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Western Europe and the Mediterranean TripMarks
Text by Heather Morgan Shott

Andorra    Austria    Belgium    Cyprus    Denmark    Finland    

France    Germany    Greece    Iceland     Ireland     Italy   

Liechtenstein     Luxembourg    Malta    Monaco    Netherlands   

Norway    Portugal    
Spain    Sweden    Switzerland    

United Kingdom    UK: England    UK: Northern Ireland   

UK: Scotland    UK: Wales   


Official Tourism Site

Andorra Ministry of Tourism and Environment Information on accommodations, food, history, culture, and more in Andorra.

Other Sites We Like

Ski Andorra Snow reports, ski deals, resort information, and webcams of popular ski areas in Andorra. 

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages Account of one hiker's journey through the Spanish Pyrenees.

All Travel: Andorra Selection of top attractions in Andorra, from Casa de la Vall (the seat of the Andorran Parliament) to major festivals.

Andorra Mania Information on and links to hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars in Andorra's capital, Andorra la Vella. Descriptions, photographs, and reviews of hotels, inns, rental villas, and other properties in Andorra. Sites that offer the best examples of Romanesque and baroque art in Andorra. Photographs of Andorra's attractions and hot spots, posted by travelers.

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Official Tourism Sites

Austrian National Tourist Office Information on Austria's attractions, accommodations, campgrounds, cities, activities, and more.

Austrian Embassy Entry requirements for Austria, and summary of Austria's history, culture, and politics.

Austrian Airlines Flight schedules and deals from Austria's official air carrier.

Other Sites We Like

Ski Central Guide to Austrian ski resorts, including vacation packages, accommodations, snow reports, and web cams of popular ski areas. 

Europe for Visitors Information on Austria's museums, memorials, and national parks.

Global Gourmet Overview of Austrian foods and wines; also, key terms on Austrian menus.

Wines from Austria Information on Austria's wine regions, wine estates, wine tours, and varietals.

Vienna Classic Online ticket office to more than a thousand Viennese theatrical events, from operas to plays.

About Austria Details on Austria's major festivals, holiday celebrations, Christmas markets, and more. Information on architecture styles in Austria's capital.

Austria Today News, local politics, business, and culture from a Vienna-based English newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Belgian Tourist Office Guide to Belgium's attractions, accommodations, restaurants, festivals, nightlife, local culture, and more. 

Brussels Airport Flight schedules and deals to and from Belgium; all international flights to Belgium land at this airport. 

Embassy of Belgium Entry requirements for Belgium, information on studying in Belgium, and more.

Other Sites We Like Listings and reviews of nearly 200 restaurants throughout Belgium, including featured cuisines. Historical overview of Belgium's culinary traditions, with recipes.

Belgian Style Introduction to the varieties of Belgian beer, including their characteristics, and places offering the best brews.

Tri-City Herald Overview of Belgium's chocolate-making tradition, with a list of the country's top chocolatiers. Extensive database of Belgian festivals and events.

All Travel Belgium Listing of top attractions in Belgium, including the Royal Museum of Fine Art, Antwerp; the Ypres War Memorials and the Flanders Battlefields; and Gravensteen Castle, Ghent. 

Art Cyclopedia Overview of the art at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the FotoMuseums in Antwerp, the S.M.A.K. Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, and more. Belgian news, events, and more. Plus: a blog authored by an expat, with topics from dining to exploring Brussels.

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Official Tourism Sites

Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus Entry requirements for Cyprus, local news, and information on Cyprus's culture, economy, and climate.

Cyprus Tourist Organization Places to visit in Cyprus, travel tips, activities, accommodations, events, photographs, and more.

Cyprus Airways Flight schedules, deals, and more from Cyprus's official air carrier.

Other Sites We Like

Anglo Info Information on Cyprus's parks and nature sites, including Troodos National Forest Park, Akamas Peninsula, and Athalassa National Forest Park. Listings of places to dine throughout Cyprus, searchable by cuisine type.

