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November/December 2006
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World Heritage Destinations Rated: Panelists

Note: This list is generated by the computerized survey database and so is alphabetized by first name. Panelist names, professions, and websites are shown as reported to us. Some panelists have chosen not to be listed.
Abigail Rome; Sustainable Tourism Consultant

Akira Ono; Archaeologist
Alan A. Lew, Ph.D.; Tourism Geographer, Planner; website
Alejandro Alva Balderrama; Architect/Heritage Specialist
Alexia Lalli; Preservationist
Alfonso Muralles; Archaeology Tour Operator;
Alicia Stevens; International Museum Development
Alison Gardner; Travel Journalist/Editor; website
Allen Putney; Protected Area Specialist
Alvin Rosenbaum; Cultural Tourism Advisor; website
Amita Baig; Heritage Management Consultant
Andrew Dean Nystrom; Consultant/Travel Writer; website
Andriela Vitic; Lecturer/Chief, Hotel Management Group
Anila Naeem; Architect/Conservator
Anna Spenceley, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Specialist; website
Arden Anderson; Ecotourism Manager and Consultant
Ariane Janér; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Arturo Carballo-Sandoval, Ph.D.; Researcher/Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Ashley de Vos; Architectural Conservation Consultant
Aylin Orbasli, Ph.D.; Cultural Heritage Consultant
Barbara Rugendyke, Ph.D.; Geographer
Bill Belleville; Author; website
Bill Spencer, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Bill Turner; Conservation Manager; website
Bob Simpson; Tour Operator
Bob Toth; Consultant, Standards and Certification
Brenda Barrett; Heritage Area Coordinator
Brian Peniston; Sustainable International Development
Brian T. Mullis; Sustainable Tourism Specialist; website
Bruce E. Wicks; Educator/Scientist
Bruce Leaver; Park Agency Manager
C. Michael Hall; Regional Tourism Researcher; website
Carolina Castellanos; Cultural Heritage Specialist
Carolyn Hill; Project Manager; website
Carolyn Wild; Ecotourism Development
Chandra de Silva; Ecotourism Specialist; website
Charles Stanish; Archaeologist; website
Cheryl Hargrove; Heritage Tourism specialist; website
Chris Seek; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Christa Morawa; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Christian Manhart; Archaeologist/ Art Historian;
Christiane Dabdoub-Nasser; Heritage Specialist; website
Christina Heyniger; Sustainable/Adventure Tourism Consultant; website
Clare McFarlane; Ecotourism Tour Operator; website
Claudia Jurowski, Ph.D.; Professor; website
Coinneach Maclean; Heritage Specialist; website
Cor Dijkgraaf; Architect/Heritage Specialist
Dalia Z. Amasheh; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Dallen J. Timothy, Ph.D.; Geographer; website
Daniele Fanciullacci; Heritage Consultant
Dave Butler; Tourism Resource Manager; website
Dave Williams; Ecotourism Tour Operator; website
David Anderson; Tour Operator
David Fisher; Tourism Researcher
David Reynolds; Historic Site Manager
David Sheppard; Protected Areas/Heritage Conservation
Dianne Brause; Travel Writer; website
Don George; Travel Writer, Editor; website
Donald E. Hawkins; Sustainable Destination Planner; website
Donovan D. Rypkema; Economic Development Consultant
Dougald O'Reilly, Ph.D.; Archaeologist; website
Douglas C. Comer, Ph.D.; Archaeologist; website
Douglas Grimes; Tour Operator; website
Duane West; former Park Superintendent
Duarte B. Morais; Professor of Tourism Management
Ed McMahon; Urban Planner; website
Eduardo Rojas; Architect/Planner
Edward Jackiewicz, Ph.D.; Geographer
Edward W. (Ted) Manning, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Edwin Bernbaum, Ph.D.; Sacred Mountains Expert; website
Eleanor Sterling, Ph.D.; Biologist; website
Elery Hamilton-Smith; Heritage Management Teacher/Researcher
Elizabeth Allison; Spiritual Ecologist
Eman M. Helmy; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Emilio R. Freeman; Destination Planning Executive
Ephim Shluger; Architect/Planner
Eric Lucas; Writer/Editor
Erika Harms; Lawyer/Natural Resource Manager; website
Fanny Vong, Ph.D.; Tourism Educator
Fernando Brugman; International Relations Specialist
