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Island Destinations Rated: Panelists

Introduction       Africa     Caribbean Region     East & Southeast Asia    

Indian Ocean Region     Mediterranean     North & West Europe    

North America      Pacific/Australia/NZ     South America    

Note: This list is generated by the computerized survey database and so is alphabetized by first name. Panelist names, professions, and websites are shown as reported to us. Some panelists have chosen not to be listed.

Abigail Rome; Ecotourism Consultant
Adriana Galvani; University Tourism Researcher; website
Alejandro Alva; Architect
Alessio Satta; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Alex Moomaw, LT USCG; Diving Officer
Alfonso Muralles; Archaeology Tour Operator;  website
Alicia Stevens; Educational Travel Executive; website
Alison Gardner; Travel Journalist/Editor; website
Ana Baez; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Anare Matakiviti; Energy Consultant
Andrew Dean Nystrom; Author & Web Producer; website
Andrew Jones, Ph.D.; Urban & Regional Planner
Andriela Vitic, Ph.D.c; Tourism Researcher; website
Andy Drumm; Senior Ecotourism Specialist; website
Anja Tuohino; Geographer; website
Anna Spenceley, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Anne Jno Baptiste; Sustainable Landscape Design; website
Anne-Marie d'Hauteserre; Docteur-es-Lettres; Tourism Geographer
Annette Pritchard, Ph.D.; Tourism Studies Specialist; website
Anthony Patt, Ph.D.; Geographer; website
Arden Anderson; Ecotourism Specialist
Ariel Cuschnir, Ph.D.; Director Coastal Programs; website
Arild Molstad; Writer and Consultant
Arjun Basu; Magazine Editor; website
Arlene K. Fleming; Culture/Development Consultant
Artie Dubrie; Chemist
Arturo Carballo-Sandoval, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Researcher; website
Asha Singh, Ph.D.; Environmental Scientist
Ashley de Vos; Landscape Architect/Conservator
Atul Raturi, Ph.D.; Sustainable Energy Specialist; website
Aylin Orbasli, Ph.D.; Historic Buildings Consultant
Azilah Kasim, Ph.D.; Lecturer; website
Barbara Rugendyke, Ph.D.; Geographer; website
Bastien Loloum; Ecotourism Technician
Beatrice Blake; Green Itinerary Planner; website
Benjamin Carey; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Benoit Vulliet; Development Socio-Economist
Bernadette Masianini; Communications Officer
Beverley Sparks, Ph.D.; University Researcher/Educator
Bill Bramwell, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Researcher; website
Bill Hinchberger; Journalist/Writer; website
Biman Chand Prasad, Ph.D.; Development Economist
Bob Burns CEC, AAC; Executive Chef
Bob Morris; Writer; website
Bob Toth; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Bradford Keitt; Conservation Biologist; website
Brenda Barrett; Heritage Area Coordinator
Brian Huse; Coral Reef Conservationist; website
Brian Peniston; Community Conservation Specialist; website
Brigida Rocha Brito, Ph.D.; Professor, Researcher, Consultant; website
Brooke Cunningham; Travel Writer & Photographer; website
C. Michael Hall, Ph.D.; Tourism Mobility Professor; website
Carl Gustaf Lundin, Fil. Lic; Biologist; website
Carla Barbieri, Ph.D.; Sustainable & Agritourism Academic
Carmel Michael Fsadni; Head of Department
Carol Kline, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Carolina Castellanos; Cultural Heritage Consultant
Carolyn Hill; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Carolyn Wild; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Charles Goeldner, Ph.D.; Tourism Consultant
