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Australia and the Pacific TripMarks
Text by Heather Morgan Shott

Australia    Fiji   Kiribati   Marshall Islands    Micronesia   Nauru    

New Caledonia    New Zealand    Palau   Papua New Guinea    Samoa  

Solomon Islands    Tonga    Tuvalu    Vanuatu


Official Tourism Sites

Australia Tourism Commission Information on accommodations, deals, attractions, and festivals.
Embassy of Australia Entry requirements, Australian news, answers to questions about passports, and more.

Qantas Airways Flight schedules, fare deals, and more from Australia's main airline.

Discover Tasmania  Information on accommodations, attractions, events, and transportation in Tasmania.

Tourism New South Wales Overview of accommodations, activities, tours, and events in Sydney.

Other Sites We Like

de Groots Best Restaurants of Australia Listings and reviews of restaurants throughout Australia; searchable by type of cuisine, price range, and location. Information on attractions in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Sydney Opera House What's playing at the city's landmark opera house.

Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre Overview of Aboriginal artists and their artwork (for sale online). Plus: Aboriginal culture, history, and language. Winery tours and places offering wine tastings in Western Australia. 

Coastal Watch Surf reports, forecasts, and surfcams for more than 50 surfing areas.

Australia Tourism Net Information on Australia's national parks, including tours, sites, and recreational activities.

Australian Museums & Galleries Online
Listings of museums and galleries throughout Australia by location and type of art.

Kids Holidays Online Reviews of resorts in Australia and the Pacific region, written by families. Plus: family vacation packages, kid-friendly tours, and more.

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Official Tourism Sites

Fiji Islands Visitor's Bureau Information on Fiji vacation packages, accommodations, attractions, and current events.
South Pacific Tourism Organisation Entry requirements, Fiji transportation, accommodations, and attractions.
Air Pacific Flight schedules, deals, and more from Fiji's official international air carrier.

Other Sites We Like

Tropical Fiji Information on Fiji's national parks and nature reserves, including Koroyanitu National Park, Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve, Bouma National Park, and Nausori Highlands. Traditional dances, ceremonies, and rituals in Fiji.

Countries Quest Discusses the people of Fiji and their lifestyle.

Fiji Times Online Fijian and international news, opinion columns, and information on local sports, entertainment, and more.

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Official Tourism Site

Kiribati National Tourism Office Introduction to attractions, accommodations, activities, transportation, and more in Kiribati.

Other Sites We Like

Pacific Islands Travel Overview of the cultural traditions and customs of Kiribati. A report on the future of Kiribati, as rising seas threaten the island republic.

History of Nations Overview of historical events in Kiribati.

NewsLIB News and current events in Kiribati.

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Marshall Islands

Official Tourism Sites

Marshall Islands Visitors Authority Information on attractions, events, accommodations, food and drink, handicrafts, and more in the Marshall Islands.

Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands Entry requirements for the Marshall Islands and information on the Marshall Islands' history, government, education, geography, and more.

Air Marshall Islands Flight schedules from the official airline of the Marshall Islands.

Other Sites We Like

Pacific Wrecks Listing of sites with military wrecks, mostly from WWII and some underwater.

Pacific Islands Travel Overview of the history of the Marshall Islands and the cultural traditions practiced by natives. Photographs of attractions throughout the Marshall Islands. Message boards for travel to the Marshall Islands.

Marshall Islands Journal News and current events in the Marshall Islands from the only local newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Federated States of Micronesia Introduction to accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and more for Micronesia's four island states.

Government of the Federated States of Micronesia Entry requirements for Micronesia, local news, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Yap Travel Bureau Places to stay and things to do on the Micronesian island of Yap, a top dive site.

IXeo A profile of Micronesia.

Pacific Island Travel Overview of the cultural traditions and customs of Micronesia's people. Introduction to the languages of Micronesia, including Chuukese, Mortlockese, and Nukuoro.

MicSem Photo Albums Photographs of historic events in Micronesia, including the founding of the first Protestant church and rebuilding the islands after World War II. 

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Official Tourism Sites

Permanent Mission of the United Nations, Nauru Introduction to the government, politics, history, and economy of Nauru.

U.S. Department of State Entry requirements for Nauru and information on safety, crime, health, and other local issues.

Other Sites We Like Photographs of beaches and other attractions on Nauru. Information on the languages of Nauru: Nauruan, English, and Chinese pidgin English. Overview of the history and geography of Nauru. Photographs of landscapes and major attractions on Nauru.

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New Caledonia 

Official Tourism Sites

New Caledonia Tourism Vacation packages, restaurants, local transportation, history, and geography.

South Pacific Tourism Organisation Entry requirements, New Caledonia air carriers, accommodations, and tours.

Other Sites We Like

Pacific Asia Travel Association  Top New Caledonia attractions, including the capital, Noumea, Île des Pins, Bourail, and La Foa.

Travel Online  Provides a list of festivals and events in New Caledonia, including the Festival at Dumbea, Bastille Day, Jazz Festival, and the Cyclist Tour of New Caledonia.

Pacific Island Travel Information on the people of New Caledonia, including local tribes and ethnicities.

Virtual Oceania  A virtual guide to New Caledonia, with photographs.

Foto Search More than 60 photographs of New Caledonia landscapes and wildlife.

Orient Pacific New Caledonia shopping, attractions, hotels and resorts, and map.

World 66 Links to New Caledonia destinations: Noumea, Hienghene, Ile des Pins, Lifou, Ile Ouen, and Ouvea.

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New Zealand

Official Tourism Sites

Tourism New Zealand Information on New Zealand accommodations, attractions, driving routes, and regions.

