season 1

Inside America's most well-known national parks.

Olympic & Everglades
S1 E10 - Olympic & Everglades
Olympic National Park; the Everglades National Park.
04.17.18 | 44m
Great Smoky Mountains & Gates of the Arctic
S1 E9 - Great Smoky Mountains & Gates of the Arctic
National parks are filled with wonders both big and small.
04.02.18 | 43m
Great Smoky Mountains
S1 E8 - Great Smoky Mountains
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park boasts vast forests and lush meadows.
08.24.16 | 44m
Grand Canyon
S1 E7 - Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon may be America's best-known natural wonder.
08.23.16 | 44m
S1 E6 - Saguaro
America's newest National Park, Saguaro Desert in Arizona.
06.12.16 | 44m
S1 E5 - Yellowstone
Yellowstone is home to wild animals.
05.08.16 | 44m
Gates of the Arctic
S1 E4 - Gates of the Arctic
The Gate of the Arctic national park in Northern Alaska.
01.31.16 | 44m
S1 E3 - Everglades
The Everlands are home to thousands of species.
01.24.16 | 44m
S1 E2 - Yosemite
The landscape and animals inside Yosemite National Park.
12.06.15 | 44m
S1 E1 - Olympic
One of North America's most diverse parks.
12.06.15 | 44m