Floyd Thompson, III; ASLA; Landscape Architect; website
Francois LeBlanc; Conservation Architect
Franklin J. Adejuwon, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Frans Schouten; Heritage Tourism Consultant
Gabor Vereczi; Sustainable Tourism Specialist
Garry Price, Ph.D.; University Academic (Tourism)
Gary Geller; Scientist; website
Gary Hovinen; Geographer
Gene L. Brothers, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Planner; website
Georgina Peard; Natural Heritage Expert
Gianna Moscardo; Tourism Academic; website
Gillian Bowser, Ph.D.; Research Biologist; website
Gloria Lara-Hasemann; Anthropologist
Graeme Aplin, Ph.D.; Geographer; website
Graham Brooks; Cultural Tourism Specialist; website
Grant Cushman; Professor in Leisure/Tourism; website
Greg Ringer, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Planner; website
H. Leo Theuns, Ph.D.; Economist/Tourism Consultant
Hannah R. Messerli; Professor and Researcher
Haresh Bhojwani; Sustainable Development Specialist
Heather Hansen; Freelance Journalist; website
Heidi Rettig; Cultural Anthropologist
Henry Cleere; Heritage Consultant
Hope Burridge; Tourism Marketing/Education; website
Ian Jenkins; Centre Director;
Indra P. Tiwari, Ph.D.; Regional Planner
Irina Oberländer-Tarnoveanu; Archaeologist/Cultural Heritage Specialist
J. Michael Robbins; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Jack Carlsen, Ph.D.; Professor
Jack Stein Grove; Naturalist/Marine Biologist/Photographer; website
Sir James Dunbar-Nasmith; Architect/Professor; website
James Jessamine; Tourism Development Planner
James M. Parrent, Ph.D.; Anthropologist; website
Jane Lennon, Ph.D.; Heritage Specialist
Janet Cochrane, Ph.D.; Responsible Tourism Consultant
Jeane Capelli Pen; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Jeannette Belliveau; Travel Writer; website
Jeff Rennicke; Writer/Teacher; website
Jeffrey A. McNeely; International Conservationist; website
Jennifer J. Wilhoit, Ph.D.; Environmental Researcher
Jerold D. Kappel CFRE; Strategic Planning/Development
Jerry Bauer; Conservationist/Sustainable Tourism Specialist
Jerzy Wyrzykowski; Tourism Geographer; website
Jie Zhang; Professor/Geographer/Regional Planner
Jim Barborak; Protected Area Specialist; website
Jim Kane; Sustainable Travel Specialist; website
Jim Sano; Tour Operator; website
Jiri Vagner, Ph.D.; Social Geographer; website
Jithendran Kokkranikal; Tourism Academic & Consultant
Joan C. Henderson; Tourism Academic
John D. Hunt, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
John D. Waugh; Conservation Program Manager/Analyst; website
John H. Stubbs; Architectural Conservation Specialist; website
John M. Snyder; Tourism Planner
John N. Shores; Sustainable Tourism Specialist
John Robinson; Tourism Development Consultant; website
John Shultis, Ph.D.; Professor/Researcher; website
Jon Kohl; Public Use Planner/Writer; website
José Canziani; Architect/Urban Historian
Joseph Domask; Professor/Sustainable Tourism Coordinator; website
Joseph Reser, Ph.D.; Environmental Psychologist
Joshua Berman; Travel Writer; website
Juan J. Luna-Kelser; Sustainable Tourism Project Specialist; website
Juan Luis Isaza Londoño; Architect/Heritage Specialist; website
Julianna Priskin, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Researcher; website
Karen Moon; Historian/Heritage Specialist
Karen Thompson, Ph.D.; University Lecturer; website
Kathleen M. Adams; Cultural Anthropologist/Professor; website
Kazuyuki Yano; Heritage Specialist
Keith Dewar; Tourism/Heritage Specialist
Keith Sproule; Ecotourism Consultant
Kelly S. Bricker; Sustainable Tourism Consultant/Educator/Operator
Kenneth F. Backman; Nature-based Tourism Professor
Kenneth Johnson; Tour Operator; website
Kevin Crockett; Tourism Development Specialist
Kevin Hannam; Geographer/Professor; website
Kevin L. Jones; Archaeologist
Kevin Mearns; Ecotourism Specialist/Environmental Scientist
Kim Whytock; Sustainable Travel Experiences Consultant; website
Kimberly Lisagor; Freelance Journalist; website
Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt; Coastal Geographer; website
Kristin DeNure Hunt, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Kunga Ngece; Ecotourism Consultant; website
Kurt Kutay; Tour Operator; website
László Puczkó, Ph.D.; Tourism Researcher; website
