Presidential Palace.

Culture of Djibouti Introduction to architecture, food, marriage, etiquette, and more in Djibouti.

The Africa Guide
Information on accommodations, safaris, and tours in Djibouti.

World Travel Guide
Overview of Djibouti's politics and history. Information on attractions and lodging. Djibouti news and current events. Djibouti news and current events.

Equatorial Guinea

Official Tourism Site

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for Equatorial Guinea, safety and health issues, transportation, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide Guide to places to visit in Equatorial Guinea, including Annobon, Malabo, Luba, and Rio Muni. Overview of the languages of Equatorial Guinea, including Spanish, Batanga, Fa D'ambu, and Molengue. Equatorial Guinea Information on the politics, government, agriculture, and economy of Equatorial Guinea.

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Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of Eritrea Entry requirements for Eritrea and information on Eritrea's government, geography, and economy.

Eritrean Airlines Flight schedules from Eritrea's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

Eritrean Beauty Photographic portraits of Eritrean people, with notes about their culture, from photographer Anne Alders. Eritrea Information on Eritrea's politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

Calabash Music Authentic music from Eritrea and other African nations, with links to listen to and buy music.

Eritrea Daily News and current events in Eritrea and surrounding nations.


Official Tourism Site

Embassy of Ethiopia Entry requirements, local tour operators, attractions, accommodations, Ethiopian holidays, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Global Gourmet A guide to Ethiopia's culinary traditions, traditional foods, and recipes.

Africa Guide Information on Ethiopian festivals, music and musical instruments, arts and crafts, and more. Ethiopia attractions, including Addis Ababa (the capital), Aksum (the ancient capital), Simien Mountain National Park, and Blue Nile Falls.

Travel Blog Blogs—complete with photos—on traveling in Ethiopia. 

OneWorld Magazine The story of Ethiopia's treasured religious relic, the Ark of the Covenant. More than a dozen video clips and images of historic sites in Ethiopia.

Imperial Ethiopia A historical overview of Ethiopia, from the Middle Ages to modern times.

Ethiopia Daily Current news on Ethiopia and Africa, including information on local business, entertainment, and more.


Official Tourism Site

U.S. Department of State
Entry requirements and travel information for Gabon.

Other Sites We Like

Baka Pygmies Overview of the rituals, music, and dance traditions of the Baka Pygmies of Gabon.

Gabon National Parks Listing of and information for Gabon's national parks and protected areas, including Mayumba, Akanda, Waka, and the Crystal Mountains. Overview of the many languages of Gabon, including Baka, Duma, Kota, and Myene. Gabon Information on Gabon's politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

National Geographic Magazine Excerpt from the final segment of Megatransect, the 2,000-mile (3,200-kilometer) hike of National Geographic's Explorer-in-Residence J. Michael Fay through central Africa to the Atlantic coast of Gabon.

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The Gambia

Official Tourism Sites

The Gambia Tourism Authority Travel information for the Gambia, including an overview of local culture, music, art, cuisine, and accommodations.

Gambia Embassy Entry requirements for the Gambia, news, and information on the Gambia's economy.

Other Sites We Like Outline of Gambia's cultural and musical traditions, with links to Gambian music on the Web.

Tanje Village Museum Introduction to an open-air museum that depicts life in a Gambian village a hundred years ago.

National Council for Arts and Culture Listings of museums in Banjul, Juffureh, Kerr Batch, and Wassu.

Birds of the Gambia Streaming video of birds and mammals in Gambia; information on birding tours; photographs. Overview of the languages of the Gambia, including Mandjak, Jola-Fonyi, Pulaar, and Soninke.

Daily Observer News and current events in Gambia from a leading Gambian news provider.


Official Tourism Sites

Ghana Tourism Home Page Ghana vacation packages, tours, top attractions, rental car information, and more.

Embassy of Ghana Entry requirements, Ghana hotels, attractions, news, events, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Homowo African Arts & Cultures Information on Ghana's Homowo Festival of African Arts, an annual event that celebrates Ghanaian storytelling, songs, poems, and customs.

Africa Guide Includes information on Ghanaian tribes, arts and crafts, traditional dishes, and music. 

