season 1

An intimate portrait of the war against violent extremism and the men and women devoting their lives to it. Records the fight against radical threats all over the world as it unfolds over one full year.

Part 8, 'Why We Fight'
S1 E8 - Part 8, 'Why We Fight'
U.S. Marines prepare to return home from Afghanistan.
02.27.18 | 47m
Part 7, 'War Without Borders'
S1 E7 - Part 7, 'War Without Borders'
The war against violent extremism on an aircraft carrier.
02.20.18 | 47m
Part 6, 'Crossroads'
S1 E6 - Part 6, 'Crossroads'
The United States continues its war against extremism.
02.13.18 | 47m
Part 5, 'Generations'
S1 E5 - Part 5, 'Generations'
Marines work with local fighters battling the Taliban.
02.06.18 | 47m
Part 4, ‘The End of the Beginning'
S1 E4 - Part 4, ‘The End of the Beginning'
The battle of Mosul ends; fighting in Trinidad and Tobago.
01.30.18 | 47m
Part 3, ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’
S1 E3 - Part 3, ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’
The war on extremism from Iraq to Colombia to Afghanistan.
01.23.18 | 47m
Part 2, ‘Perception and Reality’
S1 E2 - Part 2, ‘Perception and Reality’
The battle for western Mosul begins in Iraq.
01.16.18 | 47m
Part 1, ‘By, With & Through’
S1 E1 - Part 1, ‘By, With & Through’
A look deep inside the war against violent extremism.
01.16.18 | 45m