Cyprus Insider Recommended Cyprus pubs, theaters, cinemas, bars with live music, and more. Overview of cultures, traditions, customs, and events in Cyprus.

Cyprus Island Information on archaeological sites throughout Cyprus; photographs. Cyprus news, cultural information, weather, downloadable music, and more.

World Travel Guide Historical overview of Cyprus, from its early leaders to major political events.

Cyprus News Online
News and current events in Cyprus from a Cyprus-based English-language publication.

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Official Tourism Sites

Danish Tourist Board Guide to attractions, accommodations, activities, events, maps, and more for Denmark.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Entry requirements for Denmark and information on Danish culture, history, and politics.

Other Sites We Like

All Travel Denmark A selection of top Danish attractions, including the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Egeskov Castle, the Faroe Islands, and Kronborg Castle.

Museums in Denmark Information on museums in Denmark, including the Chocolate Museum and the Teddy Bear Museum.

Basic travel information for Denmark. Listings of attractions, hotels, and transportation information.
Collection of practical travel information, including maps and currency exchange details.

Open Directory
Collection of regional travel guides for Denmark.

Copenhagen Post Danish news and current events from a local English-language newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Finnish Tourist Board Introduction to Finland's regions, cities, attractions, and more.

Embassy of Finland Entry requirements for Finland, Finnish events, news, and more.

Finnair Flight schedules from Finland's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

Global Gourmet Overview of Finland's national dishes, culinary traditions, and recipes.

Planet Ware Information on places to visit in Finland, including Helsinki, Finnish Lakeland, Lapland, and Hanko.

Finland Festivals Listings of festivals throughout Finland, searchable by province, date, and event type. Information on Finland's 35 national parks, including Urho Kekkonen, Lemmenjoki, Torronsuo, and Kolikesi.

Virtual Finland Listings of cultural festivals, celebrations, and national holidays throughout Finland. Recommended outdoor markets and shops in Finland. News and more from Finland's music world. Listings of museums throughout Finland; includes discussion of the nation's unique artistic sensibilities.

Finnguide Listings of bars and nightclubs in Helsinki, Finland's capital.

Helsingin Sanomat News and current events from Finland's leading daily newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites
French Government Tourist Office Information on France's regions, opera, wine, and cuisine.

Embassy of France Entry requirements, French news, history, and entertainment.

Air France Flights, schedules, deals, and more from France's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

All Travel France Top places to visit, including the French Riviera, Paris, the Loire Valley, Versailles, and the Parc National des Pyrénées. Information on museums in various regions, including Alsace, Burgundy, Provence, the French Alps, and Lorraine. Top bistros, brasseries, champagne and wine bars, and crèperies in France.

Discover France Overview of French culinary traditions, cheese tips and etiquette, and recommended reading.

Terrior-France Information on French wine regions, wineries, grape varieties,  a wine glossary, and links for ordering wine online. Information on French performing arts, fine art, and music.

TravelVideo.TV Videos on France's architecture, Paris hot spots, and the gardens at Versailles.

Ski Central Includes a directory of French ski resorts, snow reports, snowcams, and vacation packages.

Travel-in-France Information on Christmas markets in Strasbourg, Colmar, and Montbeliard. Descriptions of beaches along the French Riviera.

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Official Tourism Sites

German National Tourist Board Guide to Germany's cities, attractions, accommodations, spas, events, culture, and more.

Embassy of Germany Entry requirements for Germany, German politics, news, and more.

Lufthansa Flight schedules and deals from Germany's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

City Panoramas 360-degree panoramas of more than 20 German cities, including Hamburg, Leipzig, and Berlin.

Hotels in Germany Listing of lodgings throughout Germany, with reviews from travelers; online reservations.

Travels Through Germany Overview of traditional German dishes; recipes, message boards, and more. Information on German festivals, music, film, literature, fashion, architecture, and more.

Ski Germany Guide to German ski resorts, trail reviews, travel tips, and more.