Ghana Wildlife Society Information on Ghana's conservation programs and national parks; photographs. 

Ghana Web Historical information about Ghana, including political movements and social development. 

Ghana News Breaking local news and information on Ghanaian sports, entertainment, science, and business.

WordTravels Photographs of Ghana taken by travelers.


Official Tourism Site

Office National du Tourisme de Guinée French-only site with information on Guinean activities, history, and more; photographs.

Other Sites We Like Documentation of one woman's journey through Guinea, with photographs.

ECOFAC Overview of Monte Alen National Park; map.

Index on Africa: Guinea Information on Guinea's economy, agriculture, politics, government, environment, and more. News and current events in Guinea.

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Official Tourism Site

Consulate of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau
Information on Guinea-Bissau's cities, government, languages, history, and more.

Other Sites We Like Information on music and artists in Guinea-Bissau, with links to to purchase music.

Guinea Bissau News and current events in Guinea-Bissau and other African nations.

Guinea Bissau Radio Live broadcasts and videos from Guinea-Bissau's main radio station. Guinea-Bissau Information on Guinea-Bissau's politics, government, agriculture, and economy.

Official Tourism Site

Kenya Tourist Board
Guide to Kenya's attractions, game parks, safari operators, accommodations, cuisine, shopping, and more. 

Embassy of Kenya Entry requirements for Kenya, Kenyan politics, history, national holidays, and more. 

Kenya Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife Information on tourism, wildlife, game reserves, and more. Includes a trip planner.

Kenya Airways Flight schedules and specials from Kenya's national air carrier.

Other Sites We Like

Kenya Wildlife Service Overview of the national parks and reserves of Kenya.

Africa Guide Photographs of Kenya's animals, people, cultural events, and more. Overview of the tribes, languages, music, and dance traditions in Kenya from a safari outfitter.

Jambo Kenya Introduction to the indigenous peoples of Kenya.

Kenya Times Newspaper News and current events from a Kenyan English-language newspaper.

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Official Tourism Site

Embassy of Lesotho Entry requirements for Lesotho and information on Lesotho's history, health issues, and more.

Other Sites We Like

See Lesotho Introduction to Lethoso, including pages on people and cultural traditions, geography, tour operators, and more. Reports on Lesotho's arts and crafts by a former Peace Corps volunteer to the nation.

Every Culture Overview of traditional dishes, architecture, ethnic relations, gender roles, and more for Lesotho.

Radio Lesotho Online Current news and sports reports from Lesotho's radio network.


Official Tourism Site

Embassy of Liberia Entry requirements for Liberia, Liberian news, government information, and more.
Other Sites We Like

Images of Liberia Photographs of Liberia's people and landscapes.
Liberian Postings on Liberian music, dance, art., cuisine, and history.
All Africa News and current events in Liberia.
Friends of Liberia News, information, and more from this U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to Liberia.


Official Tourism Sites

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for Libya, and information on safety, transportation, health, and economic issues in the nation.
Libya General People's Committee of Tourism
Official guide to visiting Libya, including an overview of top Libyan tourism destinations, travel tips, and traditional handicrafts.

Other Sites We Like

Libya Rock Art Website devoted to the ancient rock engravings of the Wadi al-Hayat, in southwest Libya.
Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting Corporation English website of a prominent radio station in Libya, featuring Libyan news and issues.

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Official Tourism Sites

Consulate of Madagascar Entry requirements for Madagascar and key contacts for tourists in Madagascar.  

Air Madagascar Flight schedules from Madagascar's national air carrier.
Other Sites We Like

Visit Madagascar Videos of people, wildlife, and nature in Madagascar.

Wild Madagascar Overview of the people, wildlife, parks, and flora of Madagascar; photographs.

Lost World Arts Photographs of Madagascar's wildlife, including the nation's famed lemurs, and more.

Madagascar Journal A journal about traveling in Madagascar by a blogger with ancestral ties to the island.

Madagascar News News and current events in Madagascar and surrounding nations.

Conservation International Information on Madagascar's people, flora, fauna, and ecological challenges.