Chin-Ee Ong; Tourism Geographer; website
Chris Seek; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Chris Stone Ph.D.; Academic/Tourism Mangement
Christian Bouchard; Geographer; website
Christiane Dabdoub-Nasser; Cultural Heritage Development
Christina Aas; Travel Consultant
Christina Heyniger; Adventure Tourism Consultant; website website
Christine Tinker; Ecotourism Consultant; website
Christopher Bettany; Hotelier; website
Cindy Baden; Economic Development Practitioner
Claudia Jurowski, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Clifford Mahlung; Applied Meteorologist
Colin J. Smith Ph.D.; Tourism Consultant; website
Colleen Fliedner; Travel Journalist; website
Cor Dijkgraaf; Architect/Planner; website
Cristobal Diaz Morejon, Ph.D.; Environmental Expert
D. Diamantis, Ph.D.; Senior Lecturer; Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Dallen J. Timothy, Ph.D.; Geography Professor; website
Dan M. Martin, Ph.D.; Conservationist; website
Dana Wusinich-Mendez; Coastal Management Specialist; website
D'Arcy Dornan, Ph.D.; Tourism Geographer; website
Dave Butler, RPF, RPBio; Sustainable Tourism Manager; website
David Beirman Ph.D.; Tourism Crisis Consultant; website
David Fisher Ph.D.; Tourism Researcher; website
David Harrison Ph.D.; Sociologist/Anthropologist
David L. Edgell, Sr., Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Professor; website
David S. Reynolds; Protected Area Management
David Swanson; Travel Writer-Photographer
David Zurick, Ph.D.; Geographer
Deborah Edwards; Urban Tourism Researcher; website
Denise Forrest; Environmental Consultant
Dennis Conway, Ph.D.; Population Geographer; website
Dennis K. Hubbard, Ph.D.; Marine Geologist
Dianne Draper, Ph.D.; Geographer
Dirk E. Druet; Environmental Security
Dirk HR Spennemann, Ph.D.; Cultural Heritage Theorist; website
Diwakar Gangapersad; Marine Scientist; website
Donald E. Hawkns; Tourism Planner; website
Douglas C. Comer, Ph.D.; Archaeologist; website
Douglas E. Adair; Sustainable Development Consultant; website
Douglas Pearce; Tourism Professor
Earlston McPhee; Sustainable Tourism Planner
Eduardo Moraes Sarmento, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Edward Jackiewicz, Ph.D.; Geographer; website
Edward T. McMahon; Urban Planner; website
Elaine Van S. Carmichael; Land Use Economist; website
Eleanor Carter; Freelance Conservation Consultant
Eleanor Sterling, Ph.D.; Conservation Biologist; website
Elery Hamilton-Smith, A.M., D. App. Sci.; Sociologist, Conservation Advisor
Elizabeth Allison; Environmental Ethicist; website
Eman Helmy, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Emilio R. Freeman; Destination Planner; website
Ephim Shluger; Cultural Resources Specialist
Eric Lucas; Writer
Erik Davies; Environmental Policy Adviser; website
Erin Caslavka; Travel Writer/Editor
Fanny Vong, Ph.D.; Tourism Educator; website
Fay Falco-Mammone, Ph.D.; Tourism Consultant; website
Fernando Brugman; Intangible Heritage Specialist; website
Fiona Deaton; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Floyd Homer, Ph.D.; Ecologist; website
Frances B. Affandy; Anthropologist
Francesco Adamo; Development Geographer; website
Francisco Blaha; Fisheries Development Consultant; website
Françoise Summers; Architect; website
Garry Price, Ph.D.; University Tourism Lecturer; website
Gary Crallé; Travel Photographer/Writer; website
Gary Hovinen, Ph.D.; Geographer
Gene L. Brothers, Ph.D.; Professor of Tourism Management; website
Geoffrey D. Summers, Ph.D.; Archaeologist; website
