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Caribbean TripMarks

Antigua and Barbuda    Anguilla    Aruba    Bahamas    Barbados    Cuba   

Dominica    Dominican Republic    Haiti    Jamaica    Saint Kitts and Nevis   

St. Lucia    St. Vincent and the Grenadines    Trinidad and Tobago

Antigua and Barbuda

Official Tourism Sites

Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism Information on the attractions, history, culture, nightlife, events, and more for the islands of Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association Information on and listings of Antigua's hotels, resorts, and inns; photographs.

Other Sites We Like

Antigua Guide Overview of foods in Antigua, including local fruits, spices, and traditional dishes.

Skyviews Information on what to see in Antigua's national parks, from Nelson's Dockyard to Clarence House. Database of Antigua restaurants and bars by ambience, cuisine, location, setting, and more.

Museums of Antigua and Barbuda Round-up of Antigua and Barbuda's museums and cultural sites, from a windmill museum to the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua Carnival Overview of Antigua's carnival, an island-wide event that features music, dancing, and food.

Antigua Sailing Week Reports on Antigua's biggest regatta, which attracts competitors from around the world.

Island Directory Web links to sailing charters, snorkeling adventures, diving excursions, and more around Antigua.

Antigua Sun News and current events from Antigua's daily newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Anguilla Tourist Board Information on Anguilla's accommodations, events, family activities, spas, and more.

Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association Overview of member hotels, resorts, inns, and villas on Anguilla.

Other Sites We Like Webcams of Anguilla's beaches, harbor, bars, and other sites.

Caribbean Edge Magazine Select information on Anguilla's museums, galleries, scuba diving, and sailing. Beach recommendations from a family blog focused on Anguilla.

Skyviews Overview of Anguilla's history.

Anguilla Guide Guide to restaurants on Anguilla, with articles on local dishes and dining etiquette.

Anguilla's Music Scene Musings of Anguillan musician and entrepreneur Bankie Banx on musical happenings on Anguilla.

Caribbean-On-Line Reviews of restaurants on Anguilla.

Anguillan Newspaper Current news from Anguilla's weekly independent newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Aruba Tourism Authority Guide to Aruba's accommodations, attractions, restaurants, events, and more.

Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association Information on member hotels, resorts, inns, villas.

Aruba Airport Authority Listing of airlines servicing the island, and flight schedules.

Other Sites We Like

Visit Aruba Database of places to dine on Aruba, by cuisine and restaurant name. Spas on Aruba recommended by the Wedding Channel.

Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance Summary of Aruba's conservation efforts, endangered species, and more.

Aruba Travel Guide Overview of exhibitions at Aruba's museums; museum addresses and hours. Information about Aruba's nightlife, lodging, amusements, shopping, dining, and more.

Aruba Today Aruba news, culture, events, and more from the island's daily newspaper, Aruba Today.

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Official Tourism Sites

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Introduction to the Bahamas' many islands, with information on local attractions, accommodations, water sports, beaches, and more.

Other Sites We Like Reports on Bahamian art, music, and dance, from traditional goombay music to the annual Junkanoo celebration.

What's On: The Ultimate Guide to the Bahamas Guide to select bars and nightclubs throughout the Bahamas, including cover charges, hours. Descriptions of prime Bahamian surfing spots, including wave quality and surfing levels; message boards for surfers. Listings of duty-free shops in the Bahamas, including shops selling native crafts.

The Bahamas Guide Overview of attractions in the Bahamas, including off-the-beaten-path day trips.

Bahama Journal Bahamian news, health reports, arts and entertainment news, and more.

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Official Tourism Site

Barbados Tourism Authority General information about Barbados, vacation packages, and guide to Barbados's attractions, accommodations, festivals, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Restaurants in Barbados & Fine Dining Database of Barbados restaurants by area, cuisine, and type of establishment.

Crop Over Festival Guide to the annual Crop Over Festival, a five-week event that celebrates the end of the sugar cane-cutting season with music, cultural performances, a masquerade, and more.

