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Central and South America TripMarks
Text by Heather Morgan Shott

Argentina    Belize    Bolivia   Brazil    Chile    Colombia    Costa Rica   

Ecuador    El Salvador    Galápagos Islands    Grenada    Guatemala   

Honduras   Nicaragua   Panama    Paraguay    Peru   

Suriname    Uruguay    Venezuela


Official Tourism Sites

Argentina National Tourist Office
Overview of Argentina's cities, attractions, tour operators, and more.

Government of the City of Buenos Aires
Select information on thematic tours, hotels, theaters, restaurants, and more for Argentina's capital city.

Other Sites We Like

Wine Web
Overview of Argentina's wine scene, including listings of wineries and vineyards in each region.

The Worldwide Gourmet
Information on Argentina's traditional dishes, and which regions to visit for the best versions of each dish.

World Tango Festival
Official website for this major festival held in the birthplace of tango, Buenos Aires.

All About AR
Guide to the historic theaters of Buenos Aires.

Guide to the art scene in Buenos Aires; includes art by local artists, information on Buenos Aires galleries and museums.
Guide to shopping in Buenos Aires, from antiques to clothes.
Overview of the origins of Argentina's cultural traditions and information on its indigenous people.

Great Outdoor Pages
Information on Argentina's natural parks, with interactive maps. Site requires free registration.

Buenos Aires Herald News and
politics in Argentina.

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Official Tourism Sites

Belize Tourism Board Information on Belize accommodations, activities, tours, and more.

Embassy of Belize Entry requirements, information on the country's environment, and government.

Other Sites We Like
Turquoise Net Information on Belize's Maya sites, including the major ceremonial centers of  La Milpa (with more than 24 courtyards and over 85 structures), Althun Ha, and Caracol.

Rainforest Alliance Overview of Belize's rainforest conservation programs; how you can help.

Ambergris Caye Information on this popular island 70 miles east of Belize's capital; includes information on more than 30 island restaurants and bars. Overview of Belize's culinary traditions and typical dishes.

Fine Arts Gallery Features works by Belize artists, from watercolors to prints. Music by local artists; includes videos of concerts.

Belize Magazine Articles about locals, adventures, archaeological sites, and more. Belize news, message boards, and live feeds from local radio stations.

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Official Tourism Site

Vice Ministry of Tourism Overview of Bolivia's regions, attractions, tour operators, accommodations, and more; photographs.

Other Sites We Like

Bolivia Web Listing of top attractions in the city of La Paz, including the Presidential Palace, Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, and Copacabana.
Enjoy Bolivia Introduction to nature parks in Bolivia, including Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna Reserve, Sajama National Park, Amboro National Park, and Ulla Ulla National Reserve.
Destination 360 Information on events and festivals in Bolivia, with a 360-degree view of a street parade.
The Globalist Report on Bolivia's coca culture, by Taras Grescoe, a National Geographic Traveler contributor.
World 66 The history of Bolivia, highlighting government leaders and political events. Open content site that allows anyone to contribute.

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Official Tourism Sites

Brazilian Tourist Office Introduction to Brazil's regions, cultures, attractions, sports, and more.

Embassy of Brazil Entry requirements for Brazil and information on Brazil's culture, environment, economy, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Global Gourmet Introduction to Brazil's culinary traditions, recommended dishes, a menu guide, and list of food festivals. Reviews of restaurants in Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana, and Leme.

Planet Ware Information on places to visit in Brazil, including Rio, São Paulo, and Brasilia.

Culture Explorers Outline of Brazil's geography, traditions, festivals, and language.

Travel Pod Photographs, blogs, and more than a hundred videos and podcasts on Brazil.

Viva Brazil Virtual tours of Brazilian cities, including the capital, Brasilia; Manaus; Natal; and São Paulo.

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Official Tourism Sites

Chilean Tourism Promotion Corporation Information on Chilean hotels, foods, weather, and transportation.

Embassy of Chile Entry requirements; information on local culture, events, performing arts, photographs, and more.

LAN Chile Flight schedules, deals, and more from Chile's official air carrier.

Other Sites We Like

Go Chile An overview of food in Chile, and a searchable database of restaurants throughout the country.

Wine Web Chilean wineries, winery tours, and an online wine store.
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages Chile's national parks and national reserves, with maps. Photographs and information on the history, culture, and people of Patagonia. Information on Chilean ski resorts, with vacation packages, photographs, and more. Attractions in Santiago, the capital, including the Plaza de Armas, Santiago's Cathedral, Cousiño Palace, and Mapocho Station.

Chile Post Chilean and world news, and current Chilean events.

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Official Tourism Sites

Consulado General de Colombia Entry requirements for Colombia and Colombian news, events, and more.

Avianca Flight schedules, deals, and more from Colombia's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

South Travels Listings of hotels and resorts throughout Colombia, with descriptions, ratings, and photographs. Suggested places to visit in Colombia, including the cities of Bogotá, Cartagena, Antioquia, and Providencia.

National Parks of Colombia Overview of national parks and reserves in Colombia, including Flamencos Sanctuary, Nevados, Gorgona, and Amacayacu.

World 66 Information on museums in Colombia's capital city, Bogotá, including the Museo de Arte Moderno, the Museo del Oro, and the Museo 20 de Julio.

Foto Search More than 700 photographs of Colombia.

Colombia Journal Online U.S. analyses of Colombia's history and political issues.

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Costa Rica

Official Tourism Sites

Costa Rica National Tourist Bureau Listings of Costa Rican tour operators, attractions, activities, accommodations, events, and more.

Embassy of Costa Rica Entry requirements for Costa Rica and information on Costa Rica's government, economy, and environment.

Other Sites We Like

Goin2Travel Overview of the geographical regions of Costa Rica, including Guanacaste, the Caribbean coast, the capital city of San Jose, and more. Introduction to Costa Rica's national parks, including Arenal Volcano, Palo Verde, Tortuguero, and Corcovado. Information on museums in the cities of San Jose, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, and Limon.

Info Costa Rica Overview of traditions and customs throughout Costa Rica. Introduction to the people and society of Costa Rica, including traditions and ethnicities. Overview of the history of Costa Rica, including its political leaders and events.

A.M. Costa Rica News and information on Costa Rica events, food, and more from this English-language newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador Information on Ecuador's regions, culture, history, museums, and more.

Consulate of Ecuador Entry requirements, photographs of the country, and more.

Ecuador Tourist Board Information on Ecuador's cities, parks, reserves, jungle lodges, restaurants, markets, and shopping.

Other Sites We Like

Ecuaworld Attractions in Quito, Otavalo, Cuenca, the Oriente region, and other areas.

The Best of Ecuador A listing of recommended restaurants and cafés. Information on national parks and reserves, including Cotopaxi National Park in the Andes, Yasuní National Park in the Amazon, and Mataje-Cayapas Mangrove Reserve on the coast. Includes information on Ecuador shopping centers, handicrafts, and bookstores.
Ecuadorian culture, music, language, events, cuisine, and more.

Ecuador-Travel-Info Annual Ecuador festivals, including Carnaval, Semana Santa, Battle of Pichincha, and Fiesta del Yamor.

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Ecuador—Galápagos Islands

Official Tourism Sites

Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador Galápagos Islands weather, ecotourism information, events, transportation, and more.

Consulate of Ecuador Entry requirements, photographs, and more.

Other Sites We Like Underwater photographs and videos of marine life and more around and on the Galápagos Islands.

Galápagos National Park
Information on the Galápagos, including an interactive map, photographs, and—coming soon—videos.

Galápagos Conservancy Photographs, news about Galápagos conservation efforts, island history, Charles Darwin, and more.

Surfing Waves Surfing conditions, terminology, and surfing opportunities around the Galápagos Islands.

Travel Blog Blogs about the Galápagos Islands, including photographs.

Explore Ecuador Cruises and scuba-diving tours of the Galápagos Islands.

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El Salvador

Official Tourism Sites

El Salvador Ministry of Tourism Guide to accommodations, attractions, tour operators, events, and more in El Salvador.

Embassy of El Salvador Entry requirements for El Salvador and information on Salvadoran culture, economics, politics, and more.

Taca International Airlines Flight schedules and deals from El Salvador's official air carrier.

Other Sites We Like

Cultural Profiles Project Overview of the foods and culinary traditions of El Salvador, including a recipe for Salvadoran quesadillas.

Tim's El Salvador Blog A two-year archive of blogs about current events in El Salvador by a Minnesotan visitor to the country.

Latin American Folk Institute Overview of the history and music of El Salvador. Photographs of places in El Salvador.

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Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of Grenada Entry requirements for Grenada, Grenada news, marriage requirements, and more.

Grenada Board of Tourism Guide to accommodations, festivals, dive sites, cruises, and more on Grenada.

Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association Listings of Grenada's resorts, hotels, apartments, cottages, and rental villas.

Other Sites We Like

Grenada Carnival Schedule of events for Grenada's famous annual celebration; carnival photographs, news.

Homestays Grenada Listings of Grenadians who offer accommodations in their home.

Travel Grenada Write-ups of restaurants and bars throughout Grenada; includes recommended dishes.

Grenada Travel Forum Message boards on Grenada's culture, attractions, accommodations, and more.

Grenada Arts Council Information on art galleries on Grenada; examples of local art.

Grenada Broadcast Website for a radio show on current affairs in Grenada, with live-feed broadcasts online.

Grenada Explorer Photo album of Grenada; includes a webcam of  Grenada's capital, St. George's.

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Official Tourism Site

Guyana Tourism Authority Guide to Guyana's attractions, accommodations, restaurants, shopping, museums, and more.

Embassy of Guyana Entry requirements for Guyana, Guyanese history, news, and more.

Trans Guyana Airways Flight schedules and more from Guyana's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

Guyana Guide Overview of towns in Guyana, including Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Linden, and Rose Hall; detailed maps.

Guyana Online Tourist Guide Places to visit in Guyana, including Almond Beach, Fort Nasau, and Kyk-Over-Al.

Visit Guyana Photos of Guyanese landmarks and virtual tours of the Cathedral in the capital, St. George's; the Office of the President; and Demerara Distillers. 

Guyana Online News, upcoming art and culture events, and recipes from Guyana.

Guyana Chronicle Online News and current events in Guyana from a Guyana-based news provider.

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Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of Guatemala Entry requirements for Guatemala, Guatemala news, culture, and more.

Guatemala Tourist Board Guide to Guatemalan hotels, restaurants, activities, events, and more.

Grupo TACA Flight schedules from Guatemala's official airline.

Other Sites We Like

Enjoy Guatemala Information on Guatemala's regions and cities, including Antigua, Flores, Coban, and Quirigua.

Guatemala Inns Reviews of Guatemalan inns, hotels, and bed-and-breakfasts; photographs. Overview of Guatemala City attractions, parks, historic sites, day trips, and more.

Mayan World Information on Maya archaeological sites in Guatemala, including Piedras Negras, Río Azul, and Tayasal. Virtual tours of Tikal, Guatemala's ancient Mayan ruins.

Around Antigua Information on art exhibits, movies, music, traditions, and folklore for this popular Guatemalan city.

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Official Tourism Sites

Honduras Ministry of Tourism Information on Honduras vacation packages, top attractions, beaches, cultures, and more.
Embassy of Honduras Links to information on entry requirements, travel tips for Honduras, and more.
Isleña Airlines Domestic flight schedules and more from Honduras's domestic airline.

Other Sites We Like National parks in Honduras, including Capiro-Calentura, Barbareta Marine, Cusuco, and Pico Bonito. Traditional Honduran dishes and recipes. Information on the Copán Museum including videos and photographs of the museum and its exhibits.

Honduras Butterfly and Insect Museum Photographs and information on the butterflies and insects displayed in the museum.

World Wide Traveler The culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the Lenca people, who live in Honduras's highlands.

Enjoy Honduras Information on Honduras's beaches, nightlife, small towns, and more.

Online Information Guide to Honduras A historical overview of Honduras, from its early explorers to current political issues. 

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Official Tourism Sites

Nicaraguan Tourism Institute Nicaragua tour operators, hotels, car rentals, activities, music, and more.

Consulate General of Nicaragua Entry requirements, local news, culture, politics, events, and more.

Other Sites We Like Includes information on Nicaraguan art, folklore, shopping, architecture, beaches, and activities. Nicaragua's national parks, nature reserves, and wildlife refuges.

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages The top ten adventures in Nicaragua, from turtle-watching and kayaking to diving and volcano hiking.

Nicaragua's Best Guide Local festivals and arts, including Santo Domingo in Managua, San Jerónimo in Masaya, and San Sebastián in Diriamba.
Turquoise Net Information on the regions and cities of Nicaragua, including Managua, León, Ometepe Island, and the Corn Islands.
Nicaragua News Nicaraguan news and current events in other parts of the world.

Countries Quest Reports on the people of Nicaragua, including ethnic groups, religions, languages, and social issues.

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Official Tourism Sites

Institute of Panama Tourism Overview of Panama for visitors, including attractions, islands, events, accommodations, tour operators, and more.

Embassy of Panama Entry requirements for Panama, tourism contacts, photo gallery, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Panama Tours Guide to Panama's national parks, how to reach them, nearby attractions, and park services.

Focus on Panama Overview of the indigenous Kuna people of Panama, including their lifestyle, cultural traditions, religious beliefs, and more. Listings of top places to visit in Panama, from the Canal Rainforest to the San Blas Islands, Crater Valley, and the Chiriqui Highlands.

Panama Canal History Museum Account of the history of the Panama Canal, including photographs and documents.

Panama Living Recipes for traditional Panamanian dishes, such as empanadas, seviche, and carimanolas.

The Panama News News and Panamanian events from Panama's leading English-language newspaper.

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Official Tourism Site

Embassy of Paraguay Entry requirements for Paraguay and information on Paraguay's government, economy, geography, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Topworld Suggestions of places to visit in Paraguay, including Rancho Lipa, the Legislative Palace, and the Paraguay Hand Made Community Museum.

Nature Conservancy Profile of the Gran Chaco Americano, the largest dry forest in South America and the continent's most extensive forested region after Amazonia, with a description of the Nature Conservancy's project there.

Museo Barbero Introduction to the beliefs, lifestyles, and traditions of tribal groups in Paraguay.

Planet Internet Overview of Paraguay's San Rafael National Park, one of the most important tropical forest areas in South America, including projects to protect it.

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Official Tourism Sites

Commission for the Promotion of Peru Peru's cities, attractions, culture, traditions, accommodations, airlines, and more.

Embassy of Peru Entry requirements, photographs, and information on the culture, government, and geography of Peru.

Other Sites We Like

Enjoy Peru Information on the Inca Trail, including guided tours, park regulations, recommended gear, photographs, a map, and more.

Peru Travel Adventures Overview of the many cultures that make up Peru, from Japanese immigrants to the ethnic groups of the Andes.

Cultural Expeditions One tour outfitter's overview of Peru's traditional dishes and their origins; includes recipes.

Culture Focus Information on Inca culture, the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman, Cusco, and photographs. Photographs of natural attractions in Peru; includes information on the Andes, the Cloud Forest, the Altiplano, and other areas.

Peru Explorer Peruvian events and festivals, including Holy Week, the Sea Festival, and the Feast of Crosses. The English-language edition of the Peruvian Post newspaper, with national, financial, and Peruvian entertainment news.

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Official Tourism Sites

Suriname Tourism Foundation Guide to Suriname's attractions, accommodations, heritage, culture, tour operators, and more.

Embassy of the Republic of Suriname Entry requirements for Suriname and information on Suriname's government, economy, history, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Suriname Online Tourist Guide Information on places to visit in Suriname, including Brownsberg Nature Park, Galibi Nature Reserve, and the city of Paramaribo.

Photo Voyage Photographs of Suriname's landscapes, towns, and people. Overview of languages spoken in Suriname, including Javanese, Dutch, and Aukan. An environmental profile of Suriname, from its natural resources to its preservation projects.

Conservation International A close-up look at Central Suriname Nature Reserve, the largest rain forest of Central America.

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Official Tourism Sites

Uruguay Ministry of Tourism Listings of Uruguay's attractions, tour operators, beaches, thermal pools, and more; mostly in Spanish.

Embassy of Uruguay Entry requirements for Uruguay and information on its politics, economy, and communications.

Other Sites We Like

Visit Uruguay Practical information for visiting Uruguay, including hotel and restaurant listings for Montevideo, Punta del Este, La Paloma, Rocha, and Salto.

Discover Uruguay This tour company has a guide of things to do in Uruguay, including festivals and attractions.

Wines of Uruguay Links to websites for vineyards and wineries in Uruguay.

From Uruguay A blog by an English-speaking Uruguayan about life in this nation, including its customs, foods, and attractions.

Every Culture Introduction to Uruguay's architecture, food, gender relations, etiquette, religion, and more.

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Official Tourism Site

Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Entry requirements for Venezuela and information on its government, economy, and cultural issues.

Other Sites We Like Places to visit in Venezuela, including the Andes, Caracas, Grand Sabana, Guayana, and Margarita.

Discover Venezuela Introduction to the coast and islands of Venezuela, including the Los Roques archipelago, Playa Medina, Isla Margarita, and Choroní. Overview of traditional Venezuelan dishes.

Blogspot A Venezuelan's blog about daily life and current events in Venezuela. Photographs of places of interest in Venezuela, including Caracas, Gran Roque, Noronqui, and Margarita.

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