New Zealand Embassy Entry requirements and information on New Zealand's climate, economy, and geography.

Air New Zealand Flights schedules and deals from New Zealand's official air carrier.

Other Sites We Like

DineOut Listing of restaurants throughout New Zealand by name, city, and cuisine type; restaurant reviews.

New Zealand Nature Directory Read about national parks, volcanoes, geysers, coastal areas, native forests, etc.

New Zealand Museums Search for museums by location and by topics such as natural history, art, and maritime.

New Zealand's Leading Attractions Learn about top attractions on the North and South Islands and find tour operators for guided excursions.

Zero Land Get information on archaeology, architecture, theater, art galleries, and more.

Food Lovers Get a listing of the country's farmers markets. Plus: check out recipes to make local dishes.

New Zealand Herald
Read breaking news, and get information on the arts, sports, health, and more from New Zealand's largest newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Palau Visitors Authority Introduction to Palau, including attractions, accommodations, events, and more.

Embassy of the Republic of Palau Entry requirements for Palau and information on Palau's peoples, events, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Underwater Colours Map and descriptions of Palau's dive sites, with photographs of each. Photographs of Palau's landscapes and aquatic life. Introduction to the languages of Palau: Palauan, Sonsorol, Tobian, and English.

Piccom Discussion of the culture of women on Palau and their role in the nation's arts.

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Papua New Guinea

Official Tourism Sites

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority  Accommodations, events, culture, outdoor activities, and more for Papua New Guinea.

Embassy of Papua New Guinea  Entry requirements, Papua New Guinea news, ecotourism opportunities, and more.

Other Sites We Like The lifestyle, social structure, traditions, and more of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Lost World Arts Overview of tribal art from Papua New Guinea, with photographs.

BBC News An overview of Papua New Guinea, with information on political leaders and local media.  Overview of the location, geography, and climate of Papua New Guinea.

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Official Tourism Sites

Samoa Tourism Authority Introduction to the islands of the Independent State of Samoa (distinct from the Territory of American Samoa), including attractions, accommodations, beaches, and more.

Polynesian Airlines
Flight schedules from Samoa's national air carrier.

Other Sites We Like Photographs of places and peoples in Samoa.

Samoa Live Recipes for traditional dishes from Samoa, including taisi moa and sapasui.

Pacific Islands Radio Online broadcasts of music from Samoa and surrounding islands.

Samoa Beach and Travel Guide Photographs of and information on beaches throughout Samoa.

Go Samoa Overview of the cultural traditions and lifestyles of the Samoan people.

Samoa News News and current events in Samoa from this online news service based in American Samoa.

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Solomon Islands

Official Tourism Sites

South Pacific Tourism Organisation Entry requirements, airlines, local attractions, and more for the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau  Information on travel agents, accommodations, and boat charters.

Solomon Airlines  Flight schedules, deals, and more from the Solomon Islands' official airline.

Other Sites We Like

Pacific Island Travel  Attractions in and around the town of Gizo, including Ghizo Island, Kennedy Island, World War II sites, and Kolombangara.

Dive Global  Solomon Islands dive sites and diving information, tour operators, and related reading. Photographs of marine life around the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Star Newspaper News and current events from the Solomon Islands' daily newspaper. Solomon Islands history, geography, and more. Melanesian mythology in the Solomon Islands, with photographs of related artwork. Information on all of the languages spoken in the Solomon Islands.

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Official Tourism Sites

Tonga Visitors Bureau Entry requirements for Tonga and information on the islands and their attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and more.

Polynesian Cultural Center Introduction to Tonga, including its geography, history, and interesting facts.

Other Sites We Like

Tongan Culture Guide Overview of Tonga's cultural traditions, dress, lifestyle, dances, and more.

South Pacific Organizer Travel guide to Tonga, including information on the land, places to visit, a historical timeline, and more. Articles on the various ethnic groups that live in Tonga.

Matangi Tonga Online Tonga news and current events from this magazine that covers Tonga and other South Pacific islands.

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Official Tourism Site

Tuvalu Tourism Guide to Tuvalu's attractions, accommodations, transportation, and more.

Other Sites We Like

South Pacific Organizer Quick guide to Tuvalu's history, geography, culture, and public holidays.

Tuvalu Islands Links to articles about the impact of global warming on Tuvalu. Introduction to Polynesian music, including information on artists and audio files. News and current events on Tuvalu from a Tuvalu news provider; some content is in English.

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Official Tourism Sites

Vanuatu Tourism Office  The history of Vanuatu's individual islands; also accommodations, restaurants, tour operators, and events.

Tourism Council of the South Pacific Entry requirements, airlines serving Vanuatu, climate, language, and more.

Air Vanuatu Flight schedules, deals, and more from Vanuatu's main airline.
Other Sites We Like

South Pacific Organizer A historical timeline of Vanuatu; information on the islands and their people, activities, events, and more.

Honeymoon Vanuatu Romantic resorts in Vanuatu, including Sunset Bungalows, Erakor Island Resort, Aore Island Resort (Santo), and White Grass Ocean Resort (Tanna).

The Magic Sea Shares the history and traditions of these islands; includes underwater photographs. Top Vanuatu diving sites, including Blacksands Reef and Caves, Star of Russia, and Ollies Lolly.

VanBirds Information on Vanuatu's birds; includes photographs, bird calls, and bird-watching tips.

Vanuatu Cultural Centre Overview of Vanuatu's historic buildings, art, music, museum, and more.

Vanuatu Daily Post Local news, sports, and more from Vanuatu's daily newspaper.

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