Geoffrey Wall, Ph.D.; Tourism Geographer; website
George F. Roberson, Ph.D.; Cultural Geographer; website
Ghislain Dubois; Consultant; website
Gianna Moscardo, Ph.D.; Tourism Research Academic; website
Gillian Bowser, Ph.D.; Conservation Biologist; website
Gillian Cambers, Ph.D.; Coastal Management Consultant
Ginger Garrison; Marine Ecologist; website
Godfrey Baldacchino Ph.D.; Island Studies Specialist; website
Gordon J. Walker, Ph.D.; Professor, Leisure Behaviour; website
Graeme Robertson; Nissologist; website
Grant Cushman, Ph.D.; University Professor; website
Greg Breining; Writer; website
Greg Ringer, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Professor; website
Gregory (Greg) S. Baxter Ph.D.; Wildlife Manager; website
Haiyan Song, Ph.D.; Tourism Economist; website
Harry Coccossis; Planner/Sustainable Tourism
Harry S. Pariser; Travel Guide Publisher; website
Hazel Tucker, Ph.D.; Tourism Anthropologist; website
Heather Hansen; Freelance Journalist; website
Heather Zeppel, Ph.D.; Tourism lecturer; website
Hugh Govan, Ph.D.; Participatory Development Adviser; website
Iain Christie; Tourism Consultant; website
Ian S. Jenkins, Ph.D.; Cultural Tourism Lecturer; website
Iean Russell, Ph.D.; Resource Economist; website
Ijahnya Christian; Freelance Writer
Ilan Kelman; Scientist; website
Indra P. Tiwari, Ph.D.; Regional Development Expert
Ir. M.A.I. de Koning; Co-Management & CBNRM Advisor
Isfandyar Zaman Khan; Specialist; World Bank
Ivo Martinac, Ph.D.; Sustainable Development Specialist
J. Tamelander; Marine Biologist
Jack Carlsen, Ph.D.; Tourism Professor; website
Jafar Jafari; Tourism Anthropologist
Jakomijn van Wijk; Sustainable Tourism Researcher
James Deutsch; Folklorist
James M. Parrent, Ph.D.; Cultural Resource Manager; website
James Sturz; Author and Journalist; website
Jan Cloin; Renewable Energy Engineer; website
Jan Mosedale; Tourism Academic; website
Jan Wigsten; Tour Producer; website
Jay S. Miller; Interpretation Planning Consultant; website
Jeane Capelli Pen; Independent Consultant
Jean-Michel Rousset; Director of Cultural Institution
Jeannette Belliveau; Travel Author; website
Jeff Biggers; Author; website
Jeffrey A. McNeely; Conservationist; website
Jeffrey Michael Robbins; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Jenna Boon; Project Manager; website
Jennifer J. Wilhoit, Ph.D.; Environmental Researcher/Writer
Jerry Bauer; Sustainable Tourism Advisor
Jim Barborak; Protected Area Specialist; Conservation International
Jim Miller; Transportation Planner
Jim Owens; Environmental Planning Consultant; website
Jim Phillips; Tourism Consultant
Jim Sano; Travel Planner; website
Jithendran Kokkranikal; Lecturer; website
Jo-Ann Taylor; Coastal Planner; website
John "Caveman" Gray; Sustainable Tourism Journalist; website
John Alwyn-Jones, FTS, MAICD; International Tourism Consultant
John D. Hunt, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
John McKenzie; Geographer
John N. Shores; Sustainability Consultant; website
John R. A. Wilson; Environmental Consultant
John Robinson; Tourism Development Consultant; website
John S. Hull, Ph.D; Tourism Consultant and Professor; website
John Snyder, Ph.D.; Tourism Planner
John Swarbrooke; Research Centre Head
John Tunbridge, Ph.D.; Geographer
John W. Colton, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Researcher
Jonathan Stevens; City Planner; website
Joseph Eboreime, Ph.D.; Anthropologist/ Heritage Management
Joseph M. Hnatiuk; Biologist
Juan Luna-Kelser; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Juanita C. Liu, Ph.D.; Professor of Tourism Management