Laura J. Howard; Tour Operator/Archaeologist; website
Laurence Loh; Heritage Architect
Lawrence Hamilton; Forester and Protected Areas Specialist/ Professor
Leila M. Calnan; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Lelei LeLaulu; NGO Executive; website
Len Cordiner; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Lesley-Ann Wilson; Heritage Management Specialist
Leticia Leitao; Conservation Architect
Lieve Coppin; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Linda K. Richter; Professor/Researcher
Lisa Brochu; Heritage Interpretation Planner; website
Lisa Mastny; Environmental editor
Lisanne Gibson, Ph.D.; Academic, Museums and Heritage Specialist
Lori Pennington-Gray, Ph.D.; Professor
Louis Deharveng; Invertebrate Systematician/Ecologist; website
Louise Twining-Ward, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Advisor; website
Luisa De Marco; Conservation Architect
Lyn Leader-Elliott; Heritage Tourism Specialist
Manuel Stefanakis; Sustainable Development Consultant
Marcus Endicott; Travel Writer; website
Margi Moss; Travel Writer/Photographer; website
Maria Eugenia Bacci; Cultural Tourism Consultant
Marie Studer; Scientific Program Specialist; website
Marina Carter, Ph.D.; Historian/Cultural Heritage Consultant; website
Marion Blockley; Heritage Consultant
Marjaana Kokkonen; Marine Heritage Specialist;
Marjorie Charlier; Corporate Philanthropy Consultant; website
Mark Gruin; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Mark Kanning; Tourism Lecturer
Mark Willuhn; Sustainable Tourism Specialist; website
Marlies Oom; Former Sustainable Tourism Specialist
Martin Palmer; Religion and Conservation Specialist
Matias Gonzalez-Hernandez; Economist
Matt McNulty; Tourism & Economic Consultant; website
Mauricio Cortes Echeverria; Travel Documentalist
Maurizio Giannone; Tourism Geographer
Max Finlayson; Wetland Ecologist; website
Megan Epler Wood; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Michael Brammah; Planner/Heritage Specialist
Michal Bardecki; Geographer
Michiel Baud; Historian; website
Mike Meyer; Writer
Mirjam de Koning; Co-management Expert
Mohammad Rafique Mughal; Archaeologist/Heritage Specialist; website
Moshe Gilad; Travel Writer/Editor
Myriam Jansen-Verbeke, Ph.D.; Geographer/Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Nalini Thakur; Heritage Specialist
Nancy Arsenault; Academic
Nanna Cnattingius; Cultural Tourism Specialist
Neil Curtis; Tourism Consultant
Nick Ascot; Tour Operator/Specialist; website
Nico Visser; Professor; website
Nicolas Velissaropoulos; Economist/Editor
Nicole Häusler; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Niek Beunders; Sustainable Tourism Consultant/Lecturer; website
Noel B. Salazar; Anthropologist
Noel N. de Villiers; Sustainable Tourism Specialist; website
Nora Bynum; Conservation Biologist
Norma Barbacci; Preservation Architect; website
Nuria Sanz; Archaeologist
Ole Rud Nielsen; Anthropologist/Ethnologist; website
Olivier Lazzarotti; Professor of Geography
Pali Wijeratne; Architect/Planner/Conservator
Pamela Rogers, Ph.D.; Heritage Consultant
Pamela Wight; Sustainable Tourism Consultant
Pascal Tremblay Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Researcher/Consultant
Patrick Lavery; Professor/Tourism Consultant
Paul Bennett; Travel Writer/Tour Operator
Paul C. Pritchard; Park Expert; website
Paul F. Wilkinson; Geographer
Paul Green; Protected Area Manager; website
Paul Smitz; Travel Writer
Paul Stewart; Photographer; website
Paul Warmeant; Sustainable Tourism Specialist; website
Peggy Teo; Geographer
Penelope Figgis AO; Biodiversity Conservation/Policy Specialist
Peter Cochrane; Park Agency CEO
Peter E. Richards; Community-based Tourism Specialist
Peter Langer; Travel Photographer/Lecturer; website
Peter M. Burns; Tourism Anthropologist; website
Peter Tarlow; Tourism Consultant; website
Peter Williams Ph.D., MCIP; Geographer/Planner, Professor; website
Philippe la Hausse de Lalouvière; Heritage Researcher; website
Phillip S. Hattingh; Geographer/Tourism Specialist
Pierre M. Bikai, Ph.D.; Archaeologist
Pim W.F. Brinkman Ph.D.; Historian/Heritage Specialist
Poh Poh Wong; Geographer
Rachel Dodds, Ph.D.; Sustainable Tourism Consultant/Professor; website
Rafael A. Sequeira; World Heritage Analyst/Consultant