Official Tourism Sites

Malawi Tourism Information Office Entry requirements for Malawi and an overview of Malawi's regions, attractions, accommodations, peoples, and more.
Air Malawi Flight schedules from Malawi's national airline.
Other Sites We Like

Virtual Malawi 360-degree photographs of Malawi's wildlife, attractions, game camps, and more.

Guide 2 Malawi Introduction to the culture, industries, and agriculture of Malawi.


Official Tourism Site

Embassy of Mali Entry requirements for Mali and information on Mali's arts, cultures, politics, tourism, news, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Malian Magic An online photo gallery about Mali, including fast facts.

Mali: Ancient Crossroads of Africa Introduction to the history, cultures, arts, music, and architecture of Mali.

African Conservation Information on projects to protect and sustain Mali's natural resources.

Africa Guide Overview of the lifestyle, history, and religion of the largest tribe in Mali, the Bambara.

Places of Power and Peace Information on and photographs of Djenné, the oldest-known city in Mali and sub-Saharan Africa.

Dan Heller Photography Photographs of people, art, landscapes, and more in Mali.

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Official Tourism Site

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Entry requirements for Mauritania and information on Mauritania's travel agencies, hotels, and more.

Other Sites We Like A historical overview of Mauritania and links to information on its culture, geography, and famous personalities. Photographs of Mauritanian attractions, including Tifoujar, Almojar, Amatlich desert, Ouadane, and Terjit. Introduction to the languages of Mauritania, including Pulaar, Wolof, and Hassaniyya.

All Africa Breaking news and current events in Mauritania—and other African nations—from an African news organization.


Official Tourism Sites

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority Introduction to Mauritius's attractions, activities, accommodations, culture, and more.

Embassy of the Republic of Mauritius Entry requirements for Mauritius and contact information for various embassies.

Air Mauritius Flight information for Mauritius' national airline.

Other Sites We Like

360 Travel Guide 360-degree shots of various attractions on Mauritius, including Anse Colas, Black River Gorge, and Beau Rivage. More than 500 photographs of places in Mauritius, submitted by visitors and locals.

Diwali Festival Information on this festive five-day Hindu celebration on Mauritius. Overview of the cultural traditions, festivals, and languages of the Mauritian people, including translations for key phrases in French, which is widely spoken on the island.

Mauritius Museum Council Information on exhibitions and collections at Mauritius's museums, including the National History Museum, the Mauritius Postal Museum, and the Museum of Indian Immigration.

Tropic Scope Introduction to the traditional foods and dining etiquette in Mauritius.

Mauritius Times News and current events from an independent newspaper on Mauritius.


Official Tourism Sites

Moroccan National Tourist Office Overview of Morocco's cities, attractions, museums, parks, tour operators, and more.

Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco Entry requirements, Morocco news, marriage requirements, and more.

Other Sites We Like

The Magic of Morocco Guides to the cities of Marrakech, Tangier, Casablanca, Agadir, Meknes, Fez, and more. Slideshows of Casablanca, Fez, Meknes, and Essaouira. 
Information on places to visit, including Chefchaouen, Tangier, Bou Attarin Medersa, Fez, Djemaa el Fna, and Marrakech.

Moroccan Music Clips of nine Moroccan songs and virtual tours of the El Bedi Palace, Marrakech, Cascade Du Ouzude, and more. Brief overview of traditional Moroccan dishes and ingredients. Information on museums in Tangier, Fez, Meknes, Rabat, Marrakech, and other Moroccan towns.

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Official Tourism Site

Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique Entry requirements and general information, including information on Mozambique's provinces and languages.

Other Sites We Like

Siyabona Africa Information on Mozambique's national parks and wildlife and nature reserves, and land management issues. Accommodations in Maputo, Beira, Penba, and on Mozambique Island.

Mozambique News Regional and national Mozambique news, and information on local entertainment, sports, and science. An overview of Mozambique Island, Nacala Coast Area, Nacala, and Nampula.

World Wildlife Fund Conservations explore Mozambique.

African Studies Information on national government, economy, history, news, and more.


Official Tourism Sites

Namibia Tourism Board Information on Namibia's regions, entry requirements, politics, news, and more.

Republic of Namibia Overview of Namibia's government, foreign relations, history, national holidays, and more.