Judie Cukier, Ph.D.; Professor
Julia N. Albrecht; Geographer; Tourism Research
Julianna Priskin, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Researcher; website
Julio Aramberri, Ph.D.; Professor/Consultant; website
Karen Eckert, Ph.D.; Conservation Biologist; website
Karen Moon; Heritage Consultant
Karl Campbell, Ph.D.; Island Restoration Biologist; website
Kathleen L. Andereck, Ph.D.; Professor, Tourism Management; website
Kathleen M. Adams, Ph.D.; Professor of Anthropology; website
Keith B. Dunbar; Park and Recreation Planner
Kelly S. Bricker; Associate Professor, Sustainable Tourism; website
Ken McAlpine; Writer; website
Kenneth F Backman, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Researcher
Kenneth Johnson; HidroBiologist; website
Kenneth R. Young, Ph.D.; Conservation Biogeographer; website
Kevin L. Jones; Archaeologist
Kevin Mearns; Lecturer Environmental Sciences; University of South Africa
Kim Friedman, Ph.D, Fisheries Scientist; website
Kimberly John; Freshwater Ecologist; website
Kimberly Lisagor; Freelance Journalist; website
Kit Jenkins, Ph.D.; Tourism Development Specialist
Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt, Ph.D.; Coastal Environmental Geographer; website
Kris Endresen; World Heritage Specialist; website
Kris Wall; Coastal Management; website
Larry Habegger; Travel Writer, Editor; website
Laura Howard; Belize Tour Operator; website
Laurie Gough; Author; website
Layne Kennedy; Magazine Feature Photographer; website
Leo Paul Dana, Ph.D.; Author; website
Leonard Cordiner; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Leslie F. Molerio León; Geologist & Hydrogeologist Consultant
Libby Carson-Mee; Heritage Advisor; website, website
Linda C. Stevens; Museum Education Specialist
Linda Fasteson; Travel Writer
Linda S. Ralston, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Researcher; website
Lino Grima, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Lisa Brochu; Interpretive Planner/Writer
Lisa Mastny, Senior Editor, Worldwatch; website
Lolita Raffoul; Environmental Manager
Lori Pennington-Gray, Ph.D.; Professor of Tourism; website
Louise Bonner, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Lecturer; website
Louise Twining-Ward; Tourism Advisor; website
Lyn Leader-Elliott; Cultural Tourism; website
Lynne R. Christen; Freelance Travel Journalist; website
Mahmoud Aboud; Diplomat
Margaret Johnston, Ph.D.; Recreation Geographer; website
Margi Moss; Environmentalist; website
Marina Carter, D. Phil; Historian/Heritage Consultant; website
Mario R. Delos Reyes; Environmental Planning Specialist
Marion Blockley; Heritage Management Consultant; website
Mark Staniforth, Ph.D.; Archaeologist; website
Mark Willuhn; Sustainable Tourism; website
Martin Giles Palmer; Religious Environmentalist; website
Mary S. Klemm, Ph.D.; Tourism Consultant
Maryam Khan; Professor/Researcher/Educator
Masanori Shintani; Ecotourism Coordinator; Japan
Matt Mc Nulty; International Tourism Consultant
Matthew Bunce Ph.D. (candidate); Marine Geography; website
Mauricio Cortes E.; Film Documentalist
Maurizio Giannone; Tourism Geographer
McCarthy Marie; Economist
Mia Persad-Douglas; Hospitality & Tourism Educator
Michael A. Ivie; Systematic Entomologist
Michael Dixon, D.Phil; Museum Director; website
Michael Haywood; Tourism Consultant
Michael Lück, Ph.D.; Associate Professor of Tourism Studies; website
Michael Romanos, Ph.D.; Regional Planner; website
Michal Bardecki; Geographer
Mike Ball; Tourism Consultant; website
Murray Simpson; Oxford University Scientist; website
