season 1

Dog behavior specialist Matt Beisner and his team help owners learn how to handle their aggressive and misunderstood animals, and rescue and rehabilitate dogs from local shelters that have been turned away by other facilities.

Breaking Fear
S1 E6 - Breaking Fear
A widow's grieving guard dog goes into a downward spiral.
10.06.19 | 44m
House Unrest
S1 E5 - House Unrest
An Australian shepherd strikes fear in his owners' home.
09.29.19 | 44m
Brink of Disaster
S1 E4 - Brink of Disaster
Matt helps two families that are on the brink of disaster.
09.22.19 | 44m
Dangerous Dynamics
S1 E3 - Dangerous Dynamics
Matt rebuilds two families with jealousy and trust issues.
09.15.19 | 44m
The Tormentor
S1 E2 - The Tormentor
Matt handles a severely undersocialized pit mix.
09.02.19 | 44m
Don't Fear the Collar
S1 E1 - Don't Fear the Collar
A neighborhood street dog has a reactivity to collars.
09.09.19 | 44m