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In TRAVELER magazine’s September issue, our team of Africa writers engage in six captivating trips—camping in the Sahara, rafting the Zambezi, exploring ape country in Uganda . . . and more. Online we offer our biggest ever Web-exclusive feature, the “Africa Travel Package,” which includes an 18-page trip planner, details on the best wine routes in South Africa, expert-recommended cruises, tips from National Geographic photographers, and TravelWise links guides. Here we offer the best links for travel information on Uganda.


Entering Uganda
U.S. State Department
Visa information and entry requirements for countries, including Uganda

U.S. State Department
Passport services and instructions on obtaining a U.S. passport, by the U.S. State Department

Health and Safety
U.S. State Department
Official safety information for travelers to Uganda

Getting There
How to search for and book flights to Gulu, Arua, Mbarara, Kasese, or Entebbe

Making Phone Calls
AT&T’s country and city codes for Uganda

Uganda Cellular Services
Cellular services in Uganda—basic information on cellular phones in Uganda, with links to two of the major providers

Uganda Communications Commission
Contact information for postal, telephone, cellular, and Internet providers

Determining Time Difference
World Time Zone
World time zones map and current time in various countries

Checking Weather Forecasts
How to nab weather forecasts for Entebbe and Kampala


Gorilla Permits
Uganda Tourist Board
Information on permits and rules for gorilla-watching areas

Tour Operators
Uganda Tourist Association
Contacts for tour operators offering trips in Uganda

Where to Stay
Uganda Tourist Board
A list of viable accommodations in Uganda

Accommodation Search Engine Network
Information on lodging in Uganda, with reviews, price ranges, and locations

Things to Do

Wildlife, Forests and National Parks
Uganda Tourist Board
Information on Uganda’s six forest eco-tourism projects

Uganda Tourist Board
Information on ten national parks, with details on wildlife and park fees

Uganda National Parks
Information on five of Uganda’s national parks, with suggested tour operators and safari guides

Project Elgon
Information on Mount Elgon and the human, mammal, bird, and plant communities in the area

Africanet—Uganda Parks
Brief information on more than a dozen Ugandan parks and game reserves

Sports and Recreation
World Travel Guide
Descriptions of popular athletic and recreational activities in Uganda

Uganda Sport
Sports news, updates, and team and player profiles

Arts & Crafts of Uganda
Information on Uganda’s artists, galleries, exhibitions, curio/antiques, fashion, and boutiques

Uganda’s Culture
Information on Uganda’s tribes and people, royalty, food, drums and sounds, dances, crafts, and dressing


A direct link to’s travel book offerings on Uganda

News Services
Uganda—The Pearl of Africa
Information on news throughout Uganda, including such subjects as travel, entertainment, sports, and the environment

The Monitor
News from Uganda’s leading independent daily, including breaking news, opinion columns, feature articles, and sports reports

Travel Guides

For More Information
Uganda—The Pearl of Africa
Information on travel, the environment, and history

The Uganda Tourist Board
Tourism news, contacts, entry requirements, and more

World Travel Guide
Information on accommodations, climate, passport and visa requirements, currency rates, public holidays, history, and more

Uganda Country Profile
Basic information on the economy, people, geography, airports, travel, and transportation

Africa Online Web Directory
Links to information on tourism, arts, news, health, government, employment, science, and recreation


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