Nancy Farrell; Archaeologist; website
Nancy Muturi; University Professor; website
Neil O. Curtis; Tourism & Planning Consultant
Nicholas Hall; Indigenous Tourism Facilitator; website
Nico Visser, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Expert; website
Nicolas Velissaropoulos; Economist /Editor; website
Noel B. Salazar; Sociocultural Anthropologist; website
Nora Bynum, Ph.D.; Conservation Biologist; website
Norma Barbacci; Preservation Architect
Norman Backhaus, Ph.D.; Geographer; website
Olasee Davis; Ecologist/Ethnobotany
P.F. Kluge; Professor and Writer; website
Paige P. Schneider, Ph.D. candidate; Michigan State University; website
Pamela Wight; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Pascal Tremblay, Ph.D.; Tourism Researcher; website
Patricia B. Mendoza; Development Consultant
Patrick D. Nunn, Ph.D.; Geoscientist; website
Patsy Lewis, Ph.D.; International Relations Specialist
Paul Bennett; Journalist; website
Paul Easto; Sustainable Tourism Operator; website
Paul F. Wilkinson, Ph.D.; Tourism Geographer; website
Paul Kingsbury, Ph.D.; Geographer, Social Theorist; website
Paul Roughan; Researcher
Paul Smitz; Freelance Writer
Pauline Sheldon; Tourism Professor
Peter Flaherty; Travel Journalist; website
Peter Langer; Travel Photographer, Geographer; website
Peter Mason, Ph.D.; Professor of Tourism Management; University of Bedfordshire, UK
Peter Raines; Conservationist
Peter Richards; Community-Based Tourism Expert; website
Peter Tarlow, Ph.D.; Tourism Consultant
Peter Wery; Photographer/Cameraman/Director
Philippe la Hausse de Lalouviere; Heritage Researcher
Pieter Nicholson Roos; Museum Director & Preservationist; website
Poh Poh Wong; Geographer; website
Pradech Phayakvichien; Tourism Planner
R. Bradley Mills; Architect; website
Rachel Dodds, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Rachel Radmilli; Anthropologist
Rafael A. Sequeira; Development Consultant
Rafael Matos-Wasem, Ph.D.; Specialist in Tourism Geography; website
Rafael Sardà Borroy, Ph.D.; Socio-ecologist; website
Rafe Boulon; Marine Biologist
Ralf Buckley; Ecotourism Specialist; website
Ramon Botet; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Randal G. Baker, Ph.D.; Tourism Professor
Randall Wood; Travel Author; website
Randy Brown; Environmental Conservationist; website
Ranjit Sondhi; African Tourism Consultant; website
Raphaël Billé, Ph.D.; Coastal Management Researcher; website
Ravi Ravinder; Tourism Academic; website
Rebecca Pestano-Smith; Environmental Educator; website
Reg Easy; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Regina Scheyvens, Ph.D.; Development Studies Academic; website
Regina Schluter, Ph.D.; Tourism Researcher; website
Remy Sietchiping, Ph.D.; Geographer
Richard A Engelhardt; Heritage Manager
Richard A. Gould, Ph.D.; Archaeologist; website
Richard Butler; Professor of Tourism; website
Richard Denman, Ph.D.; Tourism Consultant; website
Richard G. Edwards; Ecotourism Marketing; website
Richard Murphy, Ph.D.; Director, Science and Education; website
Richard Tapper; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Richard Weiss; Adventure Travel Consultant
Rob Pacheco; Naturalist; website
Robert Day; Master Planner; website
Robert E. Pfister; University Professor; website
Robert Healy, Ph.D.; Professor, Tourism Researcher
Robert Maitland; Tourism Academic; website
Robert Richardson, Ph.D.; Natural Resource Economist; website
Robertico Croes Ph.D.; Applied Economist Tourism
Roi Kwabena, Ph.D.; Cultural Anthropologist/Author; website
