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In this month’s issue of Traveler magazine we unveil a red-white-and-blue version of our October 1999 50 Places of a Lifetime concept with an issue devoted to America’s 50 must-see places. The Mississippi River made our Country Unbound list. Here, we present the best links on planning every leg of your trip there—online.


Getting There
USA Airports and Airlines
How to find out information on Mississippi-area flights—plus, a link to book reservations online

Making Telephone Calls
AT&T City and Country Codes
A link to telephone area codes for most U.S. cities—type in the name of the city you’re traveling to and click "go"

Determining Time Difference
World Buddy
The current time and date in the Mississippi River region

Checking Weather Forecasts
The Weather Channel
The current weather conditions for locales throughout the U.S.—type in the name of the region along the Mississippi River you’re traveling to, click "go," and forecasts will appear


Where to Eat
A direct link to information on restaurants located throughout the U.S.—click on the name of the city along the Mississippi River you’re traveling to and restaurant names will appear

Where to Stay
A direct link to locate hotel deals throughout the U.S.

How to book your Mississippi River-area hotel room online

The Houseboating Pages of Houseboat Magazine
Information on houseboat rentals in the Mississippi River region

How to Get Around
Netscape Global Portals
A database for information on car rental companies throughout the U.S., including regions along the Mississippi River

Mississippi River Vacation Guide
Information on renting time on river cruises and houseboats

Full Steam Ahead
A direct link to an article on cruising along the Mississippi River

The Houseboating Pages of Houseboat Magazine
Information on houseboat rentals in the Mississippi River region

Things to Do

Links for information on fishing along the banks of the Mississippi River

America by Bicycle
Information on the “Great Mississippi River Ride” bike event

Quad Cities Bicycle Club
Information on the “Tour of the Mississippi River Valley” bike ride

Big River
A direct link to a calendar of events in the Upper Mississippi River area

Information on boating in the Upper Mississippi River, including details on marinas, fuel docks, boat storage units, shopping districts, recreational activities, and restaurants

Mississippi River
A list of Mississippi River basin locks, dams, and recreational stops

Travel Resources

Map Links
How to zoom in for a closer look at the Mississippi River region


American Journalism Review
A list of U.S. newspapers with online editions, including ones for states located along the Mississippi River

River Cities Newspapers
Links to online newspapers that cover news in the Mississippi River region

The Mississippi Mud Magazine
An online news and entertainment magazine, which includes fishing tips and live Web cams

American Journalism Review
Lists of U.S. radio stations with information online, including those with frequencies that reach areas located along the Mississippi River

Borders Bookstore
Where to browse and buy Mississippi River-related books from Borders Bookstore

Travel Guides

For More Information
Mississippi River Homepage
Information on area bike rentals, weather forecasts, boating events, and more

Mississippi River Country USA
Tourism information for states located along the Mississippi River: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana

Mississippi River Parkway Commission
Information on accommodations, restaurants, events, and more in the Mississippi River region, organized by state


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