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Sunset casts gold and orange hues over Clingman’s Dome in Smoky Mountain National Park.
Photograph by James P. Blair

Smoky Mountains

In TRAVELER’s May/June issue, we offer an insider’s guide to the very best hikes and sights in Smoky Mountain National Park. Here, we offer the best links on travel to the area.


Getting There
Great Smokyy Mountains National Park
How to get to Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Making Telephone Calls
AT&T Worldwide Traveler—United States
A current list of state and city area codes and time zones

Determining Time Difference
The World Clock
The current time and date in Knoxville, Tennessee

Checking Weather Forecasts
The Weather Channel
The current weather in Knoxville, Tennessee, plus a ten-day forecast and severe weather alerts


Where to Eat
Listings of restaurants in communities throughout the greater park region

Rod’s Guide to the Smoky Mountains
Suggestions on where to dine in the park

Where to Stay
National Park Service
Descriptions of NPS campgrounds in the park, including an online reservation system

Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce
Listing of available lodgings in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Things to Do

An activities guide, including horseback riding and rock climbing

American Park Network
A brief introduction to destinations within the Smokies


Map Links
Detailed map of the park, including trails and specific destinations such as Clingman’s Dome


Barnes and Noble
Online listing of books available about Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Newspaper & Magazines
National Park Community Information
Comprehensive guide to media sources within 50 miles of Gatlinburg, Tennessee

For More Information

Travel Guides
National Park Service
Park service information including fees, lodgings, and activities—including a printable travel guide

Friends of the Smokies
Information about the park and its surrounding communities

Comprehensive guide to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, including visitor tips, native wildlife and nearby attractions


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