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overlooking the Yellowstone River Delta
The overlook above the Yellowstone River Delta is the idyllic setting to conjure visions of old-fashioned fur trappers trekking into the park’s then uncharted wilds. Photograph by Raymond Gehman
Yellowstone National Park TravelWise

In TRAVELER magazine’s September issue, we spotlight exceptional hikes and sights in Yellowstone National Park, suggested by our panel of experts. Here, we give you the best link on travel to Yellowstone, and its surrounding areas.


Deciding When to Go
National Parks Service
A guide to traveling to Yellowstone National Park during every season, with information on current road closings

Getting There
One Travel
How to search for cheap flights to Yellowstone National Park, via Montana or Wyoming, with One Travel’s Farebeater service

Making Telephone Calls
Area codes for all U.S. states, including Montana and Wyoming

Determining Time Difference
Time and Date
A direct link to time and date in Montana (Wyoming is in the same time zone)

CNN Weather
CNN’s current weather forecast for Yellowstone National Park


Where to Eat
American Park Network
Scroll down for a guide to dining in and around Yellowstone National Park

Shop Billings
Restaurant information for eateries in Billings, Montana

Where to Stay
National Parks Service
Brief descriptions of and contact information for Yellowstone’s campgrounds

National Parks Service
Brief descriptions of and contact information for lodging options

American Park Network
A guide to lodging in and around Yellowstone National Park

Red Lodge Mountain
Links to ski resorts in the Yellowstone National Park area

Shop Billings
Accommodation options in Billings, Montana

How to Get Around
Montana Department of Transportation
A road map, driving advisories, and more

National Parks Service
Yellowstone National Park’s 2001 list of road construction, delays, and closures

One Travel
How to search for and book a rental car that suits your needs

National Parks Service
Suggested routes and rules governing biking paths in Yellowstone National Park

Fees and Permits
National Parks Service
A list of park fees and permits required

Things to Do

National Parks Service
Activities in the Park
Information on a wide range of activities, including wildlife viewing, picnicking, bicycling, and camping

American Park Network
Descriptions on various activities in the park, including horseback riding, field seminars, and cross country skiing

American Park Network
Descriptions of sights to see in Yellowstone National Park

Descriptions and pictures of Yellowstone National Park’s highlights

Yellowstone Visitor Adventures
Information on events in and around Yellowstone National Park

Red Lodge Mountain
Links to ski resorts in the Yellowstone National Park area

Snow Tracks
Links to snowmobiling Web sites in the Yellowstone National Park area

Travel Resources

Map Links
National Parks Service
An official park map


News Services
Yellowstone Net Newspaper
A news service put out by the Park for information and feature articles on Yellowstone

Links to Montana newspapers

Links to Wyoming newspapers

Montana Magazine
A link to an online publication that features articles about Yellowstone National Park

Links to Wyoming radio stations

Links to Montana radio stations

How to browse and buy Yellowstone National Park travel books from

Travel Guides

For More Information
The Official Site for Yellowstone National Park
Information on nature, history, kids activities, and more

The American Park Network
Offers general, scientific, and historical information on Yellowstone National Park—plus, a travel guide


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