Rafael Matos-Wasem; Geographer; website
Rafael Sarda; Ecologist; website
Rahul Mehrotra; Architect/Urban Designer; website
Ralf Buckley; Ecotourism Researcher; website
Rami Kassis; Alternative Tourism Consultant; website
Randall Wood; Author/Engineer; website
Randolph Langenbach; Building Conservator; website
Ricardo L. Favis; Culture Consultant; website
Richard A. Engelhardt; Heritage Management Specialist; website
Richard Bangs; Explorer/Writer; website
Richard Denman, Ph.D.; Tourism Consultant; website
Richard G. Edwards; Ecotourism Marketing Specialist; website
Richard Kennedy, Ph.D.; Museum Specialist/Curator
Richard Tuck; Small-Business Consultant; website
Richard Weiss; Travel Industry Consultant
Robert D. Billington, Ph.D.; Planning and Development Specialist;
Robert G. Healy; Regional Economist
Robert J. Mason; Geographer; website
Robert Travers; International Tourism Consultant; website
Robyn Bushell; Tourism and Heritage Planning/Professor; website
Ron Van Oers; Heritage Specialist; website
Ronald V. Shaklee; Geography Professor
Ronny Dobbelsteijn; GIS Expert
Rory MacLellan; University Lecturer
Rosemary A. Joyce; Anthropologist/Archaeologist; website
Rui Yang; Landscape Planner
Russell Johnson; Travel Editor/Writer; website
Russell Staiff, Ph.D.; Cultural Heritage/Tourism Specialist
Ryan Finchum; Ecotourism Specialist; website
S.K. Misra; Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Specialist
Saleh Lamei; Heritage Specialist; website
Scott Wayne; Tourism Development Consultant
Sékou Kobani Kourouma; Heritage Consultant
Seyhmus Baloglu, Ph.D.; Professor; website
Shalini Singh; Professor in Tourism Studies
Shannon Stowell; Adventure Travel Trade Association
Shin Wang; Geomorphologist
Shuki Leung; Urban Planner
Sidney C.H. Cheung; Cultural Anthropologist; website
Silvio Mendes Zancheti; Urban Planner
Simon C Musonda; Conservation Architect
Simon C. Woodward, Ph.D.; Tourism & Heritage Consultant; website
Simon Milne; Tourism Researcher/Professor; website
Stephen F. McCool; Protected Area Planner;
Stephen Wearing; Professor/Social Scientist
Steve Noakes; Sustainable Tourism Researcher; website
Steve Thompson; Conservation Program Manager; website
Sue Beeton, Ph.D.; Tourism Management Academic
Sue Bleasdale; Sustainable Tourism Academic
Sue Millar; Cultural Tourism Specialist
Susan Inglis; Artisan Enterprise Developer;
Susan Phillip; Tourism Educator; website
Suzanne Copping; Heritage Specialist; website
T.C. Swartz; Owner/Expedition Operator; website
Tadeusz Siwek; Geographer
Tamara Ratz; Professor of Tourism; website
Tara Gujadhur; Sustainable Tourism Advisor/Entrepreneur
Tatjana Rajiç; Architect/Executive Director
Ted J. Ligibel, Ph.D.; Historic Preservationist; website
Ted T. Cable; Heritage Interpretation/Ecotourism Specialist; website
Thomas Bauer, Ph.D.; Tourism Educator; website
Thomas J. Iverson, Ph.D.; Economist
Thomas Perigo; Heritage Specialist
Thor Flognfeldt; Associate Professor/Tourism Geographer; website
Tim Kunin; CEO of; website
Tim Leffel; Travel Writer/Editor; website
Tim Merriman, Ph.D.; Heritage Interpretation Trainer
Tim Winter, Ph.D.; Sociologist
Tom Lamb; Vice-President, U.S.-China Environmental Fund
Tomke Laske, Ph.D.; Anthropologist/Tourism Consultant;
Tony Griffin; Sustainable Tourism Researcher
Tracy Farrell; Program Manager; website
Tracy John Mullins; Regional Planner/Geographer; website
Trevor Sandwith; Conservation Strategist; website
Trevor Sofield Ph.D.; Tourism Policy Planner/Professor
Trish Reynales; Travel Writer/Editor
Tsur Shezaf; Travel Writer/ Photographer; website
Tsvika Tsuk, Ph.D.; Archaeologist & Geographer
Vasil Marinov; Geographer/Tourism Consultant
Vicki Andersen; Travel Writer/Photographer; website
Victor Emanuel; Tour Operator
Warren B. Church, Ph.D.; Archaeologist; website
Webber Ndoro; Heritage Specialist
Wesley Burnett; Geographer
Willem J.H. Willems; Archaeologist/Heritage Specialist; website
William Trousdale; Planner/Decision Analyst; website
Wilton Corkern; Heritage Conservationist; website
Yu-Fai Leung, Ph.D.; Protected Area Specialist
Zachary Rozga; Sustainable Tourism Consultant; website
Zoe Chafe; Researcher; website
Zoran Klaric Ph.D.; Geographer

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