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October 2006
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50 Tours of a Lifetime

Like many of our readers, the editors of National Geographic Traveler have always shied away from organized tours, feeling that unscripted, independent travel is the richest sort. But for some places in the world—those where road signs are nonexistent, or where the alphabet is a series of graceful curlicues, or where ceasefires among warring parties are tenuous—tours may be more a practical way to travel than going it alone, especially if, like most workaholic Americans, you've only got two weeks a year to tackle that challenging but worthwhile destination. That's why we've decided to dedicate this year's Next Great Places special issue to "Tours of a Lifetime: 50 of the World's Best." Here, in alphabetical order by country or region, are the tours. Read more about them in the October 2006 issue of National Geographic Traveler.

"Central and Northern Route"
Hinterland Travel

"Across the Circle for Climbers and Divers"
Aurora Expeditions

"Emperor Penguins: Snow Hill Island Safari"
Quark Expeditions 

"Last Degree Expedition"
Pen Hadow Travel


"Franklin River Rafting"
World Expeditions

Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova
"Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova"
MIR Corporation

"Undiscovered Belize Adventure"
Wildland Adventures

Cambodia and Vietnam

"Vietnam and Cambodia along the Mekong River"
National Geographic Expeditions

"Labrador's Wild Coast by Private Yacht"
Arctic Odysseys

"Uniquely Chile"
Off the Beaten Path


"China: The Upper Mekong River" rafting adventure
Mountain Travel Sobek


"Hiking the Tra Mare e Monti"
Distant Journeys

Croatia, Slovenia

"The Alps to the Adriatic"
Exeter International 


"Galápagos Unbound: Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling, and Hiking Adventure"
ROW International 

"Ethiopia Simien Mountains"
G.A.P. Adventures

"Village Homestays"
Intrepid Travel


"Loire Valley Trail Ride"
Cross Country International Equestrian Vacations

Republic of Georgia

"Trekking In the Mountains of Poetry"
Explorers' Corner


"Oboroni Grassroots Excursion"
Maame Koranchee's

"Rafting the Río Plátano"
Mesoamerican Ecotourism Alliance

"Nagur Relief Ride" by horseback
Relief Riders International

"Spotlight Journey: Secret India, Tribal India"
Myths and Mountains

"Zanskar's Wild West"
KE Adventure Travel

"Splendors of Sicily"
Italian Connection

"Seacology Expedition to the Maldives and Andaman Mountains"

"The Magic of Morocco: Palaces, Deserts & Kasbahs"
Academic Arrangements Abroad

"Baja California: Among the Great Whales"
Lindblad Expeditions

Middle East (Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Dubai)

"Jewels of Arabia"


"Dinosaurs of the Gobi"
Nomadic Expeditions

"Burma: Land of the Golden Pagoda"
Asia Transpacific Journeys

"Namibia Explorer"
Ker & Downey

New Zealand

"New Zealand with the Kids"
Butterfield & Robinson


"Active Nicaragua"
REI Adventures

"Niger: Trekking in the Air Mountains"
Wilderness Travel


"Immersive Peru: Weavers Awards and Virgen del Carmen"
Culture Xplorers


"Incomparable Calamian Kayaking"
Eco First Adventures

Rwanda, Uganda

"Rwanda/Uganda Highlights"
Big Five Tours & Expeditions


"Hiking the Julian Alps"
REI Adventures

South Pacific Islands

"Faces of Melanesia"
Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions

Sri Lanka

"Sri Lanka: The Isle of Serendip"
Geographic Expeditions


"Reindeer Packing Expeditions"
Crossing Latitudes

Tanzania, Mozambique

"Western Tanzania and Northern Mozambique Surf and Safari"
Mango African Safaris


"Tsunami Volunteering/Adventure"
Go Differently

Chinese Turkestan and Central Asia

"Chinese Turkestan and Central Asia"
MIR Corporation

United States
"Alaska: Active Inside Package"
Adventure Smith Explorations

"Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona: Where the Water Cuts Through Rock"
Moki Treks

"Wyoming: Wolves & Wildlife of Yellowstone"
Natural Habitat Adventures

"From North to South to the Red Sea in Yemen"


"The Great Faiths Journey by Private Jet"
TCS Expeditions

"Journey of Man: An Around-the-World Odyssey by Private Jet"
National Geographic Expeditions (Starquest Expeditions)

For more information on the countries visited by these tours, see our Destination TripMarks.

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