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Asia TripMarks
Text by Heather Morgan Shott

Afghanistan    Armenia    Azerbaijan    Bangladesh    Bhutan    Brunei   

Cambodia    China  
India    Indonesia    Japan    Kazakhstan   

   Laos    Malaysia   Maldives    Mongolia   Myanmar   

Nepal    North Korea    Pakistan    The Philippines   Russia

South Korea    Sri Lanka    Tajikistan   Thailand    Taiwan  

Turkmenistan   Uzbekistan    Vietnam


Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of Afghanistan Entry requirements, local media, history, and more.

Other Sites We Love

Afghanistan Online Afghan cuisine, music, poetry, traditional clothing, national holidays, and more. Overview of Afghan culture, ethnicity, language, and religion.

BBC News A historical overview of Afghanistan, including its rulers, political leaders, and conflicts.

Travel Blog Blogs on specific Afghan events and places, from International Women's Day to Kabul's Soccer Stadium; photographs.

Afghan News Afghan news and current events; information on sports, the economy, and local politics.

World Atlas General maps of Afghanistan, information on local currency, religions, holidays, and more.

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Official Tourism Site

Embassy of the Republic of Armenia Entry requirements for Armenia, Armenian news, climate, cultural heritage, and more.

Armenia Information Overview of Armenia for travelers from the Armenian Tourism Development Agency; includes news, events, attractions, culture, and slideshows of Armenia's places and faces.

Other Sites We Like

Armeniapedia History, society, arts, attractions, food, and more on Armenia in a wiki that anyone can edit.

ARMGATE Postings on Armenian news, history, travel attractions and tips, and photos.

Tour Armenia Information on Armenia's attractions, cuisine, restaurants, travel agents, and more.

European Centre for Modern Languages Synopsis of Armenia and its history, language, culture and traditions.

ArmenPress News and current events in Armenia from the Armenian News Agency.

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Official Tourism Sites

Azerbaijan Tourism Information on Azerbaijan culture, cuisine, holidays, travel agents, and more.

Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan Entry requirements for Azerbaijan, and information on Azerbaijan hotels, cultural traditions, and more.

Other Sites We Like More than 3,000 samples of Azerbaijan artwork, and profiles of Azerbaijani artists.

Azerbaijan International Overview of traditional Azerbaijani music and profiles of the nation's musicians from an online magazine.

South Travels Overview of places to visit in Azerbaijan, including the capital, Baku; Apsheron Peninsula; Atesgah Fire Temple; and the Qobustan Museum. Guide to select Azeri writers, with excerpts from their poetry, novels, and more (in English and Azeri).

Children's Cultural Center Notable architecture of Azerbajani cities with photographs.

Azerbaijan News Service News and current events in Azerbaijan.

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Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Entry requirements for Bangladesh, customs regulations, information on places to visit in Bangladesh, and more.

Bangladesh National Tourism Organization Guide to Bangladesh's attractions, beaches, archaeological sites, museums, music, and more.

Bangladesh Airlines Flight schedules and deals from Bangladesh's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

Discovery Bangladesh Overview of Bangladesh and its regions (called divisions): Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi, and Barishal.

Virtual Bangladesh Introduction to Bengali culinary traditions; recipes, food FAQs.

South Travels Suggested places to visit in Bangladesh, including Dhaka, Chittagong, the Mainmati ruins, and Somapuri Vihara. Overview of the traditions surrounding dance, music, and theater in Bangladesh; blogs.

Bangladesh Online Where to shop in Bangladesh, from shopping centers to markets.

The Bangladesh Today Local and international news from this daily English-language newspaper produced in Bangladesh.

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Official Tourism Sites

Bhutan Department of Tourism Introduction to Bhutan's attractions, tour operators, history, culture, and more.

Druk Air Flight schedules from the official airline of Bhutan.

Other Sites We Like

Himalaya Top attractions in Bhutan, including Thimphu and the Phajoding Monastery. Presentation of the history, customs, economy, geography, and more of Bhutan.

Country Studies Full text of a book published by the Library of Congress on  Bhutan's history, culture, society, economy, and more.

Bhutan Times News and current events in Bhutan from an independent English-language publication.

Bhutan News Online Information on religious festivals and related traditions throughout Bhutan.

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Official Tourism Sites

Tourism Brunei Information on Brunei's attractions, accommodations, travel agents, events, and more; also, videos and photographs.

Embassy of Brunei Entry requirements for Brunei and information on Brunei's culture, government, and more.