Ron Tipton; National Parks Advocate; website
Ron van Oers, Ph.D.; Urban Heritage Specialist
Ronald Shaklee, Ph.D.; Regional Geographer
Ronny Dobbelsteijn; GIS and Management
Rory MacLellan; Tourism Academic; website
Rosemary Taufatofua; Sustainable Tourism Advisor
Rung Kanjanaviroj; State Enterprise Personnel; website
Rupeni Mario; Educator
Russell Johnson; Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker; website
Saleh Lamei, Ph.D.; Architectural Historian & Conservator; website
Salvador Anton Clavé, Ph.D.; Geographer
Sam Lankford, Ph.D.; Community Planner; website
Sandra Gail Taylor, Ph.D.; Ecologist
Sarah Nicholls, Ph.D.; Tourism Geographer; website
Sasha Beth Gottlieb; Sustainable Development Specialist; website
Scott A. Muller; Environmental Engineer; website
Scott M. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.; Archaeologist
Seema Deo; Sustainability Education Consultant
Shaneel Chandra; Environmental Chemist; website
Shannon Stowel; Travel Industry Executive; website
Sharie D. Derrickson; Freelance Writer
Sheila Sullivan; GIS Professional; website
Sian Owen; Sustainable Development Specialist
Somrudee (Meprasert) Jitpraphai, Ph.D.; Marine Resource Geographer
Sonya Graci; Professor; website
Stefan Gössling, Ph.D.; Geographer; website
Stephen A. Royle, Ph.D.; Geographer; website
Stephen Wearing, Ph.D.; Academic; website
Steve Noakes; Sustainable Tourism Advocate; website
Stuart Cottrell, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Educator/Consultant; website
Sue Beeton, Ph.D.; Tourism Academic Researcher; website
Sue Bleasdale; University Lecturer
Susan Mains, Ph.D.; Cultural Geographer; website
Susan Phillip; Tourism Educator; website
Suzanne Noakes; Cultural Guide; Melanesia
Sylvie Blangy; Researcher, Aboriginal Tourism; website
Tadayuki (Tad) Hara, Ph.D.; Tourism Professor-Researcher; website
Tadeusz Siwek; Professor, Geographer
Tamara Ratz, Ph.D.; Professor of Tourism; website
Ted J Ligibel, Ph.D.; Historic Preservation Educator
Thomas E. Fish, Ph.D.; Social Ecologist; website
Thomas E. Lacher, Jr.; Tropical Ecologist; website
Thomas E. Perrigo; Heritage Specialist
Thomas J. Iverson, Ph.D.; Sustainable Development; website
Thor Flognfeldt, Jr.; Tourism Geographer
Tim Merriman, Ph.D.; Consultant; website
Tim Wallace, Ph.D.; Applied Anthropologist; website
Tony Charters; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Tony Perrottet; Travel Writer; website
Traci D. Zillifro, Ph.D.; Professor/Researcher
Tracy John Mullins; Regional Planner Tourism; website
Travis Sinckler; Environmental Policy Programming
Trevor Atherton; International Tourism Lawyer; website
Trevor H.B. Sofield, Ph.D.; Professor of Tourism
Trevor J. Holmes, Ph.D.; Historic Building Architect
Trish Reynales; Editor/Travel Writer
Vicki Andersen; Travel Writer; website
Vikash Tatayah; Wildlife Conservationist; website
Vincent Florens; Conservation Biologist
Vyjayanthi Lopez, Ph.D.; Sustainable IPM Specialist
Wade L. Hadwen, Ph.D.; Ecologist; website
Warren B. Church, Ph.D.; Archaeologist; website
Webber Ndoro, Ph.D.; Heritage Management
Wendy E. Cowling; Social Anthropologist
Wendy Knight; Travel Journalist; website
William (Bill) L. Bryan, Jr., Ph.D.; Adventure Travel Executive; website
William Trousdale; Planner/Economist; website
William Veno; Urban/regional Planner; website
Wilton Corkern; Conservationist, Nonprofit Executive; website
Yacine Khelladi; Consultant; website
Zoë Chafe; Sustainability Researcher; website
Zoran Klariç; Geographer; website

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