Barbados Jazz Festival The background and schedule for this international jazz festival, with information on featured artists. Also, trip-planning tips with information on villas, resorts, cruises, and more.

Fun Barbados Information on Barbados's museums, crafts, art galleries, and events. Overview of the best beaches on Barbados, and information on nearby attractions and accommodations. Nightlife suggestions for Barbados, from trendy bars to dance-till-dawn clubs.

Barbados Advocate Barbadian news and information on local events, sports, and entertainment from a Barbadian news publication.

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Official Tourism Sites

Cuba Tourist Board Introduction to tour operators, attractions, events, and more in Cuba.

Other Sites We Like Listings of restaurants in the Cuban towns of Havana, Varadero, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos, searchable by cuisine type.

Cuban Culture Overview of Cuban music, literature, architecture, art, dance, and more.

Cuba Solidarity News in English from Cuban news outlets.

Cuba History  A detailed history of Cuba, including photographs.

Food Network Overview of Cuba's culinary traditions, tips for dining in Cuba, traditional dishes, and recipes.

World Info Zone Information on Cuba's geography, environment, and religions.

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Official Tourism Site

Dominica National Development Corporation Guide to attractions, accommodations, restaurants, tours, activities, events, shopping, and more for Dominica.

Other Sites We Like

Planet Ware Suggestions for attractions and activities on Dominica, including Cabrits National Park, Morne Trois Pitons Peak, and Castle Bruce.

Visit Dominica Tourist information for Dominica, including recommended tour operators, dive sites, and festivals. Events throughout Dominica, including Carnival, the World Creole Music Festival, and Dive Fest. Introduction to traditional Dominican dishes and discussion of cultural influences on Dominica's food. Photographs of Dominica's people, places, and landscapes. Overview of the history, architecture, geography, and ethnicities of Dominica. Dominican news, recipes, and more.

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Dominican Republic

Official Tourism Sites

Dominican Republic Tourist Office Overview and information on the regions, sights, beaches, and other attractions in the Dominican Republic.

Consulate General of the Dominican Republic Entry requirements for the Dominican Republic, an introduction to its history, news, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Web Dominicana Select attractions in the Dominican Republic, including Boca Chica, Manati Park, and the National Park Los Haitises. Listing of restaurants throughout the Dominican Republic, with links for reservations.

Worldwide Gourmet Overview of traditional foods in the Dominican Republic; recipes.

Dominican Republic Index Information on the people and culture of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Masks Overview of the arts in the Dominican Republic, including Carnival-mask traditions. Guide to shopping in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Today News and current events in the Dominican Republic from a Santo Domingo-based news portal.

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Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of the Republic of Haiti Entry requirements for Haiti, information on Haiti's government, national holidays, and more.

Republic of Haiti Tourisme Recommended books and websites to help plan your trip to Haiti.

Other Sites We Like
Panorama Productions A 31-image slideshow of Haitian landscapes and people.

Discover Haiti Travel guides to Labadie, Cap-Haïtien, and Jacmel, with photographs and maps. Listings of cafés, restaurants, and bars throughout Haiti. A glossary of Creole words and what they mean in English.

ArtMedia Haiti A historical overview of Haitian art, art news, and featured Haitian artworks.

Haiti Surf Photographs, articles, and links devoted to voodoo practices in Haiti. News and current events in Haiti from a Haitian community website.

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Official Tourism Sites

Explore Jamaica Guide to places to visit in Jamaica, Jamaican tour operators, island trivia, news, culture, attractions, activities, and more.

Consulate of Jamaica Entry requirements for Jamaica and a list of useful websites.

Air Jamaica  Flight schedules and deals from Jamaica's flagship airline.

Other Sites We Like Information on concerts, events, films, and more in Jamaica. Comprehensive website about Jamaica, including Jamaica's attractions, accommodations, traditional dishes, music, and more. Overview of Jamaican music, arts, and cultural traditions.