Royal Brunei Airlines Flight schedules and deals from Brunei's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

Asia Travel Information on Brunei attractions, including the Royal Regalia Building, Kampong Ayer, the ancient tomb of Suhan Bolkiah, and Meragang Beach. Guide to the Brunei Museum, Malay Technology Museum, Brunei National Archive, and more. Overview of major festivals and national holidays in Brunei.

Brunei Darussalam Culture & Information Information on Brunei's media, performing arts, museums, and more.
Introduction to traditional handicrafts in Brunei, including weaving and silverwork.

Every Culture The history, ethnic relations, architecture, and politics of Brunei.

Brunei Bulletin News and current events in Brunei.

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Official Tourism Sites

Tourism Cambodia Information on Cambodian hotels, attractions, dance, music, people, events, and more.

Royal Cambodian Embassy Entry requirements, news, history, government, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Information on Cambodia's attractions, including the National Museum of Cambodia, the temples of Angkor, the Royal Palace, Choeung Ek, and Tuol Sleng Museum.

The Worldwide Gourmet Discusses the historical roots of Cambodia's culinary heritage and its traditional dishes. 

Cambodia Information Center Cambodian and international news, plus information on local sports, business, and more. Cambodian events and festivals, including the Water Festival, Angkor Festival, and Chinese New Year.

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Official Tourism Sites

China National Tourist Office Information on tour operators, Chinese culture, attractions, vacation packages, and more.

Embassy of the People's Republic of China Entry requirements, plus information on China's government, history, and more.

Air China Flight schedules for China's official air carrier.

Other Sites We Like A virtual tour of the Forbidden City, including the Imperial Gardens, Watch Tower, the Gate of Supreme Harmony, and more.

China's Museums Overview of more than 60 museums in China; includes museums featuring history, fine art, archaeology, architecture, and more. 

Smithsonian National Zoological Park Reports on China's wildlife, including the famed giant pandas.

Shanghai Diaries Insider tips on what to see and do in Shanghai from Shanghai-based American journalist Dan Washburn.

Travel China Guide Information on traditional dishes in Beijing, links to restaurants throughout the city.

The Peak Hong Kong Overview of Hong Kong's biggest attraction, the Peak, including its history. 

Going to China Reports on major festivals and events in China, from Chinese New Year to the Dragon Boat Race.

Beijing Shopping Guide Insider tips on top places to shop in Beijing, from Beijing Antique City to Liulichang Cultural Street.

China Daily China news and information on Chinese entertainment, culture, the Olympics, and more.

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Official Tourism Sites

India Ministry of Tourism Includes a trip planner, vacation ideas, upcoming events, and visa information.

Embassy of India Entry requirements, news, links to tourism sites, and more.

Air India Flight schedules, travel tips for India, and more from India's official air carrier.

Other Sites We Like Explores India's foods by region; traditional dishes, and recipes. Features India's monuments, World Heritage sites, forts, palaces, museums, and temples.

India Daily Breaking Indian news, and information on local sports, technology, and politics.

India Wildlife Portal India's national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, safaris, tours, etc. India's cultures, history, political leaders, and more.

Travel for Kids
Must-see sites in India for families; recommended children's books.

India Special Section

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Official Tourism Sites

Indonesian Council of Tourism Partners Guide to Indonesia's regions, attractions, tour operators, accommodations, and more.

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Entry requirements for Indonesia, Indonesian news, events, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Asian Info Overview of Indonesia's visual arts and crafts, performing arts, national celebrations, and customs.

Real Destination
Suggested attractions to visit in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, and its environs.

Best of Bali General website on Bali, with links. Includes Bali's attractions, arts and culture, and accommodations.

Indonesian National Museum Overview of collections and exhibitions at this major museum featuring Indonesia's culture, arts, and archaeological sites. Information on national parks and reserves throughout Indonesia, including Baluran, Kutai, and Siberut.

Bali Blog Blog by an expatriate living on Bali, with postings of travel tips and more from contributors.

Jakarta Post News and current events from Indonesia's leading English-language newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Japan National Tourist Organization Information on Japan's attractions, accommodations, transportation, history, culture, and more.

Embassy of Japan Entry requirements for Japan, news, an overview of Japan's regions, cities, national holidays, and more.

Japan Airlines Flight schedules and deals from Japan's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

Japan Guide Introduction to rituals, customs, and events in Japan. Overview of traditional Japanese dishes and styles of cooking; also, tips on how to eat Japanese food.

Fashion Japan Photographs and videos featuring the latest fashion trends in Japan. Photographs of Japanese places and people.