Just Germany Information on German dining etiquette, traditional dishes, what to expect at restaurants, and more.

How to Germany Magazine Shopping tips for Germany—including shop hours, tax-free shopping, and how to save money—from a magazine for foreigners living in Germany.

Great Buildings Profiles of famed architectural works in Germany, including Berlin's Altes Museum, Potsdam's Einstein Tower, and the cathedral in Aachen.

Deutsche Welle News and current events in Germany and the European Union from a leading German news provider.

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Official Tourism Sites

Greek National Tourism Organization Guide to Greece's regions, cities, national parks, restaurants, accommodations, spas, and more.

Embassy of Greece Entry requirements for Greece, Greek news, events, and more.

Ministry of Culture Information on Greek museums, monuments, archaeological sites, and more.

Olympic Airways Flight schedules and deals from Greece's national airline. 

Other Sites We Like

All Travel Greece Information on places to visit in Greece, including Olympia, Dion, Samaria Gorge, and the Temple of Apollo.

Virtual Greece 360-degree panoramas of Greek destinations, including Corfu, Crete, Samos, Rhodes, and Santorini.

Greece Museums Guide Listings of museums in Greece, such as the Acropolis Museum, the Byzantine Museum, and the Meligi Folk Museum.

Greece Foods Overview of Greek cuisine, including traditional dishes, dining etiquette, photographs of Greek food, and recipes.

Greek Wine Information on Greece's wine regions; wine routes, wine types, wine producers, and more. Profiles of gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, including Apollo, Athena, Poseidon, Zeus, and Hermes.

Your Greece
Information on Greek traditions, cultures, festivals, and holidays. Ratings for beaches throughout Greece.

Kathimerini News and current events from Greece's English-language newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Icelandic Tourist Board Overview of Iceland's cities, attractions, accommodations, restaurants, shops, and more.

Embassy of Iceland Entry requirements for Iceland and introduction to Iceland's history, people, and more.

Iceland Air Flight schedules and deals from Iceland's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

Explore Iceland Information on attractions throughout Iceland, including the capital city of Reykjavik, Vestmannaeyjar,  Akureyri, and Hvalfjorour fjord.

Dive Island Guide to Iceland's dive sites, dive shops, diving tours; also, underwater photographs of Iceland dive sites. 

Iceland on the Web Photographs of Iceland's people, glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs, and more.

Travel Iceland Select listings of restaurants, pubs, wine bars, and more throughout Iceland, by location and category.

Virtually Virtual Iceland Articles, information, and photos of Icelandic landscapes, wildlife, national costumes, folklore, and more. Information on Icelandic art and Iceland's art galleries; includes profiles of national artists.

National Gallery of Iceland Exhibitions and current events at this major art museum in Reykjavik. 

Iceland Review News, weather reports, photographs, and more from an Iceland-based English-language magazine.

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Official Tourism Sites

Irish Tourist Board 
Overview of Ireland's regions, news, events, accommodations, and activities. Also travel packages and offers.

Embassy of Ireland Entry requirements, Irish cultural events, historical information, and travel itineraries.

Aer Lingus Flight schedules and deals from Ireland's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

ADLiB Dining guide to Ireland offering restaurant listings, reviews, wine bars, and more. Entertaining website with information on Irish culture, history, travel destinations, myths, and traditional music.

Ireland Now Overview of traditional Irish myths, legends, and castles.

National Museum of Ireland Information on museum exhibitions, focusing on Irish history, archaeology, art, and country life.

Heritage of Ireland Information on historic sites, parks, and gardens in Ireland, divided into geographical regions.

Live Ireland Television and radio broadcasts and video/audio downloads from Ireland.

Irish News News and current events from the Irish News newspaper.

RyanAir Discount airline that flies to non-major cities.

TripMarks for Western Ireland

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Official Tourism Sites
Italian National Tourist Board Information on accommodations, restaurants, and activities.
Alitalia Flight schedules and more from Italy's main airline.
Rail Europe Information on rail travel to Italy, schedules, and fares.