Air Namibia Flight schedules, deals, and vacation packages from Namibia's official air carrier.

Other Sites We Like

South Africa Explored What to see and do in each region of Namibia; interactive maps. Photographs of each national park and information on touring each one.

Wildlife Africa Overview of Namibia's game reserves and parks; listings of deals on overland safaris and more.

Real Namibia Namibian writer Pierre Mare's humorous insider tips on places to stay, things to see, and more. Information on Namibia's tribes, from the Owambo to the Himba.

The Namibian Namibia news, current events, politics, sports, and more from the country's main English-language newspaper.


Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of the Republic of Niger Entry requirements, Niger's national holidays, key tourism contacts, accommodations, and more.

Ministry for Tourism Listings of Niger hotels, restaurants, bars, culture, nightlife, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Africa Guide Practical information for visiting Niger, including climate, getting around, travel insurance, electrical power, and recent travel advisories.

World Travel Guide Notable Niger attractions, including Niamey, W National Park, the Sultan's Palace, and more.

World 66 A sister site to, this site allows travelers to update content on practical information such as people, health, books, economy, and more. An article on a new dinosaur species discovered in Niger.

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Official Tourism Sites

Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation Introduction to Nigeria's cities, attractions, accommodations, beaches, transportation, and more.

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Entry requirements for Nigeria and information on Nigeria's history, culture, peoples, government, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Nigerian Tribal Studies Links to numerous tribes and ethnic groups of Nigeria.

Online Nigeria Portal Information on the cultures, traditions, and customs of Nigeria's people. Listings of Nigerian festivals, including the Atilogwu Dance, the Osun Festival, and the Argungu Fishing Festival. Information on Nigeria's national parks, including tourist facilities and nearby attractions.

Animal Info Guide to animals indigenous to Nigeria, including the African elephant, the western gorilla, the red-bellied monkey, and the wild dog.

NigeriaDotCom News, forums, classified listings and more for Nigeria, covering politics and other subjects.
Nigerian Tribune News and current events in Nigeria from an independently positioned Nigerian newspaper.

Republic of the Congo

Official Tourism Site

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for the Republic of the Congo, and information on local safety, health, and transportation considerations.

Official Website of the Republic of the Congo Brazzaville French-only website; information for travelers to the Republic of the Congo, including transportation options, attractions, festivals, lodging, and excursions. 

Other Sites We Like

Infoplease Overview of the history, economy, people, and geography of the Republic of the Congo.

Inside Africa News and current events in the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Official Tourism Sites

Rwanda Tourism Information on Rwanda's national parks, tours, ecotourism, mountain gorillas, and more.

Republic of Rwanda Listings of Rwanda tour operators, and information on Rwanda's climate, gorilla-watching, and tourism contacts.

Other Sites We Like

Goway Overview of Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, and Akagera National Park, with information on notable attractions in each place.

African Water Trek: Saving Rwanda's Gorillas A journal of travel writer Richard Bangs' adventure in Rwanda.

Foto Search Dozens of photos of Rwanda, as well as video clips of gorillas in the wild.

South Travels Rwandan traditions, dances, arts and crafts, and more.

BBC News A detailed historical timeline for Rwanda.

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Official Tourism Sites

Senegal Tourist Office Guide to Senegal's regions, cities, accommodations, shops, and more.

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for Senegal and information on Senegal's government, politics, and foreign affairs.

Air Sénégal International Flight schedules from Senegal's official airline.

Other Sites We Like
Introduction to the traditional music and dance of Senegal.

Recipes from Senegal A blogger offers her favorite recipes for traditional Senegalese food.

SIBMAS: International Directory of Performing Arts Collections and Institutions Listings and links to Senegalese museums, including the Dakar Museum of African Art, the Musée d'Art Africain de Dakar, and the École Nationale des Arts Douta Seck.

Afrol News News and current events in Senegal and other African nations from an independent African news provider.


Official Tourism Sites

Seychelles Travel Guide to beaches, accommodations, tour operators, events, and more in the Seychelles.

Government of the Seychelles Profile of the government, environment, people, and culture of the Seychelles.

Air Seychelles Flight schedules from the official airline of the Seychelles.

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for the Seychelles and information on safety, crime, health, and other local issues.