Japan Window One expatriate's photo gallery and blog on Japanese life, culture, and trends.

Japan Times News and current events from an English-language newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Consulate of Kazakhstan Entry requirements and an overview of Kazakhstan's population, geography, and main industries.

Embassy of Kazakhstan to the U.S. and Canada News articles and information on Kazakh politics, culture, events, traditions, and tour operators.

Other Sites We Like

A. Kasteev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan Includes current exhibitions and programs.

Pacific Asia Travel Association Kazakh attractions, including Astana (the capital), Zailiysky Alatau, and the Köl-Say Lakes.

Advantour Information on sightseeing, including Altyn-Emel National Park, Charyn Canyon, and the Aisha Bibi Mausoleum.

UNESCO Heritage Net A brief history of Kazakhstan's archaeological treasures.

2006 WN Network Kazakh news; includes local news, sports.

Foto Search Photographs and maps of Kazakhstan.

Countries Quest Information on Kazakhstan's ethnic groups, dominant religions, language, education, and way of life.

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Official Tourism Site

Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic Entry requirements, historical information on Kyrgyzstan, and more.

Other Sites We Like

British Broadcasting Company Profile of Kyrgyz history, politics, and local media.

Advantour Information on Kyrgyz culture, popular pastimes, and more.

Foto Search Photographs of Kyrgyzstan.

World Travel Guide Top Kyrgyz attractions, including the capital, Bishkek; the Ala-Archa Nature Reserve; the Kyrgyz State Opera and Ballet Theatre; and the State Art Museum.

Oriental Express Central Asia Links to more than a dozen articles on Kyrgyzstan's natural attractions. News and current events in Kyrgyzstan.

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Official Tourism Sites

Lao National Tourism Administration Entry requirements for Laos, country overview, and accommodations, dining, crafts, and more in Laos.

Lao Embassy to the United States
Entry requirements for Laos, Laos news, current events, culture, and landmarks.

Other Sites We Like
Laos Hotel Link Listings of accommodations in Laos, from budget guesthouses to luxury resorts; discounts on room rates. Information on traditional Laotian food specialties; tips on dining etiquette.

Ecotourism Laos Listing of ecotourism guesthouses and more. Plus: tips for touring Laos responsibly and information on World Heritage sites, protected areas, and more.

Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University Guide to the architecture of Laos, from traditional wooden homes to landmarks such as the Theravada Buddhist Wat. News from an English-language newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Virtual Malaysia Overview of Malaysian destinations, vacation packages, events, and more from the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism.

Tourism Malaysia Guide to destinations, activities, trip-planning advice, and more for Malaysia.

Malaysia Airlines Flight schedules and deals from the official airline of Malaysia.

Other Sites We Like

Malaysia Central Virtual tours of destinations in Malaysia, including Ampang Point, Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, and Muzium Negara. Introduction to the culture, religions, music, and languages of Malaysia. Overview of traditional Malay dishes and markets; also, a food glossary. Resource of food-related events throughout Malaysia. Introduction to the arts in Malaysia, including theatrical productions and dance performances.

Malaysia Today News and current events from Malaysia's independent English newspaper.

Malaysiakini Alternative views and analyses of events in Malaysia, including editorials and columns.

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Official Tourism Sites

Maldives Tourism Promotion Board Entry requirements, Maldives's hotels and resorts, activities, restaurants, and shopping. 

Republic of the Maldives Country profile, history, geography, climate, and more.

Other Sites We Like
Surfing tips, locations, and conditions. An overview of the Maldives's National Museum's collection, including photographs of some works. Information on the Maldives's people, festivals, folk music, recipes, religion, and more.

Smart Travel Asia Reviews of resorts and spas on the Maldives.

Maldives Culture Includes Maldives news and current events, and links for information on history, local publications, and other subjects. Maldives traditions, folklore, crafts, local dress, and more. Information on Maldives beaches, diving sites, water sports, and marine life. Travel agents and tour operators that arrange travel to and around the Maldives.

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Official Tourism Sites

Discover Mongolia Information on Mongolia hotels, tour operators, events, and attractions.

Embassy of Mongolia Entry requirements, Mongolian history, culture, geography, and more.

MIAT Mongolia Airways Flight schedules, news, and more from Mongolia's national airline.

Other Sites We Like
Visit Mongolia
Top places and events, including the Gobi Desert, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Hongorin Els Sand Dunes, and the Naadam Festival.

Discover Mongolia Attractions in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, including Gandan Monastery, the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum, and the Winter Palace of Bogdo Khan.