Jamaican Caves Information on caving in Jamaica; includes videos, photographs, and links.

Go Local Jamaica Information on Jamaican fashion, shops, family activities, and more.

Radio Jamaica Live radio feeds from Jamaica.

Jamaica Observer News and information on Jamaican sports, food, health, and more from a feature-oriented news website.

Jamaica Gleaner News and information on Jamaican politics, sports, and more from one of Jamaica's oldest news publication.

National Geographic Traveler: Insiders Jamaica 22 insider tips for experiencing the best of Jamaica.

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Saint Kitts and Nevis

Official Tourism Sites

St. Kitts Tourism Information for visitors to St. Kitts, including attractions, accommodations, restaurants, events, videos, tourist contacts, and more.

Nevis Island Tourism Authority Information for visitors to Nevis—St. Kitts' neighbor and political partner—including accommodations, activities, festivals, and more.

Other Sites We Like Overview of cuisine on St. Kitts and Nevis, restaurant listings, dining etiquette, and more.

Dive Atlas Reports by participants on scuba expeditions around St. Kitts and Nevis, with links to dive operators.

St. Kitts Nevis Carnival Information on this festive annual event, including performers, contests, and photo gallery. Listings of bakeries, cafés, delis, cheese shops, and more on St. Kitts and Nevis.

Every Culture Profile of the history, architecture, food, and more of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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St. Lucia

Official Tourism Sites

St. Lucia Tourist Board  Information for visitors to St. Lucia, including activities, accommodations, restaurants, events, and more.

Government of St. Lucia Entry requirements for St. Lucia and information on St. Lucia's politics and government.

Other Sites We Like

Travel Impressions Streaming video of popular St. Lucia destinations, including Marigot Bay, Jalousie Beach, and Diamond Falls.

My St. Lucia Listing of top St. Lucia beaches, including Anse Chastanet, Pigeon Island, Anse de Sables, and Anse Comerette.

Digital Wildlife Photographs of the birds of St. Lucia, including the gray kingbird, yellow-crowned night heron, and Lesser Antillian bullfinch.

St. Lucia Carnival Information about this annual island event, including performances, artists, and contests. Overview of the cultural traditions and lifestyles of St. Lucians.

St. Lucia Star News and St. Lucian events from this daily St. Lucia newspaper.

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Official Tourism Sites

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ministry of Tourism and Culture Introduction to and information for this island group, including accommodations, restaurants, beaches, art galleries, dive sites, and more.

Embassy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Entry requirements for St. Vincent and the Grenadines and information on the local government, medical services, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Ins and Outs, St. Vincent and the Grenadines Overview of the traditional arts and crafts of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, including art galleries and crafts shops.

NBC Radio St. Vincent and the Grenadines Local news, sports reports, and more from this radio station based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

ScubaMom A frequent visitor to St. Vincent and the Grenadines shares stories about local diving, places to stay, and more.

Caribbean Net News News and current events on St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Trinidad & Tobago

Official Tourism Sites

Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Guide to Trinidad and Tobago's attractions, accommodations, events, activities, tour operators, and more.

Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Entry requirements for Trinidad and Tobago, local news, maps, and related links.

Other Sites We Like

Discover Trinidad Overview of the culinary culture of Trinidad and Tobago, with information on traditional dishes. Articles on cultural events and local lifestyles on Trinidad and Tobago.

See Tobago Overview of the steel-band tradition on Trinidad and Tobago, including its origins, upcoming events, and photographs. Listing of art galleries and museums on Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad Express Local news and current events from this daily Trinidad newspaper.

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In the November/December 2006 issue of National Geographic Traveler, writer Bob Morris sets out to find the most thrilling, most dramatic, and most rewarding experiences in "Extreme Caribbean." To plan your own adventure, click on our Extreme Caribbean TripMarks.

For more help in planning your trip, check out our Ultimate Travel Library and Authentic Shopping Guide.

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