Other Sites We Like

Wine Web Information on over 5,900 wineries in Italy and an interactive map that highlights each region.

Five Star Alliance Browse some 71 luxury properties throughout Italy. Includes recommendations.

Rustico Cooking Expert advice on the culinary specialties of 20 Italian regions, from Lombardy to Sardinia.

The Guardian Unlimited Where to get the best bargains on Armani, Gucci, Prada, and other labels in this insider report from The Guardian newspaper.

Select Italy Book tickets to top Italian museums, including the Galleria degli Uffizi and the Vatican Museums. Also tickets to some of Italy's best musical and cultural events. Information on family-friendly Italian resorts, activities, and more.

Rome Post News and reports on Italian sports, culture, and fashion, as well as links to English-language newspapers in Naples, Milan, Florence, Genoa, and Venice.

Travel Blog Blogs on many regions in Italy.

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Official Tourism Sites

Liechtenstein Tourism
Guide to Liechtenstein's towns, attractions, accommodations, events, and more.

Embassy of Liechtenstein Entry requirements for Liechtenstein, local news, and more.

Other Sites We Like Introduction to Liechtenstein's attractions, including Schloss (Castle) Vaduz, the State Art Collection, the Postage Stamp Museum, and the Ski Museum.

Liechtenstein Museum Overview of the exhibitions and private collections of this national museum.

Pictures of Places Photographs of Liechtenstein's landscapes and towns, including Vaduz, Schellenberg, and Ruggell.

Suite101 Report on the wines and wine industry of Liechtenstein.

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Official Tourism Sites

Luxembourg National Tourist Office Overview and listings of Luxembourg's attractions, restaurants, events, accommodations, and more.

Embassy of Luxembourg Entry requirements for Luxembourg, tourist contacts, historical information about Luxembourg, and more.

Visit Luxembourg Guide to Luxembourg's regions, attractions, wineries, festivals, and more.

Luxair Flight schedules and deals from Luxembourg's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

Linkish Links to art galleries throughout Luxembourg.

Every Culture Introduction to Luxembourg's history, architecture, foods, gender roles, and more.

Luxembourg Pictures Photographs of attractions and more in Luxembourg.

Etiquette pointers and cultural information for travelers to Luxembourg.

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Official Tourism Sites

Visit Malta Information on Maltese destinations, accommodations, attractions, events, culture, heritage, and more.

Malta Council for Culture and the Arts Overview of cultural events and festivals throughout Malta.

Air Malta Flight schedules and specials from Malta's official airline.

Other Sites We Like Introduction to the cities, towns, and villages of Malta.

Malta Festivals
Information on the major events on Malta, including Carnival, the Fireworks Festival, and the Malta Historic Cities Festival.

Diving Malta Information for diving around Malta, including dive operators, equipment rentals, photographs, and more.

Choose Malta Information on Malta's vineyards, breweries, crafts, and more.

Search Malta Listing of links related to Malta's culinary culture, from recipes to information on traditional dishes.

About Malta Blogs Blogs by Maltese citizens living abroad and by people visiting Malta.

Times & Sunday Times of Malta Breaking news and current events in Malta from a leading Maltese news provider.

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Official Tourism Sites

Visit Monaco
Information on travel agents, museums, restaurants, spas, nightlife, and more for Monaco.

Principality of Monaco News and information on Monaco's heritage, history, government, and law.

Consulate General of Monaco Entry requirements for Monaco, answers to frequently asked questions about Monaco, and more.

Other Sites We Like

Arounder Monaco A 360-degree view of various sights in Monaco, including Fontaine Mirabeau, the Grimaldi Forum, and Place d'Armes.

Monaco Online Introduction to the cultural traditions and customs of Monaco.

World's Best Bars Listings of places to have a drink in Monaco, with reviews from past patrons.
Listings of places to dine and drink in Monte Carlo, with some reviews. Overview of the royal family of Monaco, with links to photographs and news.