Mongolian Culture Photographs and information on Mongolia's history, events, and more.

Mongolia Today Mongolia accommodations, museums, restaurants, culture, and a country map.

World 66 A historical overview of Mongolia, including its political leaders and conflicts.

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Myanmar (Burma)

Official Tourism Sites

Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board Myanmar hotels, tour operators, flight schedules, river cruises, and more.

Embassy of the Union of Myanmar Entry requirements, Myanmar culture, news, geography, and more.

Myanmar Airways International Flight schedules, vacation packages, and more from Myanmar's national airline.

Other Sites We Like Myanmar wedding traditions, customs, religious beliefs, and more.

Journeys Nature and Culture Explorations Myanmar festivals, including the Pa-Oh Rocket Festival Taunggyi, the Waso Full Moon Festival, the Robe Weaving Contest, and the Naga New Year La He.
Parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Myanmar, including Khakaborazi National Park, Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary, Maymyo Botanical Garden, and Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary. Information on the people of Myanmar, including ethnic groups, clothing traditions, and local celebrities. A historical overview of Myanmar, including its people, government, and politics.

Myanmar Travel Information Myanmar arts, from sculpture to textiles, tapestry, and more. Myanmar sports, beaches, ecotourism opportunities, and more. Local shopping, from antiques to leather goods, and traditional dishes.

Myanmar Times Local news and information on businesses, jobs, and the arts (in English).

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Official Tourism Sites

Naturally Nepal Introduction to Nepal for visitors, including Nepal's cities, attractions, accommodations, tour operators, and more.
Embassy of Nepal  Entry requirements for Nepal, application forms for travel documents, and information on Nepali laws.
Other Sites We Like
360 Travel Guide Virtual tours of Nepali sights, including Kathmandu, Nyataploa Temple, Baktapur, and Bodhnath Stupa. Information and photographs for visitors heading to the Himalayas, including trekking information, maps, and books.

Exotic Nepal Overview of the customs, traditions, and cultural beliefs of Nepali society.

South Asia Introduction to the national parks of Nepal, with information on Nepali flora, wildlife, and park attractions. Information on exhibitions and collections in Nepal's National Museum, National Art Gallery, National Bronze Art Museum, and more. Website devoted to Nepal's arts scene, including art galleries, art events, Nepali handicrafts, and Nepali architecture.

Nepal News News and current events in Nepal from this Nepal-based English-language news organization.

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North Korea

Official Tourism Sites

Korea Tourism Organization South Korean website that includes general information applicable to both Koreas, including accommodations, attractions, tours, shopping, and more.

Democratic People's Republic of North Korea Official Website General information about North Korea, including news about organized trips, photographs, and North Korean issues.

Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Entry requirements for North Korea, Korean news, entertainment, sports, events, and more from South Korea's embassy.

Korean Air
Flight schedules, deals, and more from South Korea's national air carrier.

Other Sites We Like

Travel Blog A blog by visitors to North Korea, with photographs.
Photographs of North Korean monuments, squares, museums, and more.

Korean Central News Agency
News from North Korea's official news organization.

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Official Tourism Sites

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Overview of Pakistan for visitors, including attractions, events, travel deals, vacation packages, and more.

Embassy of Pakistan Entry requirements for Pakistan and information on Pakistani culture, foreign policy, and more.

Pakistan International Airlines Flight schedules for Pakistan's official airline.

Other Sites We Like Overview of traditional Pakistani foods and dishes; also, recipes and a glossary of cooking terms in Pakistan. Introduction to the languages of Pakistan, including Gowro, Farsi, and Pahari-Potwari.

Wildlife of Pakistan Listings of Pakistan's national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, game reserves, and wetlands, with information on visiting each.

Pakistan Link News and current events in Pakistan from an English-language Pakistani newspaper.
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The Philippines 

Official Tourism Sites

Philippines Department of Tourism Information on activities, events, vacation packages, and culture.

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines Entry requirements, information on the national government, and more.

Air Philippines Flight schedules, deals, and vacation packages from the country's official carrier. 

Other Sites We Love

All Travel Network Information on more than 40 feasts and festivals in the Philippines. Information on Filipino dishes, from adobo and lumpia to sinigang and lechon.

Art Galleries Online Paintings and other arts by Filipino artists. 

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages Information on El Nido, a lesser-known town on Palawan Island with hidden lagoons, caves, and more. Music by Filipino musicians.

Manila Guide Where to dine in Manila, from Indonesian food to Chinese, Italian, Jamaican, and more.

