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In TRAVELER magazine’s September issue, our team of Africa writers engage in six captivating trips—camping in the Sahara, rafting the Zambezi, exploring ape country in Uganda . . . and more. Online we offer our biggest ever Web-exclusive feature, the “Africa Travel Package,” which includes an 18-page trip planner, details on the best wine routes in South Africa, expert-recommended cruises, tips from National Geographic photographers, and TravelWise links guides. Here, we offer the best links for travel information on Zanzibar.


Entering Zanzibar
Tanzania Travel Advice
Information on obtaining visas—plus, medical and safety tips

Health and Safety
U.S. State Department
Tanzania consular information sheet

Getting There
All About Zanzibar
Information on transport via airline, rental car, boat, taxi, and bus

How to book flights abroad

Making Telephone Calls
AT&T’s country and city codes for Tanzania

Determining Time Difference
World Time Zone
World time zones map with information on the current time in several countries

Checking Weather Forecasts
Current weather conditions and ten-day forecasts in Zanzibar


Tour Operators
Africa Online Web Directory
Links to tour operators offering excursions to Zanzibar

Where to Eat
Where to Stay and Eat Out
Basic tips on eating out in Zanzibar

Where to Stay
All About Zanzibar
Includes accommodation guides with ratings and prices for each area in the Zanzibar archipelago

How to Get Around
All About Zanzibar
Information on rental car, boat, taxi, and bus travel

Things to Do

Zanzibar Tourism
Details on upcoming events in Zanzibar

The Zanzibar Travel Network
Multiple suggestions on touring throughout Zanzibar

Tour Programs
Sample itineraries suggested by the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism

Outdoor Activities and Sports
All About Zanzibar
A Zanzibar diving guide

Travel Resources

Map Links
A detailed map of Zanzibar and Tanzania by Expedia

Wild Frontiers-Zanzibar Map
A basic map showing outline of the island, cities, towns, and airport facilities


Barnes & Noble
Zanzibar travel books offered by Barnes and Noble

Travel Guides

For More Information
Africa Online Web Directory
Africa Online’s database of links for information on Zanzibar

All About Zanzibar
Maps, an almanac, health and safety information, safari details, and contacts for travelers


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