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April 2006
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48 Hours: Bermuda
By Husna Haq    Photo by John Kernick
48 Hours: Bermuda
Rent a sailboat to take in a view of Bermuda's St. George's Harbour.

With its pastel-sand beaches, water sports galore, and 220 sunny days a year, Bermuda lives up to its reputation as the perfect vacation spot. 

n the April issue of Traveler, Gisela Williams visits the island paradise in "48 Hours: Bermuda," where she spent summers as a teenager. Residents cherish local traditions in the first and oldest offshore British colony—from pink houses to yacht clubs to Bermuda shorts—while enjoying the present with epicurean cuisine, chic shops, and picture-postcard weather.

Following are up-to-the-minute resources to help plan your Bermuda vacation, whether you want to find a great restaurant, learn about an upcoming festival, or find out the latest theories on the Bermuda Triangle. We've also included books and movies set or filmed in Bermuda to put you in that island state of mind.









A Yankee in Bermuda
Follow along as American expat Diane Brackett adjusts to life on the island, recording her triumphs and frustrations along the way. Travelers can relate to Brackett's observations, including notes on the cost of living in Bermuda ($8.75 for a carton of Breyer's ice cream, according to her 22-item grocery list), pictures of local flora, and descriptions of typical Bermuda business attire (Bermuda shorts, BlackBerry). 

A Limey in Bermuda
Scroll through Phillip Wells's thoughtful, witty musings on life in Bermuda from the perspective of a British expat. Recent postings ponder emigration, hedge funds, race, and brain drain in Bermuda. Readers are always guaranteed insightful Bermudian perspectives on local and international news.
Royal Gazette columnist and United Bermuda Party member Christian Dunleavy fires off sharp commentary and scathing critiques of Bermudian politics in his intelligent blog. Read it for a crash course in Bermudian politics, or to explore a bevy of topics, from local real estate and taxation to public transportation and tourism. For more links, check out Dunleavy's recommended Bermuda websites.

Bermuda Cruise
Cruise expert Greg Manter alerts readers to cruises from American ports, like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, to Bermuda. Look for special deals, cruise news, and schedules.


Rick Steves
TV and radio personality Rick Steves now podcasts his weekly Travel with Rick Steves public radio show. In Program #22, he interviews Rosemary Jones, author of Moon Handbook to Bermuda. Learn practical info as they discuss weather, airfare, costs, and accommodations in Bermuda, in addition to quirky topics like the iconic Bermuda Triangle and Bermuda shorts.


The Royal Gazette
Find full local and international news coverage in Bermuda's only daily newspaper. In addition to current events, read up on local sports, opinion, business, lifestyle—even letters to the editor—for a well-rounded view of Bermudian society. Pick up the Weekender section in the Saturday edition for events and activities, or search the entire paper online.

Mid-Ocean News
Read this weekly published by the Royal Gazette for the week's top news stories, entertainment guides, and interviews with local personalities in government and business. Columnists offer insightful views on local politics and society, and critics direct visitors to the best restaurants, art shows, and shops.

Bermuda Sun
What this paper has that the others don't is an extensive events calendar, covering arts, business, music, faith, government, and sports events, among others. Search it online, and while you're there, check out the opinion section or the readers' forum for Bermudians' views on tourists, cruises, race—and winter blues—in Bermuda.


The Bermudian
Flip through Bermuda's oldest monthly publication (launched by former New Yorker editor William Richardson) for features on the island's homes, gardens, architecture, history, and society. Check out "Best of Bermuda" issues for visitor-friendly tips like "Best Day Spa," "Best Sunday Brunch," and "Best Place for Falling in Love." 

Preview Bermuda
This free monthly magazine is a jam-packed island guide geared to visitors. Check out practical, informative departments, like "What's On" (Calendar of Events), "Arts and Culture," "Shopping," and "Eating Out." Pick up a copy of Preview Bermuda at the Visitors Service Bureau, hotels, and select shops and restaurants throughout the island.

This Week in Bermuda 
Find weekly listings of cultural and sporting events, along with informative pieces on Bermuda's history, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife from this free publication available at the Visitors Service Bureau, Royal Naval Dockyard, and select hotels throughout the island.

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LookBermuda Interactive Map
Zoom in on pictures and summaries of hundreds of attractions in Bermuda, including beaches, restaurants, golf courses, parks, forts, hotels, and geographic features from this comprehensive interactive map perfect for visitors. LookBermuda's pioneering online map includes 360-degree photos of attractions, and links to select locations. 

LookBermuda Photo Map
This extremely detailed, photograph-cum-map presents an aerial view of Bermuda based on over 100 aerial photos of the island. Viewers can zoom, pan, and rotate this interactive map to get a closer, geographically accurate view of coastlines, reefs, and land settlements. 


The Last Pink Bits, Travels Through the Remnants of the British Empire, by Harry Ritchie (Sceptre, 1998)
Harry Ritchie island-hops his way through seven British territories in the Atlantic in this observant, witty travelogue about Britain's faltering grip on its empire abroad. Amidst humorous anecdotes (scuba diving in Salt Cay off Turks and Caicos Islands, sans clothes) and insightful observations (sun, wealth, and stability make Bermuda too good to be true), Ritchie weaves in politics, history, and economics. From golf to drugs to Margaret Thatcher, Ritchie offers readers an intelligent, quirky view of Bermuda and its British island sisters. 

Bermuda Shorts, The Hidden Side of the Richest Place on Earth, by T.C. Sobey (Barricade Books, 1995)
Discover a Bermuda most tourists never do when author T.C. Sobey moves to the island in search of paradise and finds "nothing is ever as it seems on the surface." In spite of its low crime, high per-capita income, and sunny clime, Bermuda has its absurdities, and Sobey illustrates this with his trademark drollness as he explains locals' resentment of tourists, the trivialities of police enforcement, and the strange phenomenon of "island fever": "Living on a remote island twenty-two miles [35 km] long and barely two wide can do strange things to your head," he writes. 

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved, by Lawrence David Kusche (Prometheus Books, 1986, reprint, 1995)
Kusche separates rumor from fact in this non-fiction mystery that debunks common misconceptions about the Bermuda Triangle. After digging up stats on "mysterious disappearances" from the Coast Guard, Air Force, and newspaper archives, Kusche considers the possibilities. Electromagnetic aberration? Space-time warp? UFO-beaming station? Sea monster? His conclusion blasts conspiracy theorists and sets the record straight…for now.


The Deep (1977)
Vacationers discover a sunken ship filled with gold coins and mysterious chemical substances off the coast of Bermuda in this underwater thriller based on Jaws author Peter Benchley's book of the same name. Immerse yourself in Bermuda's luminous aqua waves, brought to life with special lights, cameras, and sound equipment that allowed director Peter Yates to film nearly half the movie underwater. 

When Voices Rise (2002)
Catch up on Bermudian social history in this documentary that details mid-20th-century desegregation on the island. Director Errol Williams explores the Theatre Boycott that ended segregation in movie theaters, and the Secret Document, a public statement against limited franchise and segregation. Interviews with former activists and footage of pre-equal rights Bermuda give travelers a glimpse of the island few outsiders have seen. 

Rare Bird (2006)
For 300 years, the cahow, or Bermuda petrel, was believed extinct—until 1951, when a nature expedition rediscovered the bird species. Director Lucinda Spurling follows the story of the cahow in her documentary, including its supposed extinction, rediscovery, and future threats. Watch footage of this nocturnal, earth-burrowing bird for both a primer on Bermudian birding and its inspiring story. 

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