Other Sites We Like Suggested attractions in the Seychelles, including Vallee de Mai, Île Coco Marine National Park, and Curieuse Island.

New Adventures: Seychelles Overview of the islands of the Seychelles, including travel tips and accommodations. Profile of the art and artists of the Seychelles. Introduction to the languages of the Seychelles, including English, French, and Seselwa Creole.

Travel Images Photographs of attractions, people, and wildlife in the Seychelles.

Sierra Leone

Official Tourism Sites

Sierra Leone National Tourist Board Information on Sierra Leone's attractions, tour operators, heritage sites, accommodations, news, and more.

Embassy of Sierra Leone Entry requirements for Sierra Leone and information on its government, history, climate, geography, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Visit Sierra Leone Overview of attractions in Sierra Leone, including Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Bunce Island, Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary, and Bintimani Mountain. List of music and musicians from Sierra Leone. Online exhibit of photographs chronicling Sierra Leone's years of conflict, including the bombing of Freetown, the first rebel attack on Koidu, and interviews with rebel leaders.

BBC Country Profile: Sierra Leone Country profile from the BBC looks at the challenge of reconstruction following Sierra Leone's civil war, which ended in 2002.

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Official Tourism Sites

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for Somalia and information on safety, health, road conditions, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Somalian Cuisine
Collaborative site that includes Somalian recipes, food traditions, and culinary history. Introduction to the languages of Somalia, including Maay, Arabic, Garre, and Swahili.

Global Security Updated information on the ongoing conflict in Somalia and surrounding nations. News and current events in Somalia from a Mogadishu-based media network.

South Africa

Official Tourism Sites

South Africa Tourism Guide to South Africa's attractions, accommodations, events, spas, game parks, and more.

Embassy of South Africa Entry requirements for South Africa, South African news, events, and more.

South African Airways Flight schedules and deals from South Africa's official airline.

Other Sites We Like

South Africa Explored Information on South Africa's game reserves and national parks, with links to park lodgings and photographs.

Africa Guide Information about the Zulu people, the largest ethnic group in South Africa, with links to information on all the tribes in Africa. Information on and listings of restaurants in South Africa, searchable by price, cuisine type, and region.

South Africa Info Introduction to and current news stories about the wildlife and flora of South Africa.

Sun Site Listings of museums throughout South Africa, including the National Museum and the Kruger Museum.

Regional Tourism Organization of Southern Africa Travel information, suggested destinations, listing of safari outfitters and more for 14 countries in southern Africa, including South Africa.

Mail & Guardian Online News and current events from South Africa's first online news provider.


Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of Sudan Entry requirements for Sudan, information on accommodations, attractions, events, and more.

Sudan Airways Flight schedules for Sudan's national airline.

Other Sites We Like Overview of the cities of Sudan, with information on sights to see; to reach this section, click on "travel and tourism," then "Sudanese cities."

Sudan Artists Gallery Introduction to paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and other artworks by Sudanese artists and artists with a connection to Sudan. Profile of Sudan's culinary culture, traditional dishes, and cooking customs.

Darfur Genocide Information on the ongoing conflict in Darfur, Sudan, and ways to help stop it. Introduction to languages spoken in Sudan, including Feroge, Anuak, Nobiin, and more.

Sudan Tribune Sudanese news and current events from a Sudanese news website based in France.

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Official Tourism Sites

Swaziland Tourist Authority Introduction to attractions, accommodations, activities, history, and key tourist contacts in Swaziland.

Swazi Express Airways Flight schedules for Swaziland's domestic air carrier.

Other Sites We Like Photographs of landscapes, plants, and wildlife in Swaziland.

Big Game Parks Overview of the three main game parks in Swaziland: Hlane Royal National Park, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, and Mkhaya Game Reserve.

Southern Africa Places Overview of national parks and game reserves in Swaziland, including Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and Phophonyane Nature Reserve.

Swazi Culture A brief overview of Swazi culture and traditions.

Times Swaziland Swazi news and current events from one of Swaziland's major news organizations.


Official Tourism Sites

Tanzania Tourist Board Information on game reserves, national parks, diving, culture, transportation, lodging, and more.

