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In this month’s issue of Traveler magazine we unveil a red-white-and-blue version of our October 1999 50 Places of a Lifetime concept with an issue devoted to America’s 50 must-see places. Coastal Oregon made our Country Unbound list. Here, we present the best links on planning every leg of your trip there—online.


Getting There
How to book your Oregon flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals online

Portland International Airport
Where to find Oregon-area flight information and schedules

Determining Time Difference
Time and Date
A direct link to the current time and date in Portland, Oregon

Making Telephone Calls
Area Codes Online
Where to find information on telephone area codes in Oregon

Checking Weather Forecasts
Oregon Climate Service
Information on weather forecasts, current temperatures, satellite information, weather maps, and more for Oregon regions


Where to Stay
Oregon Lodging
An extensive guide for information on Oregon hotels, inns, and resorts, searchable by region

Oregon Coast Visitors Association
How to find accommodations located along the Oregon Coast

Oregon State Parks
An official guide for information on camping in Oregon—plus, links to reserve campground space online

Where to Eat
Comprehensive information on Oregon restaurants and eateries, organized by cuisine type and location

Oregon Coast 101
A database for information on Oregon restaurants, searchable by town

How to Get Around
Oregon Coast Visitor’s Association
Travel tips for drivers traveling in Oregon

Oregon Department of Transportation
Road information and travel tips from the Oregon Department of Transportation

Things to Do

Oregon Coast Visitor’s Association
Where to find attractions along the Oregon Coast
Links for information on attractions and recreational activities along the Oregon Coast

Recreational Activities
Oregon Coast Visitor’s Association
A comprehensive guide for information on recreational activities along the coast
Links for information on area parks and beaches

Arts and Entertainment
Oregon Coast Visitors Association
A guide to art-related activities in areas along the Oregon Coast
Reviews on current arts-and-entertainment events in Oregon

Travel Resources

Map Links
Destination Net-Oregon Coast
Links to various maps of the Oregon Coast


The Oregonian
The online edition of Portland’s daily paper

Coos Bay World-Link
The online edition of the Coastal area’s daily newspaper

Coast Impressions
The online edition of the central Oregon coast’s online magazine

How to find radio stations with frequencies that reach various spots along the Oregon Coast

Travel Guides

For More Information
Oregon Coast Visitor’s Association
Information on Oregon Coast-area accommodations, events, restaurants, attractions, and more


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