Inside Europe News and current events in Monaco.

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Official Tourism Sites

Netherlands Board of Tourism Introduction to the Netherlands, including overviews of its cities, attractions, historical sites, accommodations, and more.

Embassy of the Netherlands Entry requirements for the Netherlands, including downloadable travel documents, news, and tourist contacts. 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight schedules and deals from the official airline of the Netherlands.

Other Sites We Like Online Dutch-language tutorial; includes listings of books on Dutch subjects, Dutch short stories, links to biographies for Dutch artists, and helpful information for visitors to the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Hot Spots Virtual tour of the capital's infamous red light district. Recipes for traditional Dutch soups, stews, desserts, egg dishes, and more. Guide to the vineyards and wines of the Netherlands and Belgium. Listings of museums and festivals throughout Amsterdam. 

The Holland Ring A blog by a Dutch woman living in the United States; covers current events in the Netherlands and provides information on Dutch culture, art, traditions, and more.

NIS News Bulletin News and current events in the Netherlands from the Netherlands' national news agency.

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Official Tourism Sites

Visit Norway Overview of Norway for visitors, including Norway's cities, attractions, accommodations, transportation, and more.

Norway Entry requirements for Norway, embassy contacts, and information on Norwegian history, culture, foods, and more.

Scandinavian Airlines Flight schedules, vacation packages, and more from Scandinavia's flagship airline.

Norwegian Air Shuttle Flight schedules for Norway's domestic airline.

Other Sites We Like

Explore Fjord Norway Trip-planning advice for coastal Norway, including guided adventures, cultural events, and more. Views from webcams in many Norwegian towns, including Ålesund, Oslo, Brosundet, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim.

Virtual Oslo IPix shots of sites in Norway's capital, including the Royal Palace, the Parliament, Oslo Cathedral, and the Sculpture Bridge. Information for travelers to the fjords of Norway, including attractions, activities, and landscape photographs.

InfoNorway Overview of music, dance, film, art, and literature in Norway.

Art Cyclopedia Listing of art museums in Norway, including the National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design in Oslo, and Bergen's Kunstmuseum. 

Worldwide Gourmet Introduction to traditional dishes of Norway; includes recipes.

Norway Post News, current events, and travel information for Norway from an English-language news site.

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Official Tourism Sites

Visit Portugal Information for visitors to Portugal, including accommodations, restaurants, wine regions, festivals, interesting neighborhoods, and more.

Embassy of Portugal Entry requirements for Portugal, listings of Portuguese travel agents, tourist contacts, and more.

TAP Portugal Flight schedules for Portugal's national airline.

Other Sites We Like Overview of the wines, wine regions, and viticultural history of Portugal.

360 Portugal IPix views of places to visit and things to do in Portugal.

Virtual Portugal Introduction to the food and culinary traditions of Portugal; plus, information on the nation's wine industry.

Art Cyclopedia Listing of art museums in Portugal.

Miso Music Portugal Information on musical doings in Portugal, from concerts to musical projects. 

Lisbon and Portugal Travel Guide
Information for some of Portugal's top tourist destinations, including Madeira and Fatima.

Portugal News Online News, current events, and feature stories about Portugal from the national newspaper.

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Official Tourism Sites

Tourist Office of Spain Introduction to Spain's regions and attractions; information on flights, car rentals, accommodations, and more.

Embassy of Spain Entry requirements for Spain, Spanish news, and more.

Iberia Flight schedules and deals from Spain's largest airline.

Other Sites We Like One Spaniard's guide to major sites in Madrid, including Museo del Prado, Cybele Fountain, and the Parque del Retiro.

Destination 360 Overview of Spanish wines and wine regions, including Ribero del Duero, Rioja, Jerez, Navarra, and Valdepenas.

Internet Wine Guide Links to major wineries and vineyards in Spain, many of which offer tours and tastings by reservation.

