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photo of Jonathan TourtellotMy name is Jonathan Tourtellot, and I am the geotourism editor at Traveler. Travel and tourism, claimed now to be the largest industry on Earth, is transforming our world. Sometimes tourism helps preserve and enhance the places we visit; sometimes it spoils them.

I belong to an ongoing national Roundtable on Sustainable Tourism. At one meeting, when we were discussing how to work with governments and travel companies, we realized we had few ways to hear from travelers themselves.

This forum can help. I invite you to enter your most thoughtful comment, gripe, or constructive suggestion about tourism. If it's among the best, we may publish it under your name in Traveler.

How well or badly is tourism handled in places you've visited? Interesting restaurants? Ugly commercial strips? Care for the environment? Characterless hotels? Homey inns? Well-informed tour guides? Was there something done so well you wish other places would do likewise? Something to avoid at all costs?

• This month we ask: Is the World Heritage program right for the U.S.?

• To comment on a topic you don't see below simply click on New Topics About Tourism. Post your advice for tourism officials, planners, developers. Your next trip may depend on it.

Managing Tourism: Good Examples
Managing Tourism: Bad Examples
New Topics About Tourism

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