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Isle Royale National Park, Michigan TravelWise

In this month’s issue of Traveler magazine we unveil a red-white-and-blue version of our October 1999 50 Places of a Lifetime concept with an issue devoted to America’s 50 must-see places. Isle Royale National Park made our Wild Places list. Here, we present the best links on planning every leg of your trip there—online.


Entering the Park
National Park Service—Fees and Permits
Information on the park’s required entrance fees and permits

Getting There
National Park Service
Tips on the best ways to get to Isle Royale National Park

Making Telephone Calls
AT&T Worldwide Traveler
A listing of state and city telephone area codes

Determining Time Difference
Time and Date
How to search for the date and time in any U.S. city—when traveling to any city in Michigan, simply type in the name of the city and click "go"

Checking Weather Forecasts
The Weather Channel
The current weather conditions in nearby Houghton—plus, a ten-day outlook


Where to Eat
Welcome to Dinner Coupon!
How to search for restaurants in Houghton and its surrounding areas

Where to Stay
The National Park Service
Information for those who opt to camp in Isle Royale National Park

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
GORP’s take on the best way to travel within the park—plus, details on campgrounds and nearby accommodations

Access America
Links for information on accommodations in Houghton, which are all accessible to handicapped travelers

How to Get Around
Information on water taxis and private watercraft charters that service the park

Things to Do

The National Park Service
Information on where park visitor’s centers are located

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
GORP’s take on the best park activities

Cultural Activities
A direct link to a search engine, which locates information on cultural activities in Houghton

Recreational Activities
National Park Service
The National Park Service’s take on the park’s best outdoor recreational activities

Links for information on hiking, boating, fishing, and more

Travel Resources

Map Links
The National Park Service
Links to maps of the park and its surrounding areas


A recommended reading list for those traveling to the area, provided by the Isle Royale Natural History Association

The Daily Mining Gazette
The online edition of the Daily Mining Gazette
Links to the online editions of Michigan-area newspapers

Travel Guides

For More Information
Links to information on backpacking, hiking, trip-planning tips, and more

Travel Michigan
Information on Michigan’s accommodations, weather, activities, attractions, and more

National Park Service
Links for information on nearby parks, attractions, local transportation, and more


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