WordTravels Attractions in the capital, Manila, including Rizal Park, the National Museum of the Philippines, and Malacanang Palace.

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Official Tourism Sites

Russian National Group Guide for travelers to Russia, including  attractions, vacation packages, accommodations, tours, tourist contacts, and more.

Embassy of the Russian Federation Entry requirements for Russia and information on Russia's government, geography, religion, and more.
Other Sites We Like Overview of notable places in St. Petersburg, including the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Cabin of Peter the Great, the Stock Exchange, and St. Petersburg University.
Way to Russia Russian language, art, literature, history, people and more including an introduction to Russian cuisine, with recipes.

Russian Life Online magazine with articles on a variety of Russian topics, including Russian spas and holiday traditions, from an English-language magazine produced by Russian Information Services.

Russia Profile In-depth analyses of Russian politics, books, films, businesses, and more from a Russia-based multinational media organization.

St. Petersburg Times News and current events in Russia from an English-language newspaper published in Russia.

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Official Tourism Sites

Visit Singapore
Guide to Singapore's sights, accommodations, arts, restaurants, festivals, and more.

Singapore Embassy Entry requirements for Singapore and information on its foreign policy, languages, climate, and more.

Singapore Airlines Flight schedules from Singapore's national airline.
Other Sites We Like
Makan Time Information on Singapore's restaurants, traditional dishes, and more; also, recipes.
Singapore Art Museum Profile of the collections, exhibitions, and events at Singapore's national art museum.
Singapore Food Festival The program for this national event held annually in July. Listings of clubs, bars, and souks in Singapore—plus an overview of the nation's nightlife scene.
Singapore InfoMap List of happenings throughout Singapore, including festivals, art exhibitions, and theatrical productions.
Singapore Expats Profile of the culture, religion, and languages of Singapore from a website for expatriates in Singapore. Also food and nightlife.
Contact Singapore Selection of shopping venues in Singapore, from shopping malls to designer shops. Directory of blogs on the lifestyle, news, shopping, and more in Singapore from a Singapore-based blog site.

 Straits Times Interactive News and current events in Singapore from a Singapore-based English-language newspaper.

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South Korea

Official Tourism Sites

Korea National Tourist Office Guide to travel agents, accommodations, activities, maps, news, and more in South Korea.
Embassy of the Republic of Korea Entry requirements for South Korea and information on South Korea's sports, people, entertainment, and more.
Korean Air
Flight schedules and offers from South Korea's national airline.
Asiana Airlines Flight schedules and offers from South Korea's second national airline.
Other Sites We Like
Life in Korea Overview of festivals, traditional ceremonies, societal customs, and more for South Korea.
Seoul Searching Information on culture, language, health and safety, and neighborhoods. Also photographs of Seoul, South Korea's capital, including attractions and historical sites.
Trek Earth Photographs of South Korea, including people and landscapes. Information on history, religion, and wildlife. Also a history of architecture in Korea, including information on architecturally important buildings.
Korea Herald News and current events from South Korea's leading English-language newspaper.

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Sri Lanka

Official Tourism Sites

Sri Lanka Tourist Board Information on Sri Lanka's cities, tour operators, accommodations, attractions, and events.

Embassy of Sri Lanka Entry requirements, airlines serving Sri Lanka, travel tips, and more. 

Sri Lankan Airlines Flight schedules, deals, and more from Sri Lanka's official airline.

Other Sites We Like

Travellers Worldwide Sri Lanka attractions, including Kandy, Hikkaduwa, the Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage, Anuradhapura, and Dambulla.

Lanka Library Traditional Sri Lankan dishes, fruits, spices, and desserts. Sri Lanka's parks, including Yala (Ruhuna) National Park, Bundala Bird Sanctuary, National Zoological Gardens, and the National Ironwood Forest. Recipes for Sri Lankan dishes. Also information on Sri Lankan rituals, customs, dances, and more.

Daily News News and current events in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society Reports on volunteer opportunities to help protect and preserve Sri Lanka's wildlife.

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Official Tourism Sites

Tourism Authority of Thailand Overview of Thai culture, food, shopping, accommodations, attractions, spas, events, and transportation.

Royal Thai Embassy Entry requirements and Thai politics, industries, social issues, and more.

Thai Airways Flight schedules, vacation packages, deals, and more from Thailand's official airline.

Other Sites We Like

Dining in Thailand Lists restaurants throughout Bangkok; includes recipes, dining etiquette.