Embassy of the Republic of Tanzania Entry requirements and information on Tanzania's conservation areas, marine parks, history, and more. 

Other Sites We Like

Tanzania National Parks Information on guided tours, maps, and destinations,
including Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, Rubondo Island, and more.

National Museum of Tanzania Information on the museum's exhibitions, collections, and museum hours.

Tanzania News Regional and national news, and information on Tanzanian entertainment, sports, and science.

Global Volunteers Information on Tanzanian folklore, traditions, customs, storytelling, and more.

University of Pennsylvania: Africa Studies Center Dining etiquette in Tanzania, traditional foods, and recipes. More than a hundred photographs of Tanzania's wildlife and landscapes.

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Official Tourism Sites

National Togolese Office of Tourism Guide to Togo's regions, attractions, accommodations, culture, and more.

Republic of Togo Overview of Togo's politics, culture, society, news, and more (in French only).

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for Togo and information on safety, health, and more.

Other Sites We Like

A Handful of Memories Stories about and photographs of Togo by a Peace Corps volunteer who lived there. Profile of languages spoken in Togo, including Fon, Adele, and Igo.

Amy's Togolese Adventures A Peace Corps volunteer's experiences with Togolese holidays, dining, and more.


Official Tourism Sites

Tunisian National Tourism Office Introduction to Tunisia's cities, attractions, accommodations, festivals, shops, and more.

Embassy of Tunisia Entry requirements for Tunisia and information on its government.

Other Sites We Like Information on museums throughout Tunisia, including the National Bardo Museum, the Ceramic Museum, and the Memorial of Martyrs of Sejoumi. Overview of the culinary culture of Tunisia, with information on traditional dishes.

Choose Tunisia Listing of restaurants in Tunisia, with descriptions of each one.

Tunisia National Radio Introduction to selected musicians, including audio files of musical performances.

Tunisia Online A timeline of historical events in Tunisia.

Tunisia Online News News and current events in Tunisia from an English-language news service.

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Official Tourism Sites

Uganda Tourist Board Information on Uganda's national parks, wildlife, transportation, culture, people, and more.

Embassy of Uganda Entry requirements, Uganda political news, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Jane Goodall Institute Information on Uganda programs, volunteer opportunities, objectives, and more from primatologist Jane Goodall's institute based in Arlington, Virginia.

Africa Guide Information on nine national parks and nature reserves in Uganda, including the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

About Uganda
Recommended tours in Uganda, from primate walks and chimpanzee tracking to rafting the Nile and mountaineering in the Rwenzoris.

Enter Uganda A detailed political history of Uganda.


Official Tourism Sites

Zambia National Tourist Board Information on Zambia's cities, attractions, safari options, accommodations, transportation, and more.

Embassy of the Republic of Zambia Entry requirements, information on Zambia's government and economy, and Zambian news.
Other Sites We Like

Bush-Buzz Overview of Zambia's national parks and game reserves, including Lavushi Manda, Blue Lagoon, West Lunga, and Lower Zambezi.

Wild Zambia Reviews of Zambian safaris and blogs about Zambia; plus, information on accommodations and safety tips.

The Zambian Downloadable music by Zambian artists and interviews with top musicians.

The Post
News and current events in Zambia from a top Zambian newspaper.

Times of Zambia Zambian news, sports, and more from a major Zambian news organization.

Ethno-Net Africa Database Introduction to the religious, ethnic, and linguistic groups of Zambia. Overview of the tribes of Zambia, key phrases in two of the major tribal languages, and more.


Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of Zimbabwe Entry requirements for Zimbabwe, local news, photographs, and more.

Zimbabwe Air Flight schedules and deals from Zimbabwe's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

360 Travel Guide
Virtual tours of Zimbabwean highlights, including Victoria Falls, Bulawayo, and Matopas.

Africa Guide Guide to national game parks and reserves in Zimbabwe, including Zambezi, Victoria Falls, Hwange, and Nyanga.

National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe Information on the museums and national monuments of Zimbabwe. Information on the living languages of Zimbabwe, including Ndau, Kunda, Lozi, and Kalanga. News and current events from a website dedicated to Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean
Zimbabwe news from a UK-based association of Zimbabwean journalists.

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