Sally's Place Introduction to Spain's culinary history, with information on traditional dishes and ingredients, from a veteran food writer. Guide to San Fermin, where the Running of the Bulls fiesta takes place every year. Listing of cultural festivals in Spain, including La Tomatina, Fallas de San José, Día de Santiago, and El Coso.

Ideal Spain Information for museums in nine Spanish cities and regions, including Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, and Granada. 

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Official Tourism Sites

Visit Sweden Accommodations, attractions, foods, nature sites, events, and family travel.

Consulate of Sweden Entry requirements, Sweden news, genealogy, and more.

Other Sites We Like Places to dine throughout Sweden, with reviews and ratings.

All Travel Sweden Top Swedish attractions, including Lapland, Skokloster Slott Castle, the Viking Town of Birka, Sareks National Park, and Oland.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency Information on Sweden's 28 national parks.

Swedish Institute Swedish traditions, customs, and influences.

The Local News and current events in Sweden.

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Official Tourism Sites

Switzerland Tourism Overview of Switzerland for travelers, including attractions, sample itineraries, accommodations, restaurants, webcams, and more.

Embassy of Switzerland Entry requirements for Switzerland and information on Switzerland's economy, culture, and more.

Swiss International Airlines Flight schedules and deals from Switzerland's national airline.

Other Sites We Like

Swiss Panoramas iPix views of Swiss attractions, such as sites in the cities of Zurich and Winterthur.

Internet Wine Guide Overview of wine regions, wineries, vineyards, and more in Switzerland.

Chocosuisse Guide to select Swiss chocolatiers; also, the history of chocolate and how to make chocolate. 

My Swiss Alps Information on Swiss culture, cuisines (including recipes), and national holidays.

Swiss World Overview of the languages, cultural traditions, holiday customs, and religious heritage in Switzerland.

Switzerland Is Yours Listings of art museums in Switzerland's major towns, from Geneva to Zürich and Lausanne.

Swiss News News and events in Switzerland from a Switzerland-based English-language monthly.

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United Kingdom

Official Tourism Sites
Visit Britain Information on flights, accommodations, attractions, and festivals throughout the UK.
Embassy of Great Britain Entry requirements for the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) and information on local culture, politics, and more.
British Airways Flight schedules and deals from the UK's official airline.
Other Sites We Like 
The UK Restaurant Guide 
Listings and reviews of restaurants throughout the UK, with helpful maps.
FashionUnited Information on fashion shops and current fashion trends in Britain; plus, industry news and forums.
Folklore Society Introduction to traditional music, dance, art, and more in the UK.
FootyBlog Blogs and video clips from enthusiasts of Europe's favorite pastime, football (soccer, in America). 
UK Student Life Guide to etiquette for visitors to the UK, including making small talk, tipping, and dining out.
Dictionary of Slang Guide to common slang used in the UK.
British Monarchy Information on the Queen of England and the royal family, including biographies of royal family members, the history of the monarchy, the royal art collection, and more from the official website of the British monarchy.
Telegraph Online UK news and articles on arts, dining out, fashion, health, technology, and more from a major UK news provider.
Times Online UK news and current events from the British Times and Sunday Times newspapers.

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United Kingdom: England
Official Tourism Sites
Enjoy England Introduction to attractions, accommodations, flights, activities, travel agents, and more for England.

Visit London Overview of hotels, restaurants, pubs, theaters, and more in England's capital.

Embassy of Great Britain Entry requirements for Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland), and information on Britain's government, national culture, politics, and more.

British Airways Flight schedules and deals from the UK's official airline.

Other Sites We Like Introduction to famous buildings and structures in London, including Big Ben, the London Bridge Tower, and London City Hall.

Dine Online Independent reviews of restaurants throughout England.

Infomat: Fashion Industry Search Engine Listing of runway fashion shows and news about fashion trends in England.

British Library Files of traditional British music, with information on the nation's music industry and links to related resources.

Britain Express Guide to museums in England, with general information on their collections, contact information, and websites.

The Worldwide Gourmet Overview of England's culinary traditions, including foods for holidays and recipes for traditional dishes.