Thailand Travel Search Museums and galleries in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, and more. Information on traditional Thai shadow puppet shows, traditional music, and cultural dance performances.

Bangkok Tonight Bangkok clubs, bars, restaurants, and more.

Bangkok Post Thailand news and current events. Etiquette and travel tips for Thailand.

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Official Tourism Sites

Taiwan Government Information Office
Entry requirements for Taiwan, the nation's history and geography, overview of Taiwanese culture and arts, travel tips, local news, and more.

Welcome to Taiwan!
Introduction to the attractions, accommodations, transportation systems, shopping venues, travel agencies, and more on Taiwan.

China Airlines
Flight schedules and deals from Taiwan's flagship air carrier.

EVA Airline
Flight schedules and deals from Taiwan's largest privately owned airline.

Other Sites We Like

Travel in Taiwan Monthly
Magazine articles on attractions and activities on Taiwan, including cultural sites, festivals, local cuisines, and recreational opportunities.

ESL Island: The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English and Living in Taiwan 
Guide to shopping and night markets around Taiwan.
Articles on what see and do in Taiwan, from dining to visiting aboriginal villages, from a Taiwan-based English-language publication.

Kenting National Park Overview of one of Taiwan's most popular national parks, including its ecology and cultural heritage.

China Post
Taiwan news from a major Taiwan-based newspaper.

Taipei Times Local and international news from a leading Taiwanese English-language newspaper.

Atayal Information on the indigenous tribes of Taiwan.

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Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of Tajikistan to the United States Entry requirements, information about Tajikistan's government, economic issues, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Advantour Information on Tajikistan's ancient cities and archaeological sites, including Penjikent, Ura-Tube, and Khojand. Attractions, history, and outdoor adventures in the capital, Dushanbe. Overview of local markets, mosques, religious holidays, and more.

Tajik Traveller Information on restaurants in Tajikistan, including cuisines, addresses, and whether menus are in English.

China Source Overview of the people of Tajikistan; includes history and local customs. Information on traditional Tajik dishes, dining etiquette, shopping, public holidays, and more.

World 66 Dushanbe attractions and nearby day trips.

New Eurasia Reviews of blogs covering daily life in Tajikistan, with links to each.

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Official Tourism Site

Embassy of Turkmenistan Entry requirements, airlines serving Turkmenistan, travel agents, national holidays, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Geographic Bureau Information on Turkmen regions and cities, including Dekhistan, Nokhur, Ashgabat, and Kunya-Urgench.

World Info Zone Turkmenistan's food, architecture, geography, and more.

Sitara Top Turkmen attractions, including the Ertogrulgazi Mosque, the archaeological site of Nisa, and the National Museum of History and Ethnography.

Foto Search More than 30 photographs of Turkmenistan. Links to Turkmen World Heritage sites, guided tours, and more.

Country Studies A historical overview from the Library of Congress of the first people to settle in Turkmenistan.

The British Museum Information on Merv, an important Turkmen stop along the Silk Road.

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Official Tourism Sites

Uzbektourism National Company Information on Uzbekistan's cities, culture, Silk Road, and more.

Embassy of Uzbekistan Entry requirements, plus information on Uzbek social issues, cultural traditions, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Art & Craft of Uzbekistan News on exhibitions at galleries throughout Uzbekistan; information on local artists.

Advantour Overview of Uzbekistan's rich history, including Uzbek philosophers, religions, and culture.

Oriental Express Central Asia Reports on cities in Uzbekistan; photographs.

Real Adventures Overview of family tours in Uzbekistan; information on hotels, resorts, and attractions.

Windows on Asia Uzbekistan's religious traditions and history. Uzbek news and information on current events in other parts of Asia.

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Official Tourism Sites

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Information on Vietnamese hotels, tour operators, museums, beaches, festivals, markets, and more.

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Entry requirements, Vietnamese news, foreign policy, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Vietnam Paradise Travel 
Top Vietnam attractions, including Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island; imperial tombs and garden houses in Hue; ancient town of Hoi An; Cham ruins in My Son; Ho Chi Minh City and Cu Chi tunnels; Old Quarter in Hanoi; Mekong Delta.

Valley of the Langurs 
A story about the rare monkeys of Cat Ba Island. Vietnam's history, culture, and more.

British Broadcasting Company
Reports on Vietnam's fight to save five indigenous primates from extinction. Photographs of the Mekong Delta, with information on its provinces, wildlife, and people.

Globetrekker Information on history, plus culture, places to stay, food, beaches, festivals, treks, and video clips.

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