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19th Annual Photo Contest Winners
2007 World In Focus Contest
Photo: Cusco, Peru
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Merit Prize: Kim Behrens, Seattle, Washington

Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera and a Bogen National Geographic Prize Package

Kim Behrens Hayes got this shot during a vacation in Peru. "This was photographed in a town square in Cusco as the sun was going down behind the mountains," she says. "I was drawn to the scene by the energy of the people and, of course, the light. I love backlit images." Seattle resident Hayes, who was a student and waitress when she took this photo, recently married and hopes to become a professional photographer.  (Canon 20D digital camera, 24-105mm lens set at 24mm, exposure at 1/400 second at f/9, ISO 400) Bogen prize package includes National Geographic Tundra Monopod; National Geographic Tundra Tripod with 3-way head; and an Earth Explorer Medium Shoulder Bag.

This year's 19th annual photo contest received over 27,000 entries, up some 12,000 from 
last year. Start polishing your skills early with one of Traveler's photo seminars and look for the announcement of our next contest in May 2008.

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