Just UK Listing of major festivals and cultural events in England. Introduction to wineries, vineyards, and wines in England; links to purchase English wines. Overview of life in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558 to 1603), including common foods, religious matters, occupations, fashions, and more.

BBC England News, current events, sports, and entertainment in England from the BBC.

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United Kingdom: Northern Ireland
Official Tourism Sites
Discover Northern Ireland Information on Northern Ireland's cities, accommodations, attractions, events, and more.
Belfast Tourism Introduction to Northern Ireland's capital, including attractions, accommodations, festivals, museums, guided tours, and more.
Embassy of Great Britain Entry requirements for Northern Ireland and information on its government, culture, politics, and more.
British Airways Flight schedules and deals from the UK's official airline.
Other Sites We Like 
Sky Net Photographs of attractions in Belfast and the surrounding countryside, including the Botanic Gardens, Lanyon Place, Dunluce Castle, and Rope Bridge.
Culture Northern Ireland Guide to offerings in music, theater, film, visual arts, and more in Northern Ireland.
Great British Kitchen Overview of the traditional foods of Northern Ireland; seasonal dishes and a glossary of Northern Irish cooking and food terms.
National Museums Northern Ireland Information on four museums with exhibits on art, life, history, and more in Northern Ireland.
White Image Irish art from Irish artists, including paintings, drawings, and sculptures.
BritBlog Blogs on life in Northern Ireland, written by those who live there and visitors from other nations.
BBC Northern Ireland News, current events, sports, and entertainment in Northern Ireland, from the British Broadcasting Company.

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United Kingdom: Scotland

Official Tourism Sites

Visit Scotland Introduction to Scotland's cities, attractions, accommodations, tour operators, and more.

See Glasgow Overview of hotels, theaters, shops, transportation, and more for Scotland's largest city.

Embassy of Great Britain Entry requirements for Scotland and information on Scottish government, culture, politics, and more.

British Airways Flight schedules and deals from the UK's official airline.
Other Sites We Like
Britain Express Listings of dozens of museums throughout Scotland, covering art, history, architecture, and more. 

Glasgow Architecture Photographs of historic buildings throughout Glasgow.
Love of Scotland Attractions throughout Scotland, including Linlithgow Palace, the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh Castle, and Edinburgh's Old Town. 

Taste of Scotland 2007 Introduction to the wine, traditional foods, and cheeses of Scotland. Guide to Scotch whisky, from distilleries to retailers, and forums on the famed liquor.

Scottish Field Website for this Scottish lifestyle magazine, with articles on Scottish art, antiques, food, whisky, homes, people, and more.
BBC Scotland News, current events, sports, and entertainment in Scotland, from the British Broadcasting Company.

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United Kingdom: Wales

Official Tourism Sites

Visit Wales Information on travel agents, guided tours, accommodations, restaurants, bars, festivals, and more for Wales.

Embassy of Great Britain Entry requirements for Wales and information on Welsh government, national culture, politics, and more.

British Airways Flight schedules and deals from the UK's official airline.

Other Sites We Like

Stay in Wales Photographs of prominent sites in Wales, including the Welsh Assembly, Royal Crest in Llanidloes, Millennium Stadium, and Millennium Coastal Park.

British Food Trust Introduction to the traditional foods of Wales—plus, seasonal dishes and a glossary of Welsh cooking and food terms.

Organic Wales Overview of organic-product suppliers in Wales and listings of Welsh restaurants, bakeries, farmers markets, and more that offer organically grown wares.

British Express Guide to more than a dozen museums in Cardiff and along the south Wales coast, featuring art, history, mining, and more.

Welsh Language Board Database of Welsh terms, audio files to hear the Welsh language spoken, free translation services (Welsh into English), and more.

Wales on Britannia Overview of Welsh customs, cultural beliefs, and traditional songs.

BBC Wales Welsh news, current events, sports, and entertainment from the